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VERY Addictive
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "VERY Addictive: An Experience with Oxymorphone (exp82563)". Oct 10, 2012.

  repeated insufflated Pharms - Oxymorphone (ground / crushed)


I have a history of drug abuse, particularly pain pills in my family. Both of my parents had a drug history. It was worse on my dad's side and I feel as if I have a natural tolerance. I don't see my dad much but when I do it isn't hard to tell that he is messed up. I saw that and told myself I will never be like him. I am going to be a successful self-sufficient man. I, am going to be DIFFERENT.

So here is my story. My mom was prescribed 180 of these bad boys [Opana IR] and I had read about them prior to my experience. I was pretty excited when I found out she had gotten them. I regretted taking one from her but didn't look back. I had heard several different things about them. I even heard it had a better rush than heroin, which scared me. Don't get me wrong I had done my share of opiates before this, however, it was different.

I sat in my closet and broke down the so called 'pink skittle' with an ID card. I finished and stared at it for a moment. I rolled up a dollar bill and stuck it to my nose. I was a little nervous but there was no going back now. I exhaled through my mouth and hit the line. I felt it within a minute. The come on was great, and I, as many others have felt, simply thought that the world was great and there wasn't anything to worry about. Everything was just fine. The euphoria was intense nothing like hydrocodone, oxycodone (percocet), methadone, etc... All of which I had previously tried.

Anyway, I got on the computer and was feeling even better. My body was numb and I felt as if I was floating. I stayed on the computer for probably half an hour or so I can't really remember. Then I got in bed and started to watch a movie. I still felt incredible and wanted to do something. It was late that night and my friends were already asleep. I laid in bed staring at the television wrapped in my blanket. I didn't need it though. I was already wrapped in a warm blanket of goodness. I know this sounds gay but I don't know how else to describe it really. I was warm and very euphoric.

Now a lot of people have talked about the 'nod' that comes on after a while. I didn't feel that my first time, however. It was more of an upper for me. So I hopped on the Xbox 360 and started to play Halo 3. I felt great and I was playing great. I don't know if I just felt as if I was playing better or if I actually was. By the way I play competitively and play mostly MLG (Major League Gaming) for those that don't know. I played for a few hours and eventually got off. I turned the television to ESPN and just lay there listening until I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling kind of groggy. I ended up grabbing another one and doing it again, and again. This is what I want to emphasize on. This drug is more mentally addictive than anything I had ever dreamed of. It made me do things I never would have done before. This drug is extremely powerful and you should be very careful using it in excess. I tried it with a friend once too who didn't have much of a tolerance, and he ended up almost getting sick saying that it was mad strong. So with this use in caution and don't let it dictate your life. Also, try not to do it day after day as I did. Do it, wait a few days, and then do it again or else you may have the awful withdrawal symptoms. I know what you're thinking you can't have withdrawal symptoms for doing it a few days in a row. I'm telling you from experience that it can happen. I missed a few days of school I was feeling so terrible. Everyone is different though.

I'm clean now and not even smoking marijuana anymore, which I used to do on a daily. I'm kind of trying to prove something to myself I guess. Anyway, the tough question is, would I do it again? I honestly don't know.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Oct 10, 2012Views: 2,744
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Pharms - Oxymorphone (221) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Alone (16)

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