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Super Amphetamine Test (SAT)
Dextroamphetamine & Tobacco
by TJ91
Citation:   TJ91. "Super Amphetamine Test (SAT): An Experience with Dextroamphetamine & Tobacco (exp82712)". May 26, 2020.

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30 mg oral Amphetamines
  T+ 2:57 30 mg oral Amphetamines
  T+ 0:00   buccal Tobacco
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco


Background Information
At the time of this writing it is early December 2009, shortly after an SAT test.

Some personal details about me I am a 17 year old male turning 18 later this month; I stand 5’8” and weigh approximately 130 lbs, have brown hair and eyes. I live in an upper class family in a very nice community in Northern Virginia (USA) and my parents are both employees of the federal government. My sexual orientation is gay and I currently have a man (we aren’t the stereotypical gay guys, in fact, it would probably impossible to tell if one of us is gay). I enjoy things like playing sports on the weekends for fun, eating, sleeping, pretty much everything that guys my age do.

Now, moving on to my academic and professional life, I am currently a senior in high school of the class of 2010. I also attend a local community college at the same time as high school in order to get a jump start on my college career. My classes in high school and community college are all upper level classes (Advanced, AP, Dual Enrollment, etc.) and I have straight A’s in every single class in high school and at the college. My high school GPA is a 4.225 after completing my junior year of high school, and my class rank is 19/560. I work summers in Northern Virginia for a company that manages real estate thanks to the help of a family friend.

Previous substances used prior to this experience include nicotine, alcohol, cannabis (weed), amphetamines (Adderall/Dexedrine), cocaine, and various opiates.

Nicotine - I started nicotine by smoking when I was 12; I smoked until I was 15, quit for a year, then started again at 16 (I also use snus when I can’t smoke).
Alcohol - I am a social drinker. I’ll have some beer, wine, or shots of liquor at parties or celebrations. I smoke weed occasionally similar to drinking.
Cannabis (weed) - Weed is social thing for me so I don’t do it too much.
Cocaine - I did cocaine at a party over this past summer since it was free. I felt super wired, like I swallowed about 40 caffeine pills, and I talked and danced non-stop for about an hour, I liked it but it costs too much and isn’t really worth it.
Opiates - Opiates are a problem when I have too many of them. I got hooked on oxycodone by accident in early 2008. To make a long story short, I quit cold turkey October 2008 after a long 9 months of being doped all the time. I enjoy occasional use still, so I limit my use to maybe once a month.

Amphetamines (Adderall, Dexedrine, etc.)
Since this report is pretty much about amphetamines I made a separate section about my use with them. All amphetamines I have ever taken have been pharmaceutical (Adderall, Dexedrine, etc.) My first use was May 2009, previous to an AP (Advanced Placement) exam for AP Psychology. I knew the material pretty well, but a friend gave me an Adderall (10mg) and I decided “What the hell, why not?” Well, I did well on the exam since I got a 5. The Adderall sort of gave me an edge and thoughts just seemed a bit smoother, but it wasn’t an extreme alertness feeling. Over the summer I was given about 30 Adderall XR’s (30mg) from a friend to help with my summer assignments for high school. I gave about half of these capsules away to my friends for their summer assignments, and took them every once in a while if I was in a jam and needed time to complete assignments for school. I was then given Dexedrine (pure dextroamphetamine) from a different friend since he has a lot of them and doesn’t use them. I prefer Dexedrine to Adderall because the Adderall makes me smoke A LOT more than I normally do. So whenever it comes to pharmaceutical amphetamines with me, Dexedrine is my preference since it has a much smoother and less jittery effect than the Adderall. When it comes to these things, I have never lost control like I did with opiates. I take these things usually less than twice a week, provided I actually need to use them.

Typical Effects of Amphetamines
When I take Adderalls or Dexedrines it pretty much goes along the same lines for me. I swallow the pill(s), I continue to do what I’m doing (sitting in class taking notes, doing homework, working on stuff, etc.) and then about 20 minutes later I start to feel psychological changes. If I am tired my fatigue seems to take flight and be replaced by energy. Soon the energy starts to flood me. This is when I start to feel the motivation increase. I want to do something. Achieve some sort of task whether it is completing all my school work, studying, dancing, cleaning, or mowing the lawn. I just have a desire to achieve something or anything. If I am in a situation socializing with a person, I start to talk A LOT. I will just sit there talking to somebody at a million words per minute. When I’m on those little pills I can talk paint off a barn. I really enjoy amphetamines, but I have control with them. I don’t have to take the drug for days on end and tweak. I can take a dose in the day and be fine the next morning without a compulsion to take the drug again (with the exception of taking it in the late evening, which happened once on accident; insomnia.)

