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A Little Green Pill...
Oxycodone, Heroin & Buprenorphine with Naloxone
by Wise
Citation:   Wise. "A Little Green Pill...: An Experience with Oxycodone, Heroin & Buprenorphine with Naloxone (exp80999)". Aug 18, 2020.

  repeated insufflated Oxycodone
    repeated insufflated Opioids
    repeated insufflated Heroin
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
      Pharms - Buprenorphine


Substances: Oxycontin, Dope

I started smoking pot in highschool. Fuck coke, fuck dope, I'd never use that shit. Yea right.

The summer after I graduated (06) is when that philosophy went down the drain. After senior week, me and my buddy realised our friends had been using coke for a while. Hmm, well they arent junkies or anything, lets do it. Now, for about a month I had been doing it here and there, no real habit. Then 4th of July came. We introduced it to another friend. Another month later, I'm doin that shit nearly every day.

Somehow, after me and my buddy realized that cocaine was really terrible and coming down was worse than the high you get, plus the quality is always in question, and the weight is always fucked up, plus its 50 a g, somehow we just stopped using after an entire year. I started dating a girl 4 years older than me who didnt use anything, and life was simply wonderful. Me and this girl were literally banging every chance we got, and when we werent together I was smokin BANGING weed. I mean some Jack Herer, Silver Haze shit.

I thought to myself, man, life cant get much better! Now, as I mentioned I was basically fucking my brains out as much as possible, so my friends were none too pleased. One of my other friends was having parties pretty much twice a week, and what do u know it was about a mile from my girls house. So not too long after I started chillin with my old friends more, I realized a lot of them were doing oxycontin. Well, I'm certainly not doing that, its heroin! Nonetheless, the 10 kids that that didnt think that way got to me, and I decided I'd take a small line offered to me.

Looking back now, it couldnt have been more than 5-10mg. I had no idea though. So I snorted them up quickly, then headed out back with everyone to smoke a blunt. Before the blunt even touched my fingers I was pretty messed up. Then I smoked. WOWWWW. I loved it. I remember smokin a cig afterwards while everyone was arguing whether cigs fucked u up more, or took away from the buzz
everyone was arguing whether cigs fucked u up more, or took away from the buzz
. I could care less. I went back inside quietly and layed on my buddies couch for a few mins. What an intense feeling... So warm, and numb, so happy. It made my stomach a bit queezy, but laying down cured that.

I remember the next day me and my main buddy (the one I started coke with) were talking about how good it was, and how dangerous at the same time. We'll only do it over there, when someone offers. The same day we head back to the party house and what do u know, Mike (the kid who kept having parties) asked if I wanted to throw in on one. Well... Alright, what the hell. So for a few weeks it was like that, just doing it every now and then at Mike's house.

Then I find out another kid that we are cool with, who happens to always be at Mike's, sells them. At the time, $40 for an 80mg pill sounded outrageous. Shit, now if someone had that deal I'd be very happy.

I can remember the first time I had one for myself. I didnt have a hose clamp, or anything else the more dedicated users had. I just shaved whatever I needed off with a knife, usually around 10-15mg. And that amount would last FOREVER. I remember, somehow, making 40's last me like more than a day.

Then comes the day I'll always remember. I got an 80. My girl wanted me to pick her and her little nephews up from the pool, drop them off, then hang out at her house. Well, I said to myself, she always bitches about me moving around when we are watching a movie, and oxy will certainly help with that! I remember almost thinking 'wow, I'm too fucked up to drive some little kids around right now.' But as I would soon learn, moral and ethic decisions mean nothing to opiates. So I get the kids home, and get back to her house. Watched a movie downstairs, her mom went to bed, then we just went up to her room to watch a movie or whatever.

I was in her bathroom and just happened to have the pill on me. Now I always live by the addage 'when in rome' so I decided to do a little bit. At some point we ended up boinking which was the first time I had been on oxy for it. O my god. I have to do this more! I thought to myself.

I'd say that's when the addiction really started. Soon enough college started back up. It was just community, so I wasnt too worried. I started doing lines before class. One of my suppliers was in one of my 8 am classes. Nothing better than getting out of class at 930, buying some oc and smokin a blunt with the dealer right? Every week.

By the end of the 2nd semester I was doing it every single day. As you can imagine, the money well quickly ran dry. Now, by this point I was aware of my problem. Even though I was an addict, I assured myself I wouldnt steal from people, break into houses or any of that stuff. Plus, someone I used to get coke from (and therefore hadnt talked to in about 2 years) told me about some stuff called scramble. For those of you outside the Baltimore area, scramble is a little bit of dope mixed with vitamin b12, quinine, random painkillers, etc. It comes in a somewhat large capsule, and you just open it up and consume it however u want. At this point, I was not quite ready for needles, so I sniffed it.

It tasted a little weird, but I liked it. Same feeling as oc, plus its like an 8th of the price. Now, before I go any further I should mention I'm a white boy from the suburbs. Used to dress ghetto, but in highschool I started wearing polos and fuckin with the preppy girls. So anyway, soon after I found out about scramble, I found out where its from. THE block. And of course the people I got it from were full fledged junkies and didnt have a car or anything. So, guess who was picked to drive?

Here I am, some 20 year old kid from the burbs ridin around the block asking groups of 10+ black guys with weapons visible if they got any boy. Suprisingly though, these guys were first class. After a couple weeks, they would just see the car and ask how many. They never tried anything though. I was more worried about the police, the Baltimore PD is about as crooked as they come.

I was suprised actually at how smart they were. One guy would ask u how many. He would direct u to a spot where the citywide cameras cant see (and trust me, that spot was always open, nobody was allowed to park there). Then he'd tell someone, who would go tell some random junkie. A couple mins later a junkie comes from behind a building with ur dope. Or they dig it up from the playground. Whatever.

I had a few run ins with johnny law, and every time I got let off with a phone call to my 'parents' who was really just someone back home. Eventually I found a really solid connect with really solid prices for regular, brown, raw dope. It was great. However, the connect was thru someone else. Someone else that did dope. So as u can imagine, it didnt work out to my advantage all the time and eventually he fucked the dealer over so it was over.

At this point I felt like such a piece of shit I decided to tell my parents. I forgot to mention I was stealing my dads Lortabs and moms ATM card a lot to support my habit. So, they were understanding about my situation. I tried to just ignore the circle of people I was using dope with.
I tried to just ignore the circle of people I was using dope with.

Not to mention I hadnt been hangin with my real friends much either. With trips to Baltimore there just wasnt time. So I tried getting on the Suboxone program, which really does help take away withdrawal, but only for the time being. U could be on it for a year, but as soon as ur off them ur just as sick as u would be in the first place. SO I was basically using the subs, and every now and then got an 80. Well every now and then turned to every day, and since I had to take a piss test to stay getting subs I had to leave the program. For a while I was able to find subs, but that fell thru. Then the main OC supply got busted.

So now here I am again, almost exactly one year after I tried to quit the first time. Its been a couple days for me and even tho its hell, at least I know its only for a few days. If I keep using, I just have to restart the whole process.

Exp Year: 2007-2009ExpID: 80999
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 506
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