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Death Within Reach
by Alex
Citation:   Alex. "Death Within Reach: An Experience with PCP (exp8273)". Apr 17, 2003.

1 cig. smoked PCP
Hey, my name is alex, I went into new york city looking for acid but couldnt come across anything. As I was about to leave someone approached me and asked me if I wanted to buy some liquid dust. I said sure! It was 20$ for a full cigarette to be dipped but I only had 13$ on me. She accepted to dip it for 13$ and said she would only give me 13$ worth of PCP. But, she did infact dip the whole thing anyway. I thought that was wierd. So after she dipped it I drove home and planned to smoke it at a friends party later that night.

When I got to the party I smoked it in my car. I have never done PCP before and pretty much knew nothing about the dosage which was really dumb of me. So I hot boxed a ciggadust. After the first few pulls I started to feel really wierd. Almost stoned like. All of a sudden I got totally thrown off track of every one of my senses. I could barely see, hear, feel anything. All I knew was that something bad was going on and I didnt kno where I was. Im not sure how long I was in the car but it seemed like a really long time. I was so confused as to what was going on at the moment I thought I was going insane. I couldnt make out a single thing I was looking at. I was completely retarded. I remember seeing a figure knocking on the window and yelling at me. I believe it was one of my friends. He pulled me out and dragged me into the house of the party. I dont remember anything but I'm just explaining from what everyone was telling me.

When I got in the house they decided to take me outside to the backyard and put me on a chair. All I remember of that was that I couldnt focus on anything and I had no idea what was going on. I was trying to remember how I got here and what life was all about. I was completly clueless. I felt terrible. I remember hearing people say to me dont put your head back because I would swallow my tounge. I was trying to spit but I couldnt. I was foaming at the mouth and tryig to get it out by spitting but I was so comatose that I couldnt do anything about it.

After about an hour they decided that I was so bad that I needed to go to the emergency room because I couldnt move or talk. All I was saying was moaning ang groaning sounds. They put me in my car and drove me to my house and carried me to my door and my dad opened up and saw me. They all told him what I did to myself and he grabbed me and threw me in his car and sped away to the hospital. I cant really remember much in the car but he kept on saying keep your eyes open. Right before we got to the hospital I started to form words. I was saying things like am I going to die over and over and over again. I was in such agony that I wanted to die. Finally we got to the hospital and they put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me down to a hospital bed and hooked me up on alot of wierd things. I couldnt feel anything they were doing to me because I was so far gone from the real world it wasnt even funny. My parents told me that I kept on saying me ex girlfriends name and talking about hockey. I asked them why I was saying those things and they said because I was talking about the 2 things I love the most in life, my girlfriend and hockey.

After being in the hospital for almost all night and all morning, they sent me home to sleep and I did for a little while. I got up and took a shower. I started to understand reality and english when I got home. I basicly was waking up from my comatose state I guess. I felt so bad I suggest nobody does this ever! It sucks! I almost died!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8273
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 17, 2003Views: 78,180
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PCP (113) : First Times (2), Health Problems (27), Bad Trips (6), Various (28)

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