The Warmth Turned Hot
Sildenafil (Viagra)
Citation:   Rachel. "The Warmth Turned Hot: An Experience with Sildenafil (Viagra) (exp81790)". Mar 25, 2016.

100 mg oral Pharms - Sildenafil (pill / tablet)
Viagra for Women!

When this took place, I was 19, and my boyfriend was 20. We were not on any drugs besides the Viagra at the time, and no supplements or medications.

My boyfriend and I were looking for something to supplement our sex lives in fall 2005. We'd already tried ecstacy, alcohol, various pharmaceuticals like percocet, vicoden and xanax and the good old standby, weed. It was fun to experiment, but the ultimate goal was to get me to climax during intercourse without clitoral stimulation, and it failed on all counts. Trying was a hell of alot of fun, though :)

We headed to the local sex shop that night, and got a few sex toys and dirty ideas from the pictures on the products, and he slipped a few dirty comic books in, like I didn't see him - he's such a sweet loveable nerd. We paid an astonishing $200 for lubes and a vibrator as well as his books, then left, eager to go home and suck and fuck the night away.

We got home and he mentioned casually that his father had gotten his prescription of Viagra filled and had given him a few, and did I want to try one? I was confused at first - 'You don't have any problems getting an errection,' I said. He told me that they were 100mg pills, and he had three - one for him, and one for me, leaving one for a later date. He said they worked for women as well, that they were doing studies on it, it just wasn't FDA approved for women yet.

I was very into percocet and xanax at the time (on my way to fullblown opiate addiction, but that's another story), so any pill at all sounded like a good time. Since we had new sex toys and plans to get down that night we decided to take the Viagra right then. It was a diamond-shaped blue pill, and I was nervous and skeptical at the same time. We both swallowed our pills with Pepsi. I had not eaten since that morning, about 10 hours earlier. I thought this might make the pill stronger, but was doubtful anything was even going to happen.

I started puttering around the bedroom, making the bed and putting batteries in my new toy, the 'Rabbit', anticipating our fuck session. I got out a special warming lubricant that my friend had given me as a gag gift. I even called her for a few minutes, telling her what was going on. She told me to have fun, and if it worked, to save the last pill for her. I hung up with her, and went to the living room to snuggle my boyfriend, about 25 minutes after we swallowed the pills.

I noticed as I stood up from the bed, I felt a warm rush in my chest, and that my heart was beating a little faster and harder then normal. Excitement? Had to be . . . after all, this pill doesn't work for women, right? I noticed the warm feeling very strong in my stomach and chest, branching into my fingers and toes. I sat down next to him, and the warm feeling went south.

I started to get very excited, thinking about what we were to do, and the warmth turned HOT, and I noticed my heart was pounding. We moved very quickly into the bedroom. He was erect, but of course that wasn't out of the ordinary. I kept feeling this HEAT in my vagina and clitoris that was very arousing and could only be satisfied one way. It was odd, but the heat tinted everything reddish-pink. I won't go into anymore detail, but we accomplished our goal that night, after 2 1/2 hours of the greatest sex we both can remember. After we climaxed we both fell into a sweaty pile and went to sleep, completely exhausted.

Now, four years and two children later, we still talk about that night. The only downside was my pounding heart before we even had sex
The only downside was my pounding heart before we even had sex
, but it wasn't bothersome enough to deter me from taking it again. In fact, now that I'm done breastfeeding our youngest, we are on the hunt for more Viagra. Gotta make those happy memories, and give each other something to smile about while he's working and I'm at home doing dishes with two screaming kids.

P.S. I updated my friend on what had happened - but screw her, my boyfriend and I split the last pill and had more mind-bending sex. It did seem to make a difference though, taking 50mg as opposed to 100mg, but just marginally - I still had another powerful orgasm.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 81790
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Mar 25, 2016Views: 16,299
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