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Meeting Maestro
Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) & Ritual
by Osta
Citation:   Osta. "Meeting Maestro: An Experience with Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) & Ritual (exp80645)". Oct 31, 2009.

100 ml oral Ayahuasca (liquid)


Shoemaker called the house and said that tonight there would be a ceremony with a Brazilian medium, Javier. Cielo spoke highly of him, and told me many stories of miraculous healings, stories so amazing that they were beyond my sphere of comprehension. I listened to her, but I could not digest everything. However, based on what she said, Javier interested me very much, and I looked forward to meeting him and drinking with him.

We arrived at Maestro Javier's house at 9:30 in the evening. About 40 people were already there, waiting for the ceremony to start. Myself and another man I met at Shoemaker's house the same day were the only foreigners there. Everyone else was Peruvian. Only about 10 of us actually drank ayahuasca. The rest of the people came for healing. Those drinking sat near the Maestro in one room, and the others waited in the other room, to see the maestro one by one. Cigarettes were sold and then collected together. The entire night, most of the people drinking Ayahuasca would have a lit cigarette in their hand at all times. Javier explained that the tobacco smoke served to protect the body from any negative energies.

Maestro began to sing and whistle beautiful and complex songs. They were at times breathtakingly beautiful. His apprentices whistled and sang in harmony. There were 3 apprentices present. The quality of the sound in that room, with these celestial songs, so complex, so beautiful, often in a language that is not of this world, and totally in harmony was incredible. The ceremony was just beginning when I thought 'it's going to be great'.

In the beginning I had some visions of traditional shipibo-konibo patterns, and I tried to study them. One I particularly remember had a cross in the middle. On some occasions, I would see crosses and later hear that the song is calling Jesus Christ. I also saw other things, subtle brainwashing images that enter our minds. I recognized again that there is technology already to implant images into people's minds. I developed a new appreciation for the Muslim women who cover their bodies. On the subtle level the covering protects them very much from outside influences. I also saw alien things, at times I saw the stars and the cosmos and something resembling flying saucers. But I don't remember all the details.

I was immersed in the visions for some time without remembering what exactly I saw. Then I saw in a vision that I needed told to throw up into the bucket. I picked the bucket up and had a very small purge. At most 2 table spoons of something came out into the bucket. I did not purge more.

After this I sent my love to my family and my girlfriend. I forgave everyone against whom I had any kind of sour feelings. I sent them all love. A thought came to me: “Nothing Good Can Come From Bad Thoughts and Bad Feelings”. We are creating evil with evil thoughts, so even when we feel that it's right to be angry or to have bad feelings for someone, we need to be aware that nothing good can come of that.

The next hour or so, I was completely immersed into union with my girlfriend. The love I feel and the love she feels, all of the love we have ever felt for each other combined into one, and I felt our bodies combine into one. I felt totally with her, more with her than when we are physically together. I sent her much love and asked her to come as soon as she can to be with me.

After the ceremony, I asked if I should bring her, and Maestro said “Yes. She wants to be with you. She is a good person. She is a very good person. She always thinks about you and really loves you with a true love. She always asks you questions, and she is jealous.” I never thought that she was a jealous type, but when I talked with her later, she said that she sometimes was.

The other foreigner with whom I came had a very difficult time. He left the ceremonial space and remained in the bathroom for several hours. Many people went to help him, to bring him back to the protected space of the ceremony, but nothing came of it. When I went to the bathroom, he got up and fell immediately on the ground. He remained on the ground for over an hour. Inside the ceremonial space, Maestro kept saying “Brujo”, which means “Evil Sorcerer”. The man needed to come back to the sacred space, but the evil spirit was deluding him, and he refused to go. The maestro yelled out, I remember, “What?? I can't cure you? I can't help you? I am the master of the plants, the ruler of this world, the earth, the sea, the sky. Come over here.” But the man would not go.

During the ceremony, people needing healing came up to Javier one by one. For each person a song was sung, probably lasting about 5 minutes on average. Before and after the singing, the Maestro conversed with the person in front of him and told them what was wrong with them, what was right, why they were suffering, and how he would help them. To some people, he said “go home and sleep, I will come to you in your dream. You're going to see an old man. That's me. Don't be afraid. Go home and I will come to you tonight. Tomorrow, you will be better.” One of his first patients was young man who looked very weak, and could not walk without assistance. Javier told him that he will be able to walk in two days.

To others he said things like “You have chronic gastritis. You need to do this and that.” “Your operation will be on a Tuesday. You must stay Monday and Wednesday in bed.” “Your operation will be on a Thursday in March” “Your operation will be on a Wednesday. You will be offered to have the operation on Monday and Tuesday. Don't do it. Your operation is on Wednesday, do you understand?” “You are an evil person, you are a sorcerer. Go out and clean your heart and you mind” “You drink ayahuasca with sorcerers. Who are you in love with? Leave him. Forget him. He will only bring you more evil and more harm.”

To me, the maestro said that I was a good person, with a very bright aura. Then he said that I think a lot about my friends and house.

I was sitting in the chair, and the Maestro got up and walked in front of me. He asked “Are you feeling the effects? Are you OK? Do you need anything?” I didn't recognize the Maestro, thinking it was one of his helpers. I said, “No, I don't need anything. I'm very well. The other guy needs help”. Then I realized that I talked rather harshly to the Maestro, and I felt like apologizing. For the next fifteen minutes I polished my sharp edges, making myself softer. I realized there was a certain harshness in my tone, and that I shouldn't talk harshly to anyone – Maestro, apprentice or a regular person. From this time I spoke to everyone more politely.