The Experience
(First Name initials will be used in place of names)
This is my experience of using an amphetamine (Dexedrine) to aid me with my SAT. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the SAT, it is a standardized test generally administered to high school students for

Wednesday Prior to Test (3 Days before Test): At about 6:30PM that evening, I call up my friend, J, for 6 10mg Dexedrine tablets. I got in my car and drove a few miles to his neighborhood. Out of gratitude I brought him a bottle of vodka that I never drank that was only collecting dust in my closet. When I gave J the bottle of vodka he ran in his house and got me even more Dexedrines. I thanked him and he thanked me, and a drove away with about 30 Dexedrines. I got home, put the pills in an old black film canister, and left 6 out in a little plastic bag for Saturday.

Thursday Prior to Test (2 Days before Test): Thursday was an uneventful day. I had to go to the high school and I got out at my normal time for early release (10:40AM) went home to get my stuff for chemistry class at the community college. Left home, went to class, hung out with a friend from class for a few hours afterwards, and then went home.

Friday Prior to Test (1 Day before Test): Typical Friday. Went to the high school and left at 10:40AM. No classes at the college on Fridays. There is a basketball game tonight at the high school against a rival school. I really wanted to go, but the test is more important than a game, so I spent the night in. I spoke to my mother about the test tomorrow. I asked her if she has any objections to using prescription stimulants as an aid for testing. She told me that when she was in college, she used pills called “black beauties” when she had finals. She just said that black beauties are amphetamine pills that she used to stay awake all night to cram for a test and ace it in the morning. I told her what I was doing and she just said that she isn’t going to condemn nor condone my behavior. I went to bed at 10:30PM and fell asleep rather quickly.

Saturday (Day of Test):
6:20AM (T-1hr : 40min)- My alarm goes off. I really don’t want to get up since it is early and it’s the weekend. I punch down the snooze button 4 times.

6:40AM (T-1hr : 20min)- Alarm goes off for the fourth time, and my dad came downstairs at the same time my alarm was going off again. He asked if I was awake, and I said I was. He asked if I wanted breakfast, but I declined the offer since I wanted my stomach to be clear. I got dressed, grabbed all my pencils, my calculator, my admission ticket, my cigarettes, lighter, and snus and placed them in a plastic bag. I opened up my desk drawer and grabbed the little plastic bag with my Dexedrines, and placed those in my pocket. I went to the bathroom to take my morning piss and empty my bowels of my Mexican food dinner last night.

7:00AM (T-1hr)- I went upstairs to the kitchen to say bye to my mom and dad. They said that I shouldn’t be too worried since it’s just a test. My dad gave me some money for a snack or some type of breakfast along the way to the testing center. I went back downstairs and grabbed my bag with my ticket, pencils, calculator, etc. I double checked my pocket for my Dexies, and sure enough I was ready. I grabbed the keys to my car and went to the front door to leave. My parents wished me luck and I thanked them. It was kind of dark out because there was a forecast for snow, and it was cold. I got in the car and left my house and neighborhood.

7:20AM (T-40min)- It was drizzling out so I was driving a bit more cautiously, and I had some time to kill anyways before I got to the test, so I pulled into a Sheetz gas station. I got out of the car, grabbed my cigarettes and lighter and had a smoke to calm my nerves. I was still nervous despite the fact that I had Dexedrines, plus I needed my first smoke of the day.

7:25AM (T-35min)- I went into the Sheetz and debated whether or not to get a small snack. I decided not to get one since I wanted the Dex to hit my stomach and get right to work. I grabbed a bottle of water and a pack of gum and purchased them.

7:30AM (T-30min)- I walked out of Sheetz, got in my car, and set out on my way again to the testing center. I still felt a bit nervous about the test even though I just had a smoke. It took me about 15 minutes to arrive at the high school (testing center) downtown in the small city I live close to.

