Few Side Effects With Appropriate Dose
Anabolic Steroids
by buff
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I have been lifting weights and playing sports for more than 10 years consistently. For most of this time, I have used protein and creatine. The last 3 years, I was introduced to steroids. Over the years, I have used steroids in 'cycles' of 10-12 weeks, where I dose appropriately and cease use and take other compounds to restore endocrine function that is induced my having supraphysiological amounts of male hormones in my body.

I use injectable and oral steroids. I have use testosterone, boldenone (equipoise), nandrolone (deca), dianabol, and a shitload of different oral steroids. I also use injectable steroids with varying esters, which means they have varying half lifes. Some have a half life of 2 days, whereas others may be 2 weeks. This means sometimes I have to inject every other day, intramuscularly, not IV. I I inject in the deltoids and quadriceps, never in the glutes as most people and urban legend seems to think is standard procedure (some people do shoot glutes). I wont go into it, but I also have used a plethora of rec drugs, and smoke cannabis perhaps everyday.

The good:
I get strong. Very strong. And big. Of course, I have to workout and train like a monster to see these results. I also have to eat a LOT of protein-rich foods, and food in general. My strength goes through the roof, and I make muscle gains fast. I become a machine, and the feeling is AMAZING. My drive in life and gym goes up. My libido go crazy when I use testosterone, and I get aroused by women that may be sub-par by my normal standards. I also have a lot more energy, and a feeling of well-being. Of course people will make comments and shit, but you gotta ignore that.

The bad:
The bad depends of what steroid I use, and how much, and how long. Some have very few side effects (boldenone), but may not be as anabolic. Others like deca, cause bloating and gyno (growth of breast tissue). Testosterone will cause massive bloating and water weight and growth of breast tissue if used in large doses without an anti-estrogen. In most cases, it is not the steroid, but the estrogen it breaks down into, that causes the bad stuff. Have also gotten night sweats, become sweatier than usual, start to smell much faster, and grow more body hair (big deal). Acne can appear, but is easily managed by proper hygeine. Sometimes, my joints will hurt from lifting amounts of weight that I should not be doing naturally, so I take it a bit easier. Anger, or 'roid rage' has never happened to me, and is a really stupid term. I am passive by nature, so I have good self control. I will admit, that things that normally make me mad, will make me mad faster, and I can get irritable, but nothing worse than caffeine w/d. If you are an asshole or jerk or aggressive by nature, steroids will make it worse. Also, testicular atrophy (my testes shrink) will occur if you stay on steroids too long. This is not permanent, and they go back to normal once I stop. As far as the penis, steroids either have no effect, or actually make it a big larger.

After doing a cycle, I must run post cycle therapy. This means using anti-estrogens to control free estro, and enable quicker endocrine fuction by removing the negative feedback estrogen creates.

Overall, steroids have massively improved my life and well being. I would not be the same person had I not done them. I have had zero long term side effects. No roid rage. If I use in an educated manner and don't abuse them, they are absolutely amazing chemicals.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 81586
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2016Views: 5,341
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