The Maestro went outside to check on the other foreigner, who was still on the floor near the bathroom. I came to sit beside him and watch. He told the other foreigner that his ex-wife payed a lot of money, 3 or 4 thousand dollars to a very strong sorcerer in India to kill him and to kill his new wife. He said that she will not rest until he is dead. The sorcerer sent two spirits and they were doing harm to the body of the man. The Maestro made everyone be quiet, and began to speak with the spirits:

“Who are you? Who sent you? Where are you from? Why are you making this poor man suffer? Leave here! Leave my house! Why don't you come into the temple? Why don't you come into the room of the ceremony? What are you doing here hiding in the back? Because you can't come in. Because I am stronger than you. So I tell you, leave now or I will kill you myself. Leave now demon serpent! I will kill you and all of your kind, you beastly thing. I stand here before this man, and I am his protector. I will not let you get to him. Get out of here or I will destroy you completely.”

Then, suffering from an invisible blow, the Maestro almost fell. He made sounds indicating great in pain. His breathing became gasping, and he opened his arms wide. In a few moments, he came back to his regular self and said “What was that, devil serpent? You can't kill me. I am stronger than you. Now get out of here before I kill you.”

Suddenly the Maestro's voice changed to that of a woman. In the woman's voice, he asked the man who was still on the ground if he should kill the evil spirits. The man was unsure. He wanted to know who these spirits were, and was told that they were sent by his ex-wife. He asked not to kill them. The Maestro, still speaking as a woman, started to reason with the spirits, asking them to leave this poor man and go away. “I can't leave this country to go and kill you. Too many people need me here and I have to help them. People come to see me from very far. I help them all. Why do you hurt this poor man, let him go free. Leave him alone.”

Then the Maestro said “Now you will hear the song of a Mermaid”. His voice changed again, and with a soft woman's voice full of vibrato and subtle, beautiful tones, he sang an otherworldly song that could only have belonged to a woman who is forever alone in the middle of the water. It was filled with sadness and beauty. The subtlety of the tones cannot be described.

After this, the Maestro sucked something out of the sick man's head. Sucking it, he made many noises as he tried very hard not to vomit. Holding his mouth shut with both hands, he continued sucking and suddenly with a gasp, with a sound of great disgust, moved away from the sick man and instantly vomited all over the floor. After this, he drank a lot of water, recovering for a few minutes.

After this, the sick man was visibly much better. A few minutes before, he was almost incomprehensible, babbling and mumbling to himself. Now, he said “Thank you” and moved into a sitting position. He said that he now felt much better. Javier took him to the spare room near the bathroom, where he lay down to rest. We returned to the ceremony.

People continued to come up for healings for another three hours. Some people came through the front door and the Maestro chastised them “Who opened the door? Who is coming late? Next week, if you are late, you cannot come in. Listen to me, it's not I who is speaking, it's the father of the plants who is talking to you” However, he continued to see the people. At this time, the Maestro asked his helper to give me the chakapa and I played it for the rest of the ceremony.

When all of the sick people were served, the Maestro gave audience to all of us who drank ayahuasca. After finishing my song, which was about Christ and during which I saw a cross with Jesus on it in my vision, Javier told me that I have something in my stomach that needs to be taken out. I told him that I was aware of that problem and had asked Percy to take it out when I stayed in his center the previous year. The Maestro told me “Percy can't take it out! He doesn't have the power. He is just starting to learn now. He is only up to here for me.” He put his hand at the height of his knee, indicating that Percy's power was only a fraction of his own.

The stomach problem has been bothering me for some time, but I only became quite conscious of it during my stay with Percy. Only a few weeks ago, I was told by a Reiki healer in Toronto that I had something in my stomach. She tried to take it out but only a little bit of it came out. When Percy tried to take it out, he also said that he couldn't do it. He only took out a part of it.

This stomach problem, the Maestro told me, was caused by somebody who used to be a very close friend of mine. “You trusted him too much and he disappointed you. You used to be very close, but then you had some kind of fight or disagreement. He gave you something bad to drink. This is why you have this.” I tried to pinpoint who this friend might be, but I could not do so accurately, because my friends changed so much over the years. “But don't worry”, he told me, “Once we clean this out, you will be all good. Nobody is attacking you now.”

It must certainly be said that the Maestro did not have any preparatory introduction of conversation with the people he was curing. Nobody told him what his complaint was. The Maestro was the one who did all the speaking. He told me “Don't tell me anything. I will tell you”, and he did with impressive accuracy. In the case of the other foreigner, he was also drinking Ayahuasca with Maestro for the first time, and he did not have any conversations with him about his personal life, his ex-wife, his children, etc. Yet these things were talked about in detail by the Maestro.

I will be returning for sure to experience more. Also, I will be back for my stomach cleaning, which will take two days. This very powerful maestro is much more powerful than the only other shaman I drank with so far, Percy. I made up my mind to not waste my time and money staying with Percy, but to work with the more powerful curanderos. Interestingly, when I came home and took a shower, the quartz Chrystal that was blessed by Percy fell off my neck, having untied itself. I felt at the time that Percy had withdrawn his protection and blessings from me, because I had many doubts about him during the previous night. I decided to not put the necklace back on.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80645
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 31, 2009Views: 25,100
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