7:45AM(T-15min)-I pulled into the parking lot, parked my car, and took my cigarettes and lighter out of the plastic bag and put them in my car’s glove compartment. I grabbed the snus out of the bag and put it into the pocket in my jacket. I also took my little baggie of dexies, and put them in my pocket too. I grabbed my bag of tools for the test, got out of the car and locked it. I walked to the entrance of the school, and on the way there I saw some friends from my high school.

7:50AM (T-10min)- We stood around in the atrium of the school for a few minutes going on about SATs. I went over to a test administrator, presented my I.D., and my admission ticket, and he told me to go to room #218.

7:55AM (T-5min)- I walked up the stairs in the school, and found the room where my test was being proctored. I had to follow the same protocol as before (photo I.D., ticket) to enter into the testing room. I sat down in my assigned desk and put my stuff down. I got up to ask the proctor if I could go to the restroom and he let me. I checked my pockets for my snus and Dexedrines just to make sure they were there, and sure enough they still were.

8:00AM (T±0min)- I made my way down the hallway, made a right, and the bathroom was right there. I entered it and no one else was in there. I zipped open my jacket pockets; I took out 3 of the 6 yellow 10mg Dexedrine pills. I tossed them in my mouth and washed them down with some water. I also took my tin of snus out and placed a pouch between my upper lip and gum. I made my way out of the bathroom, and walked back to the classroom where the test was taking place.

8:10AM (T+10min)- The proctor shut the door and no longer wanted to wait for those that were not present. He began to read off the same scripted speech that the College Board distributes to all the test proctors. He was just reading on and on and I wasn’t really listening since I’ve heard all the same stuff for every standardized test I’ve ever been subject to taking.

8:18 AM (T+18min)- I was starting to feel something as the proctor was distributing the test booklets and answer documents. I was gradually coming up once all the test documents were released. The proctor continued reading from his script. I wanted to do something now that I had pencils in front of me and paper, when coming up from the Dexies my motivation felt like it was starting to increase at an exponential rate.

8:25AM (T+25min)- At this point the test takers in the classroom had been instructed to fill in the bubbles with their personal information (name, address, test center code, registration number, etc.) In the past whenever I did all this bubble filling stuff with a test, I had always followed the proctor’s instructions exactly. I always waited for him to explain each section to fill in with my pencil. This time around, I just flew threw it. There were about 9 sections that I had to fill in bubbles for. The proctor was still on section 4 or 5 after I had just finished up my last bubble. Those around me were dragging along at the pace of the proctor. I sat there, ready to tear open the test booklet and start the first section of the test, while the others were moving at the rate of a tortoise.

8:32AM (T+32min)- It was about damn time that he let us start on the writing section of the test. As soon as the clock hit 8:32AM, he gave us the okay to start. Starting out was like my brain just fired a bullet from one neuron to the other. I practically ripped open the test booklet to the first page which contained the prompt for the essay. I flew through reading all the directions and essay topic in less than a minute. The essay contained the topic of the internet and its relationship to starting new friendships. For the first few minutes I wrote my ideas in a concept map on the test booklet. My ideas were so organized, I felt like I could list the pros and cons of social networking with the use of the internet.

8:38AM (T+38min)- I had scribbled down a page of my ideas with the brainstorming on the page opposite to the essay prompt. I decided it was time to start the essay. I put my pencil down on the answer document and the essay seemed to just flow so naturally and easily. It felt like my brain, pencil, and answer document were all connected. I wrote my introductory paragraph with relative ease and did an overview of my argument. I stated that the internet has allowed individuals to be connected to one another in the blink of an eye, and thus makes friendships easier to form. But that was not enough for me; I had to also explain the drawbacks of relying on the internet and mass telecommunications for relationships. I went into an analysis of how the internet and social networking services such as Facebook or MySpace have caused relationships to become more “2-dimensional.”

8:54AM (T+54min)- I placed my pencil down on my desk. I had just written an in depth essay that spanned the length of the entire space allotted for the essay, conclusion and all. I also had finished 3 minutes to spare and review my essay, which I was satisfied with. I took a quick glance around the room to see how far along others were in the essay. Not a single person around my area of the classroom had written as much as I had down on my paper. Other’s font size was rather large, while the size of my handwriting was very small.

