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Long-Term Use and Side Effects
Citation:   xxxxxxxmkxxxxxxx. "Long-Term Use and Side Effects: An Experience with MDMA (exp81687)". Oct 30, 2020.

  repeated oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
From age 19 to 21, I took MDMA rather frequently (4-8 times per month during most months) and rather sporadically during the following 2-3 years. Here is my own experience with MDMA, focusing on side effects and tolerance. I am not writing this in order to encourage frequent use or taking high dosages of MDMA.

The first 5-6 times I used MDMA, one or two pills were more than sufficient to give me an intense high. Feelings of euphoria were strongly present, as were visual changes (i.e. colors were more intense). However, after more frequent use, I required much more than 1 or 2 pills to achieve a similar effect. I increased my typical dosage to at 3 or 4 pills in a night, and during more than one occasion, would take up to 7 pills in a 12-14 hour period. The quality of pills did not seem to be less, since other individuals were able to take 1/2 of a pill and experience similar effects to what I experienced during my first few rolls. I never experienced any significant side effects from this rate of use, except for some feelings of tiredness the following day, but this was likely more due to lack of sleep than MDMA itself.

After not taking MDMA for a significant period of time (about a year), I took 2 pills. While others were feeling intense euphoria and other pleasant effects, I felt hardly anything. I could note subtle visual changes, but the feelings of euphoria and social connectedness were almost completely absent. Subsequent experiences were fairly similar. It appeared that even after cessation of use for over a year, significant tolerance was present.

I have not noticed any significant short or long-term changes in mood or behavior after taking MDMA for an extended period of time. I have always had attention problems which remain the same before and after use. I have not had any significant issues with depression or anxiety that were not present prior to use. I have not noticed any significant effects on my physical health. After taking MDMA, I would occasionally have some sores on my lip or mouth from biting my lip or chewing on the inside of my mouth, but nothing serious.

Despite the absence of any perceived short or long-term negative effects on my health, I definitely do not recommend use at this level. Tolerance does appear to be long-term and dose-dependent. Taking high dosages of MDMA like I have taken in the past could also lead to serious health consequences, including hyperthermia, stroke, heart failure, etc.

Exp Year: 2004-2007ExpID: 81687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 30, 2020Views: 954
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MDMA (3) : Loss of Magic (34), Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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