The Next Dimension
by Gman
Citation:   Gman. "The Next Dimension: An Experience with Cannabis (exp82030)". Jul 26, 2010.

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I am an autistic (Aspergers Syndrome) somewhat depressive young lad, or at least I was back in the sober days. My mind seemed like it was on it's own world, of course heavy autism and abusive parenting'll do that to me. I hadn't gotten very many friends, of course the ones I did have I was loyal to, and had known for upwards of 10 years. I was very argumentative and almost insane by most standards, though I had always been incredibly smart.

My family didn't seem to mind that I was interested in drugs of all kinds since early childhood. By age 13, my mother dealt LSD in her school girls bathroom and was an intense druggie since age 11. My father was an alcoholic, my step father had tried every drug that I know of, from Cocaine to Crack to Heroin to LSD, he'd been addicted to it at some point in time. My brother's fate was much the same, so it comes as no shock that an interest wouldn't scare them at all.

My first dose was on my 13th birthday at 3AM. I was the only one who wasn't drunk, but every time I had gotten drunk at that point I made an ass out of myself, so I wanted to steer clear of alcohol that night. Some of my older brother's friends had the idea to split a joint with me, and I heartily accepted. After 3 hits I was extremely baked. I later found out that my mother was a stoner while pregnant with me as well, so THC had already been introduced into my system years beforehand. I spent the time playing a Prince of Persia game I had received that year, when my ex-druggie brother walked in and asked me how I was feeling. What I was thinking was, 'Pretty good, but my mouth's a bit dry.' whereas what I said was, 'Get the penis outta your bum and start being Jeffrey Dahmer.' I was legendarily baked, and that was clear to my older brother at that point in time.

Skip forward to the end of that month where I try to get some weed from an Ecstasy dealer my brother used to go to. I got ripped off obviously, but I later found out that he had actually been chased out of the building by someone he had hit over the head with a wrench earlier that day, and also that some of my brother's friends had beaten him up for ripping me off, and so to repay me at lunch on a monday when I was walking back to school, he handed me a baggie with 0.5 grams of bad hash oil in it. This promptly caused the most awkward school day of my life, because I was in grade 8 and trying to figure out where to hide very potent smelling drugs. I put it in my pocket for the rest of the day, and although every single teacher knew exactly what I was doing and what was in my pocket (the smell of bad marijuana filled the room) but I was so far in every teacher's good books by default for reasons unknown (teachers always have and always will adore me for absolutely no reason) that they never said anything and let me go home at the end of the day without so much as a disapproving glance. My brother promptly taught me how to smoke oil, how to make a pipe from a water bottle and how to make a bong from a water bottle.

Skip forward a week when my weed supply runs out. My brother decided to get me a 1.5 piece as well as hook me up with an amazing dealer, and another less amazing dealer that just so happens to be the drug kingpin of my town. I was planning on requesting instructions on how to roll a joint, but when I tried I succeeded. Everyone in my family jokes that I inherited the ability to roll a joint from my mother, but I will never be able to roll the perfect joint like my mother can. (They have less imperfections than fucking factory made cigarettes!) From this point on things get royally fucked up!

I had started using weed as a coping method for school, and holy shit did I do a lot of it at school! I went to school baked every day for multiple years without exception, and I keep that record even today. At this point, I noticed a few things changed in my life significantly. Puberty is the only thing that compares to how many changes I went through at this stage of my life, only puberty was far more mild and these changes occurred literally overnight. I suddenly realized that I liked music, something that I absolutely hated earlier on in life, and I also noticed that I began to form genuine opinions of things rather than my mind being comprised of mathematics and fucked up algorithms without any real feelings towards anything. I had noticed that I felt genuine emotions and I learned to appreciate the little things in life. Instead of being constantly depressed, I was amused with my life and I was genuinely happy. I had never experienced true happiness before this point. It was truly a miracle.

The best trip in my life (no, I've never had a bad trip) happened when my brother's best friend came into town. It was a total shock to him that I had become a total stoner since the last time I had seen him, so as a token of good will (and because he had no way of smuggling that stuff to his new home) he gave me a mini pipe with a built in stash and resin holder (it's an inch long and 4 centimeters thick) and a pipe from Israel. It is by far the most awesome pipe I've ever seen, to this day. To celebrate these new items of mine, we decided to try them out. I smoked a full gram that day. We then went to my room after getting legendarily baked and we went into my room to play Halo. We played it muted, and we listened to every song The Beatles ever wrote. If you think orgasms feel good, you've seen absolutely nothing. Years of pain and depression all seemed to be forgiven when I realized that the world was fucking awesome and not only did all my troubles fade away, but every emotional scar I had received over the course of my life was removed, of course my mind showcased that moment to me during the best riff known to man. (When I'm 64 by the Beatles, the part where Paul goes, 'You'll be older too' is by far the most amazing thing that has ever been recorded in the history of music.) That 3 hour period will forever be known as the best moment in my life never to be topped and forever to be held up high as the meaning of existence and the sole reason life's worth living to the very last second.

Weed does have some amusing negative repercussions though, and here are a few of the more embarrassing things that weed has caused. I don't regret them in any way, and looking back on them, I see them as terribly amusing and well worth the price of admission.

The first one is one that continues to this day, but basically I would make an account on any website I could find, then go to a random part of the website and proceed to complain about everything being in English (in French) and how they should re-write everything in French. I've been banned so many times, it almost gets hilarious by itself.

The second time is one day, I had the brilliant idea of smoking 4 joints before going to school. I had been smoking for under a month, (2 weeks to be exact) and I was buying A grade weed. This stuff gets me fucked to this day and it was amazing that I was using that for practice. I went to school and fell asleep leaning against my locker only to be awaken by the Special Ed teacher tapping on my head and telling me I still had 10 minutes left until class. She knew I was on-top-of-the-moon stoned at that point because it was blatantly obvious. The only people who didn't notice were the kids who thought I was just some weird kid, so me being baked just registered to them as me being weird. (Grade 8) I went to my first class which happened to be double science, and I promptly started tripping balls, including a point where I completely forgot what my name was and so I decided I was Patrick Swasy for 10 minutes. The next class was math. We had a test that day, and being fucked beyond any inkling of a doubt kinda impairs my ability to do anything. It was at this point I blacked out and have no idea what happened the rest of the day, but apparently I had two more tests that day, and also apparently I got an A on all three tests I took that day.

That's weed in my life.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82030
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 26, 2010Views: 1,183
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