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Purification Through Hell
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Purification Through Hell: An Experience with DPT (exp80854)". Nov 14, 2009.

T+ 0:00
50 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:05 50 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


Purification through hell;

A shared experience with 100mg insufflated DPT.

So having managed to acquire this rare and mysterious substance as a free sample via a friend, the evening came to try it. It had captured my interest for a while, as it is the central sacrament of the Church of True Inner Light in New York, an offshoot of the Native American Church, who consider it a ‘powerful angel of the host’ and selected it as their eucharist in particular, above all over psychedelics, which they consider God.

I had given some away to my closest friends, and had just over 200mg remaining. My sister and I decided to split this amount, and having a free house and nothing pressing the following day, thought that it was time.

I cleaned my room quickly, lit a few candles, burnt some copal and had a really quick shower. Then we snorted the DPT, in two 50mg lines up each nostril, 5 minutes apart. It was quite easy stuff to snort, very little burn…but the drip isn’t so nice. I wanted to experience a full dose of DPT and see what it had to offer.

I went to the toilet, and when my sisters back was turned, our little dog immediately took it upon itself to eagerly lick the remnants of the VERY bitter DPT from the bankcard used to chop the lines. These were removed post haste but the dog continued to lick its lips. It then made a beeline for the book used to chop the lines on…this was removed from the bed so the dog couldn’t ingest any more of this very powerful psychedelic. Our dog loves its food, but to seek out a very bitter, fowl tasting powder seems like odd behaviour to me. I don’t think she would have ingested more than trace amounts, but I have no doubt that a tiny dog is much more of a DPT lightweight compared to a human.

Effects manifested rapidly, I was aware of a ‘shift’ within a few minutes, and following this, effects began to manifest at increasing intensity very rapidly. I started to get powerful tremors and twitches in my body, particularly in my legs. These weren’t unpleasant though, and I had been expecting them. My pulse was also elevated. During this time, our usually independent dog was chilling with us on the bed, occasionally twitching, dreaming, and she seemed to be breathing rapidly. The peak visuals began when we were looking at the dog and unable to decipher where her head or tale were.

The effects continued to build in intensity very quickly, and we both got the fear…this was a high dose of a very potent compound I had no experience with previously. The trip moved at an incredible speed…too fast to really take in much that was going on…it was like the onslaught of some cosmic tsumami or explosion. It made no difference really whether my eyes were open or closed.

For a time the fear gripped me; we were coming up very rapidly on a high dose of a VERY powerful substance that I had no prior experience with. However this fear didn’t have time to take root as the experience just unfolded so quickly. My sister said later she was being guided through the experience by several large, fat black guys, who would direct her trip, and were all around her in the room. There was a definite foreign vibe to experience…certainly nothing English about it.

DPT is very much its own beast, hard to compare to anything else really. It has an electric feel, reminiscent of peaking on a strong dose of LSD, but is much pushier material. Intensity wise, it was as powerful as DMT and 5-Meo-DMT, and it reminded me of taking too much 2CE or 2CT7...the experience being just too much to take in at once, and out of control. I also felt quite dissociated, just slightly reminiscent of ketamine.

At one point the hellish intensity of the visuals that were sweeping over us, was very dark, unrelenting and just too powerful to take in…maybe this is the synthetic nature of DPT coming out but it seemed like it would be better suited to the nervous system more advanced and developed than a humans, weird I know that must sound. My sister had a strange experience with her face, which she felt was covered with tears, mucus and hair…and she experienced her face melting, being stripped down to its core, to her interior muscles, bones and organs.

Music is a VERY important ally during the DPT experience. Its acts in a similar way to the ayahuasca icaros, it keeps the experience unfolding and moving forward. Having had that experience, I can’t imagine doing it in silence.

We started laughing and laughing at our dog, who was twitching occasionally, as we unable to decipher what she was…then my sister had a vision of laughing, which then turned into crying, and she was very sure we had actually just been crying together as oppose to laughing. There was a very interesting ying yang duality with DPT, laughing/crying, joy/sorrow, ecstasy and agony, and power and helplessness.

I steal this line from the film Platoon; “Hell is the impossibility of reason.” This is what DPT felt like. Resistance was futile, the DPT was in complete and utter control. I felt virtually completely out of control during the peak, but even there I did have some influence. If I gave into the terror, and the fear of the power being unleashed around me, I have no doubt the trip would have taken on a very dark tone. I think the DPT would delight in exploiting any weaknesses.

During a few minutes of this hellish intensity, it was so intense, so out of control, and so beyond understanding, that I was actually inclined to wish for death. This peak intensity only seemed to last a few minutes, and the experience was so powerful that I was physically incapacitated. I remember my sister stating she wouldn’t know how to begin to explain what she was experiencing, as the experience itself was changing so rapidly all the time. The visuals were very cartoony in a nature, yet very vivid at the same time, yet they unfolded at such a speed that it was impossible to objectively study them…in a way it seemed like the experience was too intense to corner and for fear to build upon itself, the trip moved with that much speed.

The Peak of the DPT experience seemed to subside very suddenly. We were then a pleasant still very much tripping state for quite a few hours afterwards, but it was nothing compared to the intensity earlier in the experience.

A strange little occurrence towards the end of the experience involved our dog. She was sleeping at the end of the bed, but she was lying contorted with her spine arched in a quite weird position…to be honest it seemed like rigamortis had set in. As well as that, I couldn’t tell if she was breathing or she had a pulse, and she wouldn’t move…OH, THE HORROR!! How could we possibly explain to the family that our dog had died of a DPT overdose!! Well she came back from her very deep stupor half a minute later, much to our relief…I have no doubt that would have scarred us for life if she had been dead!

After the peak of the experience, we were in a nice chilled space, and had a good chat about current issues with family and friends, as well as trying to put into words the experience that we had just had.

I’m glad to have experienced a good dose of DPT. Next time (and I am in no rush) I think I would try a dose in the range of 50-75mg. At the dose I tried it, it was very very powerful indeed, and about as far away from being a recreational kick as you can get. DPT affected time in a strange way. We snorted it at half 9, and were still in the afterglow at 1 in the morning…when we checked this we could have sworn it was 11 at the latest. I feel really good today, in a positive place…I definitely feel a pleasant afterglow. I think after experiencing complete loss of control, and some idea of ‘hell’, I am less likely to take for granted being in control in a sober state of mind. Sometimes one needs to suffer, in order to learn and expand…if we all sat on our bliss clouds all day long, without challenging ourselves, or revealing our demons, I don’t think we would learn that much.

I found the DPT experience particularly hard to put into words, as it is so far beyond normal experience, and so incredibly vivid and alien…even compared with other psychedelics. I feel lucky to have experienced it, despite it being a very harrowing experience at the peak. While I am mainly into my plants and fungi, I do appreciate the power of synthetics such as DPT. I have a lot of respect for this very unique and powerful compound.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80854
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 14, 2009Views: 19,434
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