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Grungy and Relentless...
by Kawazu
Citation:   Kawazu. "Grungy and Relentless...: An Experience with DOC (exp81130)". Sep 22, 2010.

1 hit oral DOC (blotter / tab)


So I dropped my first ever hit of DOC at Sci-Fi convention on the outdoor patio of a large hotel with a lot of people. It was sort of like acid, but a lot less forgiving... And ten times more intense of a body high, which reeeeally fucked with me and made me feel dirty inside and out. It was weird at first, then it was fun, then it was just plain fucked up...

6:30 PM: Dropped one hit of DOC in blotter form. Dissolves a LOT faster than acid and has an awful bitter chemical taste.

7:40 PM: Beginning to feel weird. I'm chilling with a close friend and a wide variety of other interesting individuals in a corner outside the hotel. This convention is home to many strange characters in costumes, I have a feeling I'm about to see the masks come off. In my mind.

8:30 (?): I think it's been an hour. Three friends and I just walked all over the goddamned place looking for god knows what, up and down flights of stairs, all around the city block... I feel the rising vibes and I'm trying not to freak out.

A few minutes later: The floor is starting to move around like acid visuals, but slightly different. The infernal Sponge Bob theme just blaired from somewhere and it terrified me.

30 minutes/an hour (?) later: Now entering the vortex. I am surrounded with intense carnal vibrations. I keep releasing rhythm blasts on my djembe drum back at the corner where I found the drug. Red light reflects on the wall where the cool drug culture kids are hanging out. Faces morph around in the clouds in the sky. I get that effect from acid and mushrooms, but this time the faces are sleek, angular and slightly menacing. I am completely fucking freaking out!

11:15 PM: This is almost too much. By far one of the hardest trips I've ever had. Very intense, mostly body and mental highs with the occasional freak out moment. I have no idea what the fuck is going on. This weird drug just keeps putting on the layers. I increasingly seek comfort and safe haven, but my mind is too wrecked by this psychedelic heavy hitter and I have no room to go to for solitude. I'm trying to recover sitting somewhere in a desolate, quiet hotel floor but it isn't working. Tripping way too fucking hard. I need to get the fuck away from all these people.

Sometime after midnight, possibly 1 AM: I keep wanting to think I'm coming down, but I'm still seeing shifting patterns in the floor. It's far from being over, the tripping is coming in waves now. I'm curled up in the corner of a mostly empty floor in the hotel and this drug won't leave me alone. I realize that I've been a fool. In the ever changing nature of the universe, it is time for me to commit to becoming a musical magician of fun and love. Part of me is still he angry child I once was, but as my ego progressively melts, that side of me is being defeated. Hopefully, just in time.

4:00 AM (?): The waves keep on hitting me. I'm so exhausted from being awake for almost over two days that I feel I'm on the verge of collapse, but every time I try to close my eyes to get some rest, the drug keeps on playing with me by shooting terrible psychotic cartoony visions through my subconcious. It won't let me sleep, but I don't have anywhere to sleep anyways.

7:00 AM (?): My buddy found us a ride to a friend's house where we can crash. Thank god.

Sometime after 2:00 PM: I just woke up at some random awesome peoples' house. Loud psytrance music continually pounds in the basement and several people are gathered in the living room drinking beer and watching old Charlie Chaplin movies. I feel like I've survived a nuclear blast. I think the drug has finally left me alone but I can still feel a lingering impression that it has left in my mind. I have a long day ahead of trying to get home.

Final conclusion: I don't think I ever want to trip on DOC ever again. Give me regular good 'ol acid anyday. DOC is like a dark side of LSD and made me feel a lot more nasty in the end, but it was very powerful and perhaps triggered some much needed change in my life. I still feel completely drained a day later after coming down, more so than any acid trip I've ever been on. I made the mistake of tripping after being awake for over a full day, I was geared up for party mode and thought I could last until Monday night, but I was foolishly wrong. Being so sleepy that I wanted to collapse in my steps but being too wired from tripping was pure torture. For the first time ever, I got sick of drumming and it actually started to annoy me, all I wanted at one point was safety and silence. Even then, I started hallucinating hearing drum circles everywhere I went and it was extremely irritating. No matter what I did, I could NOT get comfortable while tripping on DOC. It was an amazing experience, but one I won't soon repeat.

Edit: It's been almost a full week since the trip and I still feel weird. I think I got a particularly high dosage on that one tab. I started feeling a little better yesterday, but this drug is NOT worth the comedown. I've never seen a week go by so fast after coming down off of DOC and I have too much to do with my life to be feeling this shitty ever again.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81130
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Sep 22, 2010Views: 8,576
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