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Citation:   Phoenix. "Schwag: An Experience with DMT (exp81489)". Apr 19, 2021.

30 - 60 mg smoked DMT
I was at a musical event where many drugs are easily available, and the night before my journey I was around a campfire smoking cannabis with some random strangers camped next to us, a guy came by asking for water. I always make sure I have plenty of water and we have boxes of water bottles we get for free so I gave him a six pack of water. He asked me if I had ever smoked DMT, I said no but I wan to try it. So he hands me a capsule, I’m not sure of the amount, and says sprinkle this in your bowl and smoke it. So I took the DMT and put it in my car for later, I like tripping at night and I just came down from LSD and it was getting morning.

The next day I wander around schwag and do some other stuff, and that night I decided to try DMT, my friend at the car with me did not want any he was already on a lot of acid. I felt confident I could handle it not knowing anything and not having researched how intense it is. So we put some in a bowl and I take my first hit. I had done some research before to see if it was safe, and I knew you were supposed to hold it in. I held if for about 15-20 seconds and I coughed and freaked out, I could not stop coughing and I didn’t want to throw up cause I didn’t want a bad trip. I thought it was just like a stronger acid. There was the water next to my friend I asked for it but he wouldn’t give it to me he just laughed at me. So I climbed over everything and got the water and calmed down and felt a vibrating sensation.

I take a second hit, it’s a little more bearable than the first but I am feeling very angry at my friend, and held that for awhile. I felt completely numb. As I exhaled I saw the reflection of the rocks outside on the window of the open door and I felt myself go into the reflection in another world but all that was there was rocks. So I came back. I hit the DMT again and felt a new level of this indescribable feeling. And some people walked up and offered to smoke a bowl. So my friend and I are in this circle and they are talking about DMT, saying I can see my future and stuff, and I just hit it over and over again, each time was a new level. I kept hitting it until the harsh DMT taste went away and I tasted opium that was in the bowl from earlier.

After I set it down I felt an anger at the friend with me, and I wanted to be with Laura, a girl who is one of my best friends and after this experience I feel closer too. I knew I had to leave, and I knew where she was at. So I told my friend I was going and I left. And I ran, all I could think about was Laura. I was running up a hill and a guy offered me crack, I stopped looked at him pointed to where she was and said Laura, it was all I could say. And I ran off, I heard him yell back schweeble schweeble schweeble schweeble and I yelled NO! And it was gone. I found Laura sitting at the stage watching the band and I ran into her and held on to her shaking violently and scared out of my mine. She asked if I was okay after a bit of silence I calmed down and said ye, but I needed her. She smiled and said okay I’m here.

I put my head in her lap and put her arm over my eyes, my first closed eye visuals started, I don’t recall all of my visions because I had thousands, but I remember my first one, I was at a schwag event two thousand years later, and it was indoors, and there was one dancer there. Then there were thousands exactly like her doing the exact same dance. Then I came out of it and I would tell Laura about my experience. And go back under her arm and have another set of them, each set began with a schwag vision. One vision I clearly remember is a place I know was the equivalent of the Christian hell, all I could see was a wall and a door, out of this door people would dance in a single file line until they got to the end, they a guy would slit there throat open, and they would bleed everywhere, they would continue for a little bit longer but then they fell into a pile of bodies, this pile kept building up, then I left that place. Another vision that I remember, this is my favorite vision I had, I was in a white room, and the only thing there was Laura, and I was two snakes. I could see the snake from another perspective but I was them, and I went in her mouth, then I came out her nose then went in her ears and came out her mouth then into her tear ducts, this continued for awhile in no particular order, until I went down into her body, and though her lungs and all her blood veins, I was collecting something, after traveling for what seemed like hours exploring everything I came out of her, but as thousands of snakes, the most concentration of the snakes was out of her hands her feet and her forehead, and we all met in the middle in front of her, and this crystal appeared with a white light inside, that kept glowing brighter and brighter, until it was so bright the only way I can think to describe it was a dim street lamp to the sun close up is the sun to this light, but it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

I realized later what I saw was her soul, after that vision I could see auras, she was pure white, no one else was that bright. I also remember at one point I was not in my own world the band was playing, but the song playing kept saying William died over and over, and I started crying and I asked her why he was dead, she assured me he was not and right at that moment the band goes he is dead, and I start laughing cause I see the irony in what just happened.

My most introspective vision was when I was going through a tunnel, and it was explaining my confused emotions to me, before that I thought I was in love with Laura but I did not know for sure, in this tunnel signs would come up and written on them were my true emotions, “you’re not in love” “you love her more than anything but only as a friend” “ you thought you did because she is the most amazing person you’ve ever met” Most of my visions I cannot remember, some I know were too horrific and scary for me to remember I just remember I could not stop crying. After my experience though I have been happier, less confused, I feel really close to Laura. And that’s about it.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81489
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Apr 19, 2021Views: 669
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Music Discussion (22), Guides / Sitters (39), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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