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My experiences with LSD
Citation:   Del Neshom. "My experiences with LSD: An Experience with LSD (exp819)". Sep 18, 2000.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
I have taken LSD (at least I'm pretty sure it was) 3 times in my life, all bought from the same person, and probably all the same type, however all 3 experiences were remarkably different. I suspect the acid was homemade because the hits were not perfectly square, and one had an apparently penciled checkmark on it for some reason.

The first time I took it was with a (now former) friend, let's call him Mike. We had planned a camping trip for the occasion, so he got his quad out and we rode up over the slate dumps, and on a hill where an older friend lived, let's call him Frank.

Frank had a sloped yard with quad trails running up into the woods, so we rode up a bit on the top of a hill and set up camp. Around 9:00 or so we decided to take the hit. We only had one hit, so we had to cut it in half. We had no way of doing this so we walked down to Frank's house.

We cut it in half with nail clippers and dropped the hits. We then walked to the edge of town and sat on a pile of cardboard for about an hour. Nothing happened. We went back to Frank's and another acquaintance stopped by, let's call him Jeff.

I bought $20 in weed from Jeff, which turned out to be a very large but, with the provision that I smoke a joint with everyone. Seemed like a good deal to me. After smoking a joint on his porch, we all went inside.

I had a bit of a weed buzz going on, and this was about an hour and 45 minutes after we'd taken the hit. Suddenly EVERYTHING went weird. I looked around and nearly forgot where I was. Then I looked at one of Frank's children who just stared at me, and time seemed to freeze. The child looked unnatural, and out of place.

It's a bit hazy from there on. I remember Jeff leaving and Frank going to sleep. We left Frank's house and stood on his porch laughing for about 15 minutes before he came outside and chased us away, since he had to work the next day.

We walked back up to our campsite, laughing the whole way. We then attempted to gather firewood, and somehow got a fire going. I remember on the other side of the river, on top of the hill, the lines of house lights and cellular phone towers seemed to blink and dance about.

We continued to smoke weed the whole time, and seemed to enjoy throwing coleman fuel on the fire and laughting hysterically. I eventually went to sleep in the tent, after hours of laying there hearing the fire crackling, which sounded so intense I had to make sure it wasn't the tent that was actually burning!

The following morning I had little if any feeling from the drug, and Frank and his friend came to make sure we weren't dead I suppose and we smoked a joint with them.

It was a very pleasant experience, from a mere half of a hit of acid. Price: $5.00 / hit (so $2.50 for my trip)

--- Second Time ---

I decided I wanted to try this again! I went and scored 4 hits from my sorce. Then me and my other friend, let's call him bob, planned a camping trip. We would walk the railroad tracks and setup camp when we were ready. I decided that the railroad tracks would be an interesting scene.

Our concept of time wasn't very good, as the only thing we had to go on was a shortwave radio we occasionally picked up the 'time channel' then scrambled to remember what our GMT offset was.

We took a half hit each around 11am, and began walking. About an hour or so later of non-constant walking with frequent water breaks (the 4 gallons of water we brought being the LIFE SAVERS of the journey), we felt very little and decided to take another half hit each, for a grand total of one hit each.

No sooner did we take the second half hit then we began feeling strange. This may have simply been psychological, but it seems that something kicked in at that point. We continued walking.

We both began feeling weirder and weirder. We encountered, of all things, a docked boat in the middle of nowhere by the water, with children swimming near it. This surreal event may have been the straw that broke the camel's back, because at this point we began to see spots in the sky moving about, and colors were more pronounced.

We then walked through the next town up the railroad tracks. We had been walking for hours and (probably due to the acid) we did not seem to be bothered at all by the 90 degree heat! We walked from the railroad tracks to the a dirt road we were farmiliar with, and walked to a fresh water spring to replenish our water supply.

At this point, we began to become tired. We made the decision not to camp but instead to walk on to the NEXT town down the tracks, where bob's sister lived. So we walked and we walked and we walked.

We eventually made it only to find that his sister was not home! Luckily after about 5 minutes of walking towards his even farther-away cousin's house, his brother-in-law drove past and we finally got rides home. Once home I took a shower, and Mike (same one from the last story) stopped by with his friend let's call him Al (the acid supplier) and we smoked a bit of weed. By this time my trip had subsided.

This was, it would seem, a MILD trip. I experienced obvious changes in perception, but very little visuals, buoyancy, or giddiness from the previous HALF dosage. Mike tells me that it was because I took it in the day time instead of at night but I find that hard to beleive.

--- Third Time ---

The remaining two hits me and Bob had planned to take at his cousin's house (an old farm-house) that he often housesitted for. Instead, around 10pm one night I had the spontanious urge to take the hit, so I called him up.

We went to his room, which is very trippily decorated (is trippily a word?) complete with christmas lights, blacklight shit everywhere, and playboy centerfolds and beer posters galore.

We took one hit each, turned on the christmas lights and listened to pink floyd's the wall (a classic of course). After around 45 minutes my arms went numb. I told this to him and he thought nothing of it.

After about 15 or 20 more minutes of floyd we both had some serious effects. I was really starting to freak out from my claustrophobia being severely intensified in the small room. At one point I looked at him and said 'We GOTTA get out of here!' He had a panicked look on his face and shook his head. We just couldn't take the scenery.

The walk downstairs was a REAL challenge! I had difficulty balancing and even walking slowly down the stairs felt like a ride at an amusement park. And the icing on the cake, his mother was downstairs, and we had to sneak by her. He explained that we were going for a walk.

We decided to hit the town (as boring as it is) We first walked to the ballpark, sat down in the dugout and had a cigarette. The fence facing the field was moving fast. We continued walking through town. At one point, walking past a church, I actually had NO idea where I was, nor did I care. For a brief moment, I was completely null and void.

I had no sense of where I was, what I was doing, and yet it didn't worry me. I just kept walking. We ended up at the locks and dam. We sat by the foggy river for awhile and walked back to Bob's house. We then played a game of Wayne Gretzky's 3d hockey for the n64, which was quickly abandoned when neither of us could follow it at all.

We then, for some reason, proceeded to take our shoes off and RUN barefoot to the local fire hall to buy a can of pop from the machine. We returned to his house, and made another trip to the locks, then we disbanded and returned to our respective homes.

It was about 5am when I came home. I watched speed racer then attempted to go to sleep. When I closed my eyes I saw a strange phenomenon. I saw a ball of light that would expand into a thick vertical bar, move around, then disappear briefly. I eventually fell asleep and had no effect when I woke up (at about 3pm!) Overall this was my best experience with lsd.

In conclusion, my trips were somewhat mild in comparison to some of the stories I have read. My experiences with LSD have been calm, pleasing, and all occured during good mind sets (I read all about set and setting, etc before I took the drug). If you asked me if i'd ever do it again, I wouldn't have an answer. It depends on where I am at the time and such. If you asked me if I'd reccomend LSD to you, i would have no answer for that either. I can only say that it's quite a ride, nothing like that of marijuana. From what i hear it can be even more intense depending on dosage and quality. In any case, that's my story.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 819
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 18, 2000Views: 6,459
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