8:57AM (T+57min)- Time was called and everyone was told to put their pencils down. After a few minutes of the proctor reading some more of his script (which was just annoying the hell out of me, because I wanted to keep going).

9:01AM (T+1hr : 01min)- Section 2 began. It was the Critical Reading section, and I do not like English, at all. It was such a breeze! I sat there just reading all the questions and answers. I was flying through this thing at highway speeds. Almost every question that I was asked I was able to answer either by knowing the correct answer or process of elimination. I left maybe one or two of the questions blank because I could not reach any sort of conclusion, unlike my previous SAT test. On the previous test I doubted myself a lot and had the thought process of “well, maybe its B… no what about C… maybe… ugh!” this time around it was like, “The answer has to be B because the other’s don’t really make sense. It has to be B!” It felt as if my mind was expanding into my memory and retrieving trivial vocabulary knowledge and putting it to work.

9:26AM (T+1hr : 26min)- Time was called, but I was already done with that section. It was easy, almost too easy. It seemed so elementary. We were given a break. I grabbed my water bottle and rushed out of the room to the bathroom to take a piss since I had been drinking water continuously. I also had to fill up my water bottle since I had dry mouth from the Dexies. I also replaced my snus pouch and headed back to the testing room.

9:33AM (T+1hr : 33min)- The break ended, and we were instructed to copy and sign an honor statement. I was still going at highway speeds, and my self-confidence levels were still soaring. I scribbled down the honor statement in cursive as instructed, then signed and dated it. I was ready to get back to the test and actually work. It kind of pissed me off that these fellow testers next to me were writing so slowly. The girl next to me took the longest. I mean, 8 minutes to write two damn sentences. I mean I’m on speed and everything, but it doesn’t even take close to that long when you’re straight. Hell, even the proctor was looking like “come on…”

9:41AM (T+1hr : 41min)- ‘Bout damn time we started on the test again! If I had to sit there and wait any longer I would have probably beaten someone to death, I was just so wired for this test. I wanted to take the test, as opposed to wanting the breaks to come so I could let my mind rest. My mind just was not in any fit state to rest. But anyways, this section was mathematics. Mathematics for me is not difficult, nor has it ever been in the past. Since math for me is my best academic strength, this section would not have been hard if I was not on the Dex. The Dexedrine just seemed to put my mind in supercharged mode for math. When it comes to the combination of the Dexedrine and my strong math skills I would describe it like this: I am a car that can do street racing. I’m already racing on the road, when the Dexedrine is added to me; it is like a shot of nitrous oxide into the car. It allows the car to push above and beyond its limits. I sped through the mathematics section. I was not only speeding through it, I was integrating my knowledge of differential calculus into the problems, and had about 10 minutes to go back and check my work.

10:06AM (T+2hr : 06min)- Time was called for the third section of the test. A minute or two later we were instructed to move on to section 4. This section was English based I’m pretty sure. It was either part of the writing multiple choice or part of the critical reading section. Once again, it was a breeze. Reading the passages in the English sections just was so easy. I would literally read the passage once and be done with it and regurgitate the information without looking back into the passage to double check. It wasn’t like the first SAT I took where I would have to read the same lines over and over again to be absolutely sure that it is what the question is referencing to. This time around if I was directed to a section of the passage, it was read the section once and the answer was clear.

10:32AM (T+2hr : 32min)- We were directed to finish our fourth section of the test. Shortly thereafter, we moved on to section 5. This test was just flying by, I didn’t feel mentally fatigued. My brain just kept speeding in high gear, as if it had an unlimited fuel cell. Things weren’t just easy for me to solve, they were actually interesting. Instead of throwing my pencil down at a problem like I had done on the first SAT, I just thought deeper into the problem. The Dexedrines seemed to give my mind this power of, “you ARE going to get this right” as opposed to a feeling of, “I can get this right… I think… wait… no…”

10:57AM (T+2hr : 57min)- Section 5 ended. It was time for our 5 minute long break. We were a little over halfway through the entire test. I quickly walked to the restrooms down the hallway with my water bottle. I walked in and there were a few other people in there. I took the remaining 3 10mg Dexedrine tablets. One of the people saw me throw some pills into my mouth and asked me what I was doing; I just said I had a headache and those were a few Motrin to avoid trouble.

