Very Nice
Passion Flower
Citation:   SilverSpur. "Very Nice: An Experience with Passion Flower (exp80738)". Jan 25, 2021.

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14 leaves oral Passion Flower (tea)
  T+ 24:00 2 cups oral Passion Flower (tea)
I went on a nature walk in the mountains, when I noticed the passion flower. I have seen it many times before, and knew it was a herb. I just didnt know what kind of herb it was. I went home looked it up and found out it had some nice sedative qualities in it. I then gathered about 40 leaves and two passion flower heads. Went home put 14 leaves straight in the tea kettle with 3 cups of water. I then shortly therafter had 1 cup of passion flower tea.

I definatley could tell it was not a placebo. It made me mildly relaxed, and that night I had very lucid clear dreams. The next day I decided to up the dose, I had two cups of the same mixture, this time the leaves were dry. The relaxed feeling increased, but so did my confidence. I consider myself a very confident guy, but I noticed that the tea is a nice fix to anxiety. I then went out in the field with a friend who had two cups also, same dose. To my surprise he felt very positive also, and enjoyed it. The real magic came when we went back to the house and packed old Pegasus, my flying horse pipe. We both noticed a instant high that was very, very pleasent. The dreams that night were also very lucid.

My conclusion is passion flower leaf is very pleasant, and should not be compared to pot. There as different as night and day. But each have their own roles to play in this world. I can function very well on passion flower, and once again the sleep is peace, but the dreams can be whack. The passion flower gets two thumbs up.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80738
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jan 25, 2021Views: 2,156
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