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Getting Lost in the Bathroom and More
MDMA & Cannabis
by LoneTripper
Citation:   LoneTripper. "Getting Lost in the Bathroom and More: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp82585)". Dec 31, 2018.

2 tablets   MDMA (pill / tablet)
    smoked Tobacco  
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)


In all of our experience with psychedelics, we had never imagined two caps of ecstasy and two bowls of good old fashioned marijuana could fuck us up more than we had even believed possible. It was night time. I was in my friend “Bigmac’s” bedroom. We were waiting for Bigmac’s parents to depart to their bedroom when we had taken two caps of ecstasy around 8:00. These pills were called Orange beretta and had a picture of a gun on each one. We had heard that they had some crazy shit in them, but to this day we will never know what it was.. Though I would do anything to get more.

The caps kicked in just as regular strong caps of E. My eyes would roll to the back of my head, and bounce around rapidly in their sockets. I was shivering, cold and warm both at the same time. We engaged in out usual heart to heart conversation. We would share our thoughts and talk about our feelings.

We felt we had a strong friendship and we were the best of friends there could be.

As all times on ecstasy, the effects wore off soon. How ever, This was ONLY the BEGINNING. We went outside for a smoke, and I was still babbling about my thoughts and feelings while Bigmac remained silent. He had told me he was no longer capped, and I, still kind of high didn’t know what to say. We sat down on a bench in the back of his dark backyard. The trees hung over our heads and the night sky twinkled. When out smoke was finished we went inside to engage in a bong session in his bedroom.

The night was still young, so we packed a bowl. We smoked one bowl, followed by a second. Afterwards we sat back, him in an armchair, I was on a bed. I proceeded to look around and noticed things were slightly out of place. I thought maybe I was getting visuals but told my self that was impossible for we only ingested ecstasy and that had worn off. I decided to tell BigMac “I think I am getting visuals dude” Anyways. I was expecting to hear a “Bullshit you are having visuals” or “Yeah right No way” But then he replied “I think I am too.” That is when the mood had changed. Time had significantly slowed down and we lost our short term memories. We had the memory span of a gold fish. (Like 3 seconds.) I looked over at him, to be surprised by his big bug eyes. Through out the whole trip, his eyes were as big as my fist. Each strand of his curly hair would gracefully sway back and forth as if he were under water. I asked him if we actually were under water, for now I was seeing bubbles rising. I glanced over at the Television to see a woman walking down a hallway. I was shocked at what I had seen and had a familiar strange feeling that the TV program was meant to look trippy and was made for teenagers like me tripping out on psychedelic drugs. As the woman proceeded down the hallway, her face was rapidly changing to a different person every second, maybe not even… It was faster than a strobe light. I looked up at Bigmac. He stumbled across his room and I got the same effect on his face. I have a mental image of it now, one of the faces I saw in him. It was funny, and it was creepy. It was like a deformed teenaged guy with a stubble, his face was not properly proportioned for his for head was huge and sticking out and his chin was indented into his facial structure.

We realised that by telling about what we had just saw, we could share hallucinations, and each see the same thing. I then received my first real hallucination. (I have had visuals before, such as things morphing and changing shape, but had never actually seen anything that wasn’t there.) He asked me if I was wearing eyeliner. I told him no, but then I couldn’t help but notice, he was wearing it as well. I could wipe it off on my finger... I told him to imagine my face was made of red clay, and surely enough, he began picking pieces off of my cheek. When we were both sitting down on the bed, colours were rapidly changing around us. Bigmac’s face had turned into many cartoonish forest critters, the one I remember the most.. A frog with big bug eyes and buck teeth. He said that my head had turned into a teacher from our school, and then a racoon. I saw that he had no nose and it freaked me out, I tried to feel for it but it was not there. His curly hair tricked me into believing he was some one else. He began an ugly old hooker woman with bright shiny turquoise eye shadow lipstick, and other make ups. I formed a question in my head but it must have changed before escaping my mouth, for I had asked him: “Why are you a hooker with the goochie mama??” His reply was a shrieking “WHAT?!!” and an episode of laughter. Bigmac started reciting all the days over and over every fast. “MONDAY. TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY. THRUSDAY. FRIDAY. SATURDAY. SUNDAY.” and repeat. With each word, I had felt the day had changed, it was a very odd experience.

We turned up what seemed like loud techno music and proceeded to dance. It was one of those rare, but amazing moments where you are unbelievably high and just have a sudden urge to lose yourself to the music. Sitting in his room shortly after I could hear jumbled ambience of voices and things I did not understand. I hear his family talking outside of the room, and his father calling out my name. We decided to get up and go to the bathroom to grab some water and laugh at our reflections in the mirror. When we got there, Bigmac was seeing our faces melt, but was not afraid for the trip consisted of 0% fear and 100% fun. I saw him drop his face like a slinky and scramble to pick it up and put it back together. Bigmac turned off the light for a few seconds, but the darkness had us believe we were lost for years. Later in his room were drawing and attempting to write in my drug book. We forgot how to spell and how letters were supposed to look and every time we experienced something interesting, we would frantically scramble for the drug book, but the by the time we had opened it, everything had slipped our minds. We would ask each other “What were we gonna do” and reply with “I don’t remember man”. This had occurred through out the whole trip. After I saw the horizon in Bigmac’s smile, after Bigmac saw a present in my eye and tried to reach for it, AND after We decided were giants as Bigmac pointed to the floor mistaking it for a village saying: “We are time for that village”, Our trip was nearing it’s end. We were stupid back then and were into the habit of making ourselves pass out. We each did this a few times, and each time we were out old, we had felt we were tripping for hours, when really we were only unconscious for seconds. It was only 12:00 and we went to bed. I had a restless sleep that night, having dreams that we were each sitting on the bed just tripping. Nothing had made sense. We were speaking gibberish. The dreams went on for hours.

The next morning “Pee Wee Herman’s Big adventure” was on TV so we watched it and then we headed out for burgers at white spot. We were under an effect we used to call “Awkward Morning Syndrome”. It was the name we gave to the feeling you get the day after you stay up all night tripping out on drugs. We got the occasional weird effect hear and there, like when a table across from us had a spill, and some girl said “Clean up in aisle three” Bigmac felt he was in a grocery store.

To this day I still wonder how two caps of E and a couple bowls of marijuana (Of which we had already tested the day before) Could have such an effect. I guess those caps were just loaded with some fucked up shit.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 82585
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Dec 31, 2018Views: 267
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Cannabis (1), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3)

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