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Vomiting and Paralysis
by Palcon_Funch!
Citation:   Palcon_Funch!. "Vomiting and Paralysis: An Experience with Cannabis (exp82103)". Mar 21, 2010.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (dried)


I'm a healthy, 19 year old male who regularly smokes marijuana. I will never forget the first horrible, horrible trip I had from smoking too much weed.

It was 'senior skip day' at my school, and me and a couple of friends decided to hang out and smoke some weed. It was me, these 2 girls that I worked with at a grocery store, my friend 'D' and my other girl friend named Jazzy.

I had smoked weed before this incident, but only a few times, and they had been pleasant experiences. I was looking forward to smoking with them because I wanted to see how high I could get.

That's a bad thing to test.

We all go down to this abandoned bridge by a river and load up a bubbler with some mids (regs, basic-grade marijuana) and I take about 3 hits. I'm feeling pretty high from those hits, my vision slows down and seams to streak when I move my head around and look at lots of different things. I feel my eyelids hanging heavy, a light body-spanning vibration and a general sense of peace and euphoria.

We leave the bridge and go to one of my girl coworker's friends' house. My friend D passed on smoking from the bubbler, and when we came to this guys' house, D wanted to leave. He didn't want to be around us smoking, so he walked home. So I meet this guy, his name is Alex, and we all go into his shed. Apparently he was a huge stoner, his parents smoked weed and didn't care that he did it. So in his shed, there's a circle of folding chairs. We all come in, he shuts the door, and pulls out a bong. I remember commenting on how it looked 'trippy' (mind you, at this point, I was still pretty high). He loads up a bowl and hands it to one of my coworkers. She hits it, then passes it to me. I hold it to my lips, light the bowl and pull out the slider after inhaling for about 5 seconds. I blow out a pretty decent amount of smoke and hand it to my friend Jazzy.

The bong was passed around to each of us once, before Jazzy, Alex, and the one coworker of mine all get up to go into the house to use the bathroom. So it's just me and the other coworker in the shed at this point, and we keep hitting the bong. After we had killed it, they all came back in to the shed and were kinda mad that we kept smoking when they were gone. So they load up another bowl and send it around again.

This was when all the THC really hit me. I remember feeling an intense vibration on all sides of my body. I felt numb; I couldn't feel my arms or legs or hands or feet. I could move them, but it was like they were just numb appendages sticking out of my torso. The only feeling I had was my body 'vibrating'. I began to laugh uncontrollably. My friend Jazzy thinks that I am just the funniest man on the planet, and when she sees me laughing, it makes her laugh. Her 'high laugh' is something that I find to be hilarious; so it makes me laugh harder. Which makes her continue to laugh. You see where this is going. After laughing for so long and still feeling numb, I start to feel uncomfortable. Jazzy's laugh sounded like it was inside of my head. At this point I stand up from my chair to try and reconnect myself to the world. I felt like my soul, everything that was beneath my skin had seperated from my body. I was seeing everything through my eyes, but my 'body' was just gone, disconnected. It felt like I was in a movie. I had no physical feeling left in my body. Walking around felt like floating, touching things prompted no physical response. My soul had seperated from my body, and it was just an empty vessel through which I could see. During this time, a BLUNT had been rolled, lit, and sent around, which I foolishly took about 3 hits from.

I crouched behind my chair and took three deep breaths. They were loud and throaty inhalations, with the third breath bridging back into uncontrollable laughter. Which made Jazzy laugh, which took me to a bad place.

I stood up and let everyone know how strangely I felt. They all just laughed and looked at me dumbfounded. I took more deep breaths but my stomach began to lurch. I coughed. I said 'I feel like I'm going to throw up' and cough again. Not a 'throat irritated' cough, but a 'oh no, here comes some vomit' cough.

Alex told me to run outside if I had to puke. I ran outside, coughed again, clung to the side of the shed and coughed once more, and vomit came out this time.

I bent my knees and sat on my heels, closed my eyes, and continued to throw up. This was not 'normal' vomitting, where it's just three or four long streams of puke. This was maybe a dozen coughs where vomit would come out with each cough. My stomach deflated, throat constricted and I spewed vomit, punctuating each deposit of vomit with a wet cough. I threw up maybe 8 or 9 times before it subsided.

They each came out to me to see how I was doing but I had no interest in speaking. I just told them to leave me alone, don't talk to me, don't touch me, etc. Recieving and processing physical stimulus seemed impossible to do. I couldn't answer questions. I could only say a few phrases. I was huddled outside for maybe 30 minutes before they insisted that I stand up and they help me to my car. I asked to be left alone. I could not even open my eyes. At one point I tried to, and looked at the grass and vomit between my feet. It *hurt* to look at things. It caused physical pain to my eyeballs, and my brain, to have my eyes open to look at things. So I kept them closed.

When they decided to help me up, (against my wishes) I had two friends at each arm. I opened my eyes a bit and watched myself take baby steps toward my car. My stomach began to writhe again (likely because I had my eyes open and no sense of direction/equilibrium) and I started vomitting again. The two friends at my right arm jumped away in fear of being hit by vomit, and I collapsed again and threw up a few more times.

They told me how close I was to my car, 'it's only a few more steps' but I honestly felt as though I was dying. I could not open my eyes, I could not move, I felt like I was trapped within a withering body and I simply had no energy to do anything but curl up into a ball and puke. I told them 'guys, I can'd do this, please call 911' but they insisted that such a measure was unnecessary. I felt like I was in an anti-drug ad, where all your 'stoner pals' aren't really friends at all, and just want to be high and not get caught. It seemed too real.

They helped me up once more and this time I made it to the car. I laid in the backseat, with my head on Jazzy's lap and let my coworker friend drive me home. We got to my house and I was feeling a bit better by this time, enough to get out of the car on my own. Thankfully no one was at my house, and I thought it would be best if I just took a nap in my backseat. So I did. Instead of getting out, I just passed out in the backseat. For maybe, 2 hours I just slept and hoped the feeling would fade.

Around 4 pm, after 2 hours in my backseat has passed, I made myself come inside the house because my stepmom would be home in 1 hour and I didn't want to be in my backseat. So I made it in the house, up the stairs, and to my bed, without a problem. No more nausea, feeling a little more reconnected, but still really high.

I passed out again on my bed, at 430pm, and didn't wake up until 730pm. And I was STILL HIGH.

The whole experience was truly frightening, and a good bit of advice to take from this is: DO NOT SMOKE unless you have a comfortable mindset and are in a comfortable setting. Such as, in your house, with PEOPLE YOU KNOW'. I believe I just smoked way too much, too fast, and experienced a 'whitey/whitie' or 'white out'. All good things in moderation. You can always smoke more weed, but you can't stop being too high just because you're freaking out and want it to end.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 82103
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Mar 21, 2010Views: 10,273
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Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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