I Came Unstuck in Time
by Perry
Citation:   Perry. "I Came Unstuck in Time: An Experience with Cannabis (exp81511)". Erowid.org. Sep 2, 2020. erowid.org/exp/81511

5 hits smoked Cannabis


I was with a group of about five semi-familiar people. I had partied with them on a few occasions before; that was the extent to which I knew them. It was a Friday night, I was about to get high for the first time in two months, and I was in an excellent 'in love with the world' kind of mood.

We passed a joint of Granddaddy Purple cannabis. I took, I think, around five hits. It came on slowly. I could feel something huge on the horizon. I began thinking that perhaps I had smoked too much.

Soon, structured, angular hallucinations began. Everything was covered in geometric figures, and I felt and saw that my skin was a network of energy in a patchwork of triangles. Each of these triangles had a dot in the middle. I identified these dots as 'points of darkness and infinite possibility.' Every instant I would zoom into one of them and more random stuff would be brought up.

I was overwhelmed by just how BIG the world really was. I marveled that I could ever be dissastisfied in light of how much there was to my life, with what a marvelous garden of delights it constituted. So many places, people, feelings, memories -- when I saw the whole shebang put before me, I realized just how incredibly beautiful my lot was!

By now I was lying motionless on the ground. Physically, I was quite uncomfortable. I was nauseous, and I had terrible dry mouth. Sensations in general were too intense to be pleasant. For this reason, I closed my eyes.

About 30 minutes after the first hit, as the stream of imagery started taking over my mind, I could feel myself being torn away from reality. My rational mind was being overwhelmed by a flood of random information; mostly vivid images from my childhood. My rational mind's models of the current situation -- where I was, who I was, what was going on -- began to break down.

I had lost perspective. The part of me that was there to say 'this is a drug trip,' analyzing the experience with detached intellectual interest, was simply gone. I had difficulty discerning what was real and what was not. I wasn't too sure at all about who I was. There was still a mind, but the mind was no longer 'I.'

The mind came unstuck in time. He was now time-warping in rapidfire between scenes from his past, becoming totally immersed in turn in each of them. With all context lost, he lay with his eyes closed, and just let the show unfold. The grand presentation of his life, re-experienced in glorious color. An overclocked, extra-vivid tour through his subconscious, with occasional interludes from the external senses. He experienced an 'executive summary' of all of the emotions he had ever experienced.

Eventually, his rational mind returned from its lunch break. When it came back, it was disoriented and scared. It had no idea where it was, what it was supposed to be doing, what dangers might lurk around the corner. He was still time-warping in rapid-fire between different times and places. He had no memory of taking a drug, any knowledge of where he was, what year it was, who he was, or in short anything about the genesis of his present experiences.

As he watched a steady stream of images and situations fly by, he noticed that one particular night appeared over and over. He began to form the theory that maybe he was in some kind of altered state, and the scene that kept reappearing was the reality that he came from, and therefore presumably the one he should try to go back to.

He tried to hold on to that reality. It asserted itself more and more strongly, though he continued to have serious doubts about whether this was the true reality that was really real. Those doubts lessened over time, and he was able to set his legs down in this reality and avoid being yanked away again.

Gradually he became convinced of the idea that the experience he had just had was induced by weed-smoking, and that his coming unstuck in time was actually an experience that fit on the timeline of his life between the time when he smoked the weed and the time that he was currently in. He began to feel myself again.

I was, at this point, firmly in reality, though still highly altered reality. It had been about two hours. I was coming down at a decent clip. I was absolutely incredulous about what had just happened. I could not believe that I had the experience that I just had. I tried to think of a number of ways to explain it away, but decided that the best explanation was that I actually had the experience.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to sort out what was real and what was not -- which things were part of my present reality, and which things were part of some other reality. Eventually, the pieces all fit together.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81511
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Sep 2, 2020Views: 1,065
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