11:04AM (T+3hr : 04min)- The break ended, and we moved on to section 6. The reason I decided to top up on my dose of Dex was because I just wanted an extra push to make sure I was good for the entire test, even though I was still at highway speeds from the first dose. The next section was either another critical reading or writing section. Once again, just like the sections before, I still had a ton of motivation, energy, and concentration.

11:30AM (T+3hr : 30min)- As section 7 of the SAT was starting, I could feel the effects of the second dose of Dexedrine kicking in. It wasn’t like another come up, since I was still going pretty fast with the effects of the first dose, it felt more along the lines of the first dose just being strengthened even more. Feelings of confidence, superiority, and focus were already in overdrive, the turbo charger was just ignited even more in my head. Once again, it was math, my favorite section. I flew through almost every problem in less than one minute. This test was just a piece of cake!

11:55AM (T+3hr : 55min)- Another break, god I hated those damn breaks so much! I wanted to just rip open my test booklet and answer sheet during the breaks and move on since I had this strong desire to complete the test. It felt more than a desire though, almost like a compulsion, like I had to finish all the problems.

12:01 PM (T+4hr : 01min)- Section 8 started shortly after the break ended, this section was 20 minutes long as opposed to the 25 minutes. I plowed through all the questions in this section. I destroyed this section. It was another critical reading section with those passages from books or essays. It was like when I read the essays and every word seemed to stick in my head and it all made sense. There was no “oh, I gotta read that paragraph again since I didn’t quite understand it.” It was “That paragraph was so easy to comprehend, and the questions are such a breeze!”

12:23 PM (T+4hr : 23min)- Section 9 was math and took another 20 minutes. Since I was super speedy, it was another math section so I was set! I would describe the feeling of being able to do those problems on the Dexies like, “All you other testers in here suck at math! I am the best, and I’m going to do the best score out of all you people!” The reasons I felt that superiority was because when I finished up the last problem I knew in section 9, I took a quick glance around. Everyone else was about halfway done, while I was finished with a few minutes to spare.

12:45 PM (T+4hr : 45min)- Section 10 was the final section of the SAT, the end was finally in sight. I wasn’t overjoyed that it was the final section of the test since the motivation, concentration, and focus feelings were still flowing through my veins. It was a writing section where I had to correct the sentences. This was once again, and easy section. After 10 minutes, I had whizzed through the 15 correction questions with ease.

1:00 PM (T+5hr. : 00min) The test was over, time was called for the final section at 12:55 PM. Our test booklets and answer documents were collected. I looked out the windows and lo and behold it was snowing! I didn’t even really notice the snow outside during the test since all my energy and focus was gauged for the test. I walked out of the testing center after we were given permission to leave. I made my way out into the snowy parking lot, out to my car, and left to go home with the best feeling I had ever had following the SAT. I also lit up a cigarette to celebrate my SAT being over.

Retrospect/Summary: All in all, it was a great experience. My previous SAT testing had been hindered by distractions, boredom, and lack of motivation to complete the test. This time around I wanted to do the test. I had motivation to keep going. I was flying. My attention, focus, and motivation were just like an exponential function in a graph. When the Dexedrine had entered my system, I took flight, I was geared for action, I wanted to do the test.
When the Dexedrine had entered my system, I took flight, I was geared for action, I wanted to do the test.
It was not a pain. When I got to a problem that gave me trouble, I had an outlook like, “I can simply set this in a differential equation and solve for x” as opposed to the, “Shit, I have no idea how to do this… I’m screwed.” I had feelings of being able to do the work, like I was extremely confident. I knew I could get the questions and problems right. The confidence in myself with knowing things kicked into overdrive. I would do it again if I had a test or obligation that needed 100% focus, attention, and energy geared towards it.

If I take a dose of amphetamines in the late afternoon, I'm not going to sleep, and will be be up till 6:00 in the morning. Moderation to these things is the key. Anything more than two days in a week will cause it to lose its magic.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82712
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: May 26, 2020Views: 696
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Amphetamines (6) : Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3), School (35)

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