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Brings Me Close to God
by Nobody
Citation:   Nobody. "Brings Me Close to God: An Experience with Cannabis (exp80855)". Feb 11, 2017.


I don't really have an extensive history of drug use. I've never really done alot of drugs. I tried a bit of LSD once but it wasn't enough to do much but make me feel strange. I tried mushrooms once in a chocolate bar but it didn't do much really. I was curious about psychedelics but I just don't really have an interest in them anymore. I tried Salvia once and while it was strange but not really unpleasent, I haven't done it again. The only thing I really do is cannabis, and I didn't really get into it until much later in my life.

Cannabis is for me a very sacred herb. I believe very much it was given to us from God as a gift. It awakens my spirit, it softens my heart, it washes away all the hurt and anger in my soul. It helps me to forgive others and be forgiven. It heals me. When I take it I think alot about what Jesus said, and I think about religion in general. I think All is God and God is all, God is in everyone of us and all of us are a part of God.

Now I can not abuse cannabis. If I try it can be a very harsh experience. A bad trip some might call it. But that is because when I take cannabis my soul is revealed before God and I see my sins. I see where I have hurt others or not been loving or forgiving or have made mistakes and need to work on it.

When I partake of cannabis imho I am taking a sacrament and coming close to God and may even touch God, and God is pure Light and Goodness and all our wrong doings and mistakes are exposed. It has never really been very fun for me and at times it would be so intense I would want to hide away because I felt so uncomfortable about the way I had been living my life and ashamed in a way how far away I am from perfection. But cannabis really does not affect me much like alcohol or mess my mind up, it does slow things down though which can feel uncomfortable at first. I really can't do it all the time because after a while the benefits wear off
I really can't do it all the time because after a while the benefits wear off
and then it's just abusing it and there isn't any benefit to it.

I don't care if Cannabis is ever legal really I just don't crave it but sometimes I need to seek it out to reset my soul and just get close to God for a while.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80855
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Feb 11, 2017Views: 1,017
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