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Citation:   PippUK. "ReDeemed: An Experience with DMT (exp81249)". Oct 20, 2015.

20 mg vaporized DMT
Last night, Saturday, I had an excellent hit with DMT. I had not used any for three months, and during that period I had begun to get more anxious about trying it again. Not that my previous experiences had been bad, but as the memories faded, my reluctance grew. So I used a relatively light dosage of about 20-30mg. I held it in my chest for ages. I focused on the lamp in front of me, and calm'y placed the hot bulb on a plate besides me. I knew I had hit the sweet spot as my view of the room tinted sepia again and my visual field began to morph. I sat back, fully supported by my chair, which made me feel secure and I willed whatever would transpire to come on, here I am, lay it on me. Bring it on, sort of thing.

My view was not of my room anymore, but of racing down a yellow shaft or tunnel, lined with gantries and structures of neon yellow, rushing past me. In between these levels of arches and balconies, was some kind of activity taking place which I intuitively imagined was concerned with some sort of hospital or repair process. There were many different scattered dots of light busy around these zones. The detail passed by too rapidly for me to record.

The light of my lamp had remained as the point of convergence in the tunnel as I seemed to speed towards it. It struck me as like a flickering star at the end of the tunnel.

I wasn't reaching the absolute peak here, or so it seemed. In other words, perhaps the concentration of the drug level in my blood stream and bathing my synapses, was not at the top of its parabola. I say this because certain physical effects began to engage more which I have had some previous experience of. My body was juddering now, particularly the muscles of my upper thighs. It was not unpleasant, and reminded me of the sensations I had experienced before, preceding an 'entity contact' type experience. I felt flashes of extreme cold, which distracted me, as it had done before, and drew me back in to reality a little. I later wondered what might have occurred if I had just gone 10mg deeper.

I began to see something of my room again, although tremendously distorted. A large flickering purple/blue fat dragon style beasty was sprawled, roughly corresponding to the whereabouts of my computer table. On its back sat multiple images of my computer monitor which was shaped more like a boulder and was displaying bizarre motifs and texts the meaning of which I have not an inkling. Neon energies swirled around. The star that had lit my way along the tunnel had resumed its place on the top of the lampstand.

I had to laugh to myself again, about how bonkers this drug is. And at how nice it is to have had the opportunity to give it a blast. My chest wasn't bad at all afterwards. Its seems that occasional use has a place in life. I'll pop it away again for a while I think.

This blast was all good. A jolly fairground ride. Nothing to worry about on return to the DMT headspace after a period of absence.
Peace - Pipp.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 81249
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Oct 20, 2015Views: 2,518
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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