Xanax Bars to Iron Bars
Alprazolam (Xanax)
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2 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
  2 mg insufflated Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
I am a recovering addict. I have a hatred for narcotics and benzos and I now understand that they ruin lives. I had been told so many times before how these addictive drugs could ruin my life, but I never believed those people until December 17, 2008.

It was Wednesday, and on Friday school would be out for Christmas break. I could hardly wait. Unfortunately, I had to spend the day in ISS (in-school-suspension) for skipping class on Monday. I had skipped because of my disgust with the administrators. The principal and assistant principal had called me into their office on Monday morning. They told me that they were tired of me coming to school under the influences of various substances every day, and that they knew I had been buying pills at school and taking them in class. They told me to stop coming to school high or they would suspend me. Back then, my mind was warped and I hated people telling me I had a problem, and I was very offended by their confrontation with me, so I just left school after I got out of their office. Obviously, the teacher reported that I didnít come back to class, so I got three days of ISS.

I sat through Tuesday sober, and found it terribly boring. Dreading another sober day, I went to school with twenty dollars and the hope that someone I knew would keep his promise to bring Xanax bars to school. I went and met him in one of the bathrooms before the bell to go to class rang, and he had some. We negotiated six for twenty dollars.

+0.00 I took the pills into the stalls and crushed up one with a lighter and snorted it. I put the other five in my pocket and headed to the ISS room.

+0.05 I walked into class and the pill started to hit me. Someone in the room knew me, and my reputation for coming to school high (I didnít know him though). He asked if I had anything on me and I decided to give one to him for free. The teacher came in and we all had to sit down. I felt like I was floating, and had a pretty good body buzz going. It was very pleasant. I started smiling. Things were very chill at this point. The teacher put in a video for the class about people with disabilities. A few minutes into the video, I decided that if one pill got me feeling this good, eating one more would get me feeling even better.

+0.10 I swallowed one of the pills in my pocket. Just as I did this the video started going on about how terrible it was that people who were addicts could apply for disability checks, and use their addiction as their disability. I asked the teacher if this was true, and he replied that it was. As I mentioned above I had quite a reputation, so I didnít hesitate to start saying very loudly ďWhen do I get my check?Ē All the people in the class laughed, but the teacher was not amused and told everyone to be quiet.

+0.20 The second pill had to be hitting me at this point. I had forgotten that alprazolam was a sedative, and I began to feel sleepier and sleepier. Instead of a floating feeling, my body had been overtaken by a warm, fuzzy buzz that was making me very drowsy. I let my eyes close, but the teacher quickly called me out, and reminded me there was no sleeping in ISS. He warned if I messed up again, I would get out-of-school suspension. I gave him a very nonchalant response; I was too chilled out to care.

+0.25 I couldnít take the drowsiness anymore. I lazily propped my feet up on the desk in front of me and closed my eyes. The teacher had enough. He called security to come take me to the principalís office. Still too high to care, I just sat in the desk and waited.

+0.27 A security guard and the school resource officer walked through the door and came straight for me. The officer knew immediately that I was under the influence of something. He said he was going to search me as soon as we got to the principalís office. My euphoria quickly turned into panic, and on the way to the office I began desperately searching through my pockets in an attempt to get rid of the pills. I was too impaired to realize that there was a police officer right behind me watching me dig through my pockets, and he said that if I didnít stop he was going to put the handcuffs on me.

+0.29 We arrive at the principalís office where the resource officer proceeds to search me and my books. He pulled out my left pocket, and lo and behold, two little xanax bars popped out. The principal gave me an official write-up, and my punishment was 10 days OSS, with a hearing on Friday to decide if long-term suspension was in order. The resource officer asked if I was going to try to run, and I said no. He for some reason believed me (and I for some reason kept that promise), and he didnít put handcuffs on me when he escorted me out to his car.

+0.40 I arrived at the jail where I was booked for possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance. I was so high, I didnít even think about violating my deferred prosecution I had received for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia just a few weeks earlier. Still seriously impaired, I signed a witness statement saying that I found the pills on the ground, as I refused to give up my source. The resource officer told me that xanax possession was a felony, and he said he would reduce it to a misdemeanor if I told him who sold me the pills. At that point, I had the first good idea of the day. I asked to see the magistrate, who clarified that it was only a misdemeanor, as I was only in possession of three tablets. Relieved, I put on my orange jumpsuit, and take my mug shot with a big smile on my face (still high).

+1.05 I was put in a holding cell, and everyone inside was asking what I was on, and if I had any hidden somewhere on me. I told them the whole story, and they all told me I needed to get back in school ASAP. In my impaired mind, I was happy to be out of school, and assured them I was much better off getting my GED than going back for a diploma. I then tried to call my parents who told me ďYou got yourself in, you can get yourself outĒ.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the boy I gave one of the pills to took half of his pill. When his intoxication became obvious, they searched him too, and he was charged with the same thing I was charged with, they even gave him the same court date. I didnít find this out until a few weeks later, but it was all very interesting to me.

+1.30 My high was starting to go down, and I realized, ďDamn! Iím in jail!Ē One thing that they allowed me to take to my cell was a piece of paper with all of my phone numbers written on it. That piece of paper was a blessing from God. I started calling everyone I could to come get me. I finally got up with my grass dealer, who agreed to come get me if I would pay him back.

+2.00 I was moved from the holding cell to a small juvenile cell block. My high was dropping fast, and I was starting to feel down. Jailís not much fun. I went to the cell, and as nobody had yet arrived, I was preparing to wait in jail until my court date, January 21st, 2009.

+3.00 I was down completely, and my mental state was dropping fast. I didnít think I could stand a month in jail. I was ready to get out, but I couldnít get to a phone. Things were looking really bad.

+12.00 At around 8:30, almost exactly twelve hours after snorting the first pill, and nine hours late, my drug dealer arrived at the Scotland County jail with a bail bondsman, and I was free.

I have not taken benzos or narcotics since that day. Itís strictly psychedelics from now on as far as Iím concerned. If anyone wants verification of this story, I was arrested at Scotland High School on December 17, 2008, in Laurinburg, North Carolina. The arresting officer was named Shawn Chavis, and I was booked with misdemeanor possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, which violated a deferred prosecution I had received in November for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia (misdemeanors). My criminal record is now clear, as my lawyer convinced the DA to drop the xanax charge, which means that technically, I never violated the deferred prosecution (6 months unsupervised probation and 24 hours community service, and the charges would be dismissed).

Just a bit of very interesting side information, for further verification:
+ 34 Days (January 21st, 2009 Ė My court Date), the boy I gave one of my pills to, a 17-year-old resident of Gibson, shot his mother in the face with a .22 rifle, just hours after his court appearance. He was charged with first-degree murder.
I still shudder at the fact that I saw him in the courtroom just hours before he killed his mother.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80930
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Nov 8, 2012Views: 13,207
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