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Experience With Pheds
Citation:   Virter. "Experience With Pheds: An Experience with Temazepam (exp81524)". Sep 23, 2020.

10 mg oral Pharms - Temazepam (pill / tablet)
Not too long ago I obtained a 10mg tab of Temazepam, it should be known before I continue this report that I am generally a light-weight when it comes to drugs (Excluding alcohol).

My first experience with a single 10mg tablet was generally enjoyable.

20 minutes after ingesting the tablet I began to feel an on-set, a sort of uneasy feeling when my body knows its going through abnormal changes, I'm unsure if this is a personal thing or a generality but from discussion it seems to be only me.

It has been about 40 minutes since orally ingesting and I begin to feel quite easy about things, I am an anxious person by nature (without needing a prescription of anything), it is almost as if a wind is gently blowing against me, faint but there, I feel lighter than usual. I go to sit down to the computer and talk to a few friends over Instant Messengers, as I get up to go to the bathroom my balance seems to have been thrown off, as if I was drunk without any adverse affects like blurred vision or sickly feelings. I proceed to walk back to my bedroom, itís been about an hour since taking the single tab and Iím feeling quite relaxed, as if I have no worries.

As the relaxed feeling continues I look around my room, itís as if everything around me slightly compliments this feeling, my mind is very clear at this point, I canít focus too much on deep thoughts, not that I am trying but I just feel clear-minded.

This feeling and mindset continues till about 2 Ĺ hours later, I still continue to feel thrown off my normal balance even though Iím sitting in my chair, a euphoric feeling seems to fade in and out for me, Iíve done Ecstasy in the past and it is nothing in comparison but definitely has similarities. After a few more conversations with friends that seem be about nothing important I decide its time for bed, I put on some peaceful music and drift off to sleep, with amazingly positive results when I awoke, felt like I had been sleeping on a cloud.

So in ending the effects I experienced in order
-Uneasy onset
-Uneasyness fades, I begin to feel really light
- Lightness continues, clear mindset begins
- Lightness, clear mindset remain. Balance begins to become impaired
- Lightness, clear mindset remain. Balance impaired, euphoric feelings fade in and out.
- Climb into bed, feelings continue and I fall asleep.

Like I said, I am a light-weight, I read some other posts and saw Ď60mgí not affecting people and began to wonder if they were actually 10mg but the packaging definitely assured me of this.

Having done Cocaine, Ecstasy, Weed, Valium and Temazepam I would rate this:
Paranoid Feelings: 0
Mood: 7
Euphoria: 2
Effects: 9

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing effects of this drug and would give an overall rating of 7/10, in terms of personal preferences, I prefer drugs that alter my perception without intense changes.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81524
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 23, 2020Views: 2,938
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Pharms - Temazepam (159) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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