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Everyone's First Time Should Be Like This
Morning Glory
by Arminius
Citation:   Arminius. "Everyone's First Time Should Be Like This: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp80594)". Feb 13, 2010.

240 seeds oral Morning Glory


One day I was talking online to a friend of mine a few towns away who's quite the hippie-type. We've had countless nights of rampant alcohol-consumption together and half a dozen times smoking marijuana, often in conjuncion with alcohol, but nothing else. He had tried mushrooms and LSD before, though I hadn't. And I was itching to try something out. I was curious and I had an appetite for something new. So over our online conversation, he revealed to me his 'great new idea' that he had tried a couple times.

And this idea was morning glory seeds. He recommended to me that I shoplift a couple packs (and therefore get a free trip), count out exactly 250, crush them as finely as possible, mix them with applesauce, and eat them around 4pm for an ideal evening experience. I procrastinated probably a month until I got around to getting the seeds. I went down to the local Lowe's and bought 4 packs, each containing 1.5 grams of seeds according to the label. Not being an adept shoplifter by any means, I happily coughed up the $8 or so that the 4 packs cost me.

He had recommended to me that I buy some marijuana to smoke in case I get nauseous. However, being the broke and impatient bastard that I am, I simply went ahead with my plans the next day without any weed.

I opened the packets and dumped the seeds onto my desk. I attempted to count them, losing count a few times, but I can safely estimate that I had between 230 and 240 seeds, close enough to what I wanted for me to be satisfied. I put all the seeds in a pasta strainer (a fine mesh one, small enough for them to not fall through) and washed them twice in my sink using degreasing dish detergent. This was to remove any pesticides or chemicals that some seed companies use to deter kids from doing exactly what I was about to. After thoroughly washing the seeds and letting them dry, I set about as to how to crush them. I do not own a coffee grinder and I wish I did. This would be by far the most easy and effective method of crushing the seeds. What I ended up doing was double-bagging the seeds in a zip-lock baggie (double-bagged in case the inner bag ripped) and then hitting them vigorously with a hammer. This was surprisingly effective. I was left with a crunchy crumbly powdery substance that looked like some time of obscene ice cream topping.

I ate a bowl of ramen noodles an hour and a half before ingesting the seeds and then mixed them with a bowl of applesauce. I ate it, and everything went down pleasantly. The applesauce was a more than perfect mixer and I was not bothered by any bad taste. I then casually took a shower and proceeded to mill around in my room waiting for the effects to set in.

I would like to state that in the course of this entire event, I never experienced the type of nausea that I have heard described in so many morning glory stories. Aside from a very mild sensation of slight stomach discomfort which I felt a little more than an hour after ingesting the seeds, I did not suffer at all. And at no time was I even remotely close to vomiting, although this may be attributed to my relatively low dosage.

The first phase of the morning glory experience is the wait, and it's also the phase that sucks the most. I was honestly expecting something close to a full-on acid trip with vivid hallucinations and delusions, etc. etc., and as such I was very excited and giddy for the whole thing to begin. I have heard it described to me that mushrooms, being absorbed through your digestive tract as opposed to smoked, have a tendency to hit in a fashion such as 'nothing... nothing... nothing... HOLY SHIT.' Morning glory seeds are not this way. I was not hit by a brick wall of fucked up-ness, or at least not in the dosage that I consumed. The onset was very slow and gradual, though it was undeniable. About an hour and a half after consumption, I felt the first effects kicking in.

The onset is the second phase of my experience, the first 'true' phase of my 'trip' so to speak I suppose. It is a very mellow thing. I noticed myself becoming extremely relaxed and sedated and a slight warm tingly sensation in my body, which was the start of a physical high that continued building itself up for the next hour and a half. About 45 minutes after the onset began I found my thoughts becoming increasingly strange, in noticeable ways. My dad called me out to help him take some groceries inside, this was unpleasant as I felt physically sedated, though not overpoweringly awful. My speech became slightly jumbled and confused, although I doubt my dad noticed. After this was done I went inside and talked to another friend on the computer. My state gave me many 'conversational insights' and I felt way more immersed in our intellectual conversation than I feel I would have been normally.

The 'trip' per se, was nothing like I expected. I did not have any visual hallucinations or even auditory ones. There were some cool closed-eye visuals that I experienced, but the main attraction was the 'mental trip' so to speak. My train of thought became very fucked up and offbeat. For example, on the side of a package of Healthy Choice soup cans in my kitchen it said, 'It's all about the CHOICES we make.' I became quite fixated on this and thought of it as the secret to life and living. I analyzed my life and compared different aspects of it to elements of a Greek tragedy. Every two minutes I had some type of bizarre personal revelation. This was quite amusing, to say the least.

My perceptions for the most part, were unaffected, which was a massive contrast to marijuana and alcohol. My vision did have a slight change, with the 'field of red dots' in my peripherals, but this dissipated if I focused on it. My hearing I think was more sensitive during my experience, as loud noises were much more agitating that they would have been normally. The lack of perceptual changes did not discourage me though, because I could see that my train of thought was that of an insane person. However, not to give out any misconceptions, I was not 'stupid' at any point. I never thought I could fly, light myself on fire and live, or anything like that. I was simply over-analyzing mundane things with an erratic train of thought.

My third phase was the peak, and to be honest I'm not sure when exactly that occured. The entire intoxication process of the seeds is so slow that it is hard to pinpoint exactly when I was at the top. At some point right before the time around which I peaked, I went outside to smoke a cigarette. This gave me a moderately severe headache, which I then took one ibuprofen tablet for. This was the only other substance aside from food that I consumed at any point during the entirety of the experience.

About 4 hours after consuming the seeds, sometime around my peak, I had a dinner of noodles in alfredo sauce with homemade garlic bread and water. At no time did any of this food cause any nausea, although stabbing the noodles with my fork proved slightly more difficult than normal.

The coming down phase was the exact same as the coming up phase, except the inverse. It took approximately 8 hours for the effects to completely wear off, although 6 hours after ingesting the seeds I was for all intents and purposes 'sober' although not quite baseline. I also feel that when coming down, the physical high wore off and instead the mental offbeat-ness was dominant. I composed myself to meditation with lit candles and incense at about the 6-hour mark. Although I had come far down, some of the closed-eye visuals and sensations I had were pretty intense, and I ended up wishing I had done that closer to my peak. At the 7 and a half hour mark I was tired and decided to go to sleep. In the morning I was refreshed and in no way felt 'burnt out' as with marijuana.

In conclusion, I have decided that this was a very successful first experience with morning glory seeds, and I think everyone's first experience should be like this. Although I did not mind it, I can easily see the erratic train of thought becoming uncomfortable for many people. At the dosage I had, I couldd always make it stop if I wanted it to (I more or less embraced it). I think about 250 seeds was a good trial dose to see if the seeds were 'my thing' or not. The advantage is as if someone was trying alcohol for the first time and then laid down and got the spins, didn't like the spins, and then was able to make it stop at will. Those of you who have experienced the spins while laying down drunk know that unfortunately there's no way to really make those stop, but with the effects of morning glory seeds, I could, or at least at the dose I took.

Next time I plan to increase the dosage to 350-400 seeds and take them in a social setting with friends.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80594
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 13, 2010Views: 18,923
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