This Is It...
Citation:   Cookie1456. "This Is It...: An Experience with Ether (exp82982)". Nov 26, 2020.

10 ml inhaled Ether (gas)
  10 ml inhaled Ether (gas)
Just got over 1200 milliliters of this inhalable anesthetic with a characteristic smell, it is called diethyl ether or simply ether. I recently decided to gave it a whirl because I've always wanted to 'hit the rag' so to speak.

I folded a good sized rag several times over into an equal square, I then unfolded it once and poured about 10 milliliters of the ether into the center and folded it back up. I put the rag to my mouth and began to take 'hits' by inhaling deeply and holding it for 5-10 seconds and then giving myself time to breath.

First it felt like your run of-the-mill inhalant (minor dizziness, confusion, etc.), but as I progressed with my inhaling I noticed profound alcohol-like euphoria and numbness (mainly of the extremities) that came on with a rapid peak and intensity. As the ether was turned into vapor and inhaled the rag felt cold. There was a minor loss of motor skills that would continue to progress the more ether I inhaled, to the point I imagine externally I appeared catatonic.

But what is this concept of movement? The physical? Any previous understanding of these concepts became progressively more and more fuzzy, but they were still there like distant islands in the distance.

I finished off the first pour of ether, and by now I was by my level of intoxication was similar to that of an alcohol lightweight that had quickly guzzled down quite a few drinks. I poured more of the ether on the rag and began inhaling again.

The level of intoxication from the first pour now shot off and started to become more and more intense, I noticed a more profound nitrous like dissociation that progressed to the point I lost all sense of time and self and the previous level of fuzziness that I had with understanding physical concepts was now a total loss of understanding. The physical sense become replaced by a mental sense, a far more alien sense than my sober self. In line with the physical dissociation I forgot I was in the shower, I forgot the date, I forgot the time, and I forgot how long I was wherever I was.

The dissociation left me in a state that had me accepting my death, my mind had formed this sort of abstraction that lead to my realization of and peace with my death. This is what I felt, I felt it all at once, but at the same time felt nothing at all. For something that induces a state of anesthesia (a word derived from the Greek language, from the words aisthesis meaning 'sensation' and the an prefix denoting the lack of) I had a lot of feelings, abstract, but still there.

I finally snapped out of it with a profound appreciation of my life, realizing I was alive. I looked at my small container filled with some of the ether from the main bottle, smiled with a nod, and proceeded to clean up. I had done ether.

One thing is that I could smell ether (and/or metabolites?) for a few hours after inhaling, so it was good to dedicate some time to my ether fun. On the plus side, it has a pleasant comedown without a hangover. Experience, while felt extremely long, was a little more than a few minutes.

I have to say, ether is one of the most intense (at least depressant) drug I have used. I have used heroin, morphine, oxycodone, amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, dextromethorphan, propylhexedrine, kratom, kava kava, cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, diphenhydramine, methylphenidate, nitrous oxide, butalbital, alprazolam, clonazepam, lorazepam, JWH-018, MDPV, 2C-T-2, 2C-E, Yopo, LSA, and some more I have forgotten.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82982
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 26, 2020Views: 6,344
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