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Beauty of Space and Time
by mylo
Citation:   mylo. "Beauty of Space and Time: An Experience with Cannabis (exp82384)". Jul 9, 2019.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis


I've always loved drugs and I've tried many things such as morning glory, dxm, xanax, salvia, and usually other illegally obtained legal highs but pot was one of the most BEAUTIFUL things I have ever experienced. A LOVELY feeling. I've tried it several times before but never got high off of it. I guess I never breathed it in correctly until a few days ago. I was with my friend and he offered me a toothpick so I said yes and took about 4 puffs, I wasted one but it was still good. Nothing much happened besides music sounding great and some laughing, the next day is where I'm going to focus the story on.

I was with my same friend and another sober friend and we were at his house then he pulls out a joint. We smoked it in his backyard (his parents let him smoke) and I felt a slight anxiety. Heart sped up, etc. I had about 9 puffs or so? And I felt relaxed. 5 minutes later we walk in the house and we talk with his parents and that's where it hit me. He had warned me that I would TRIP OUT and he was right. His stairs looked bigger than ever and I was afraid to climb because I knew I would fall but I did it and had no problems. Back at his room the whole house was tilting toward the top right and I felt myself tilt as well. We talked a bit but sooner or later I had to leave with my friends to the mall and he couldnt go (his parents only rule is that he doesnt leave to public while stoned). So before we left we had another long conversation and I was tripping so hard I said 'I feel like alice in wonderland!' and it got later so we left to the mall and said our goodbyes to my dear friend and left.

At the mall I started getting the hard effects. I started believing that the people I was talking with werent there and I was insane and paranoid but it was AMAZING! The I started talking to random people I knew and just relaxed and had fun. And the rest of the day went on like this. It was AMAZING!

Today I plan on repeating this for the third day in a row but mixed in with xanax and gonna go either skate or play call of duty at my friends house as we decided on yesterday.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 9, 2019Views: 411
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Cannabis (1) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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