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Two Intense Dreams in Two Weeks
Silene capensis & Nicotine
by Sabje
Citation:   Sabje. "Two Intense Dreams in Two Weeks: An Experience with Silene capensis & Nicotine (exp80373)". Erowid.org. Aug 7, 2009. erowid.org/exp/80373

  buccal Silene capensis (daily)
    transdermal Nicotine (daily)


1 piece - Silene capensis - oral
1 piece - Silene capensis - oral

I ordered 2 bags of Silene capensis of 14g each, or African dream herb on the internet. I put a twig in my mouth and chew it every morning before I eat anything, for about 30 minutes. I repeat this every night before I go to bed. The taste is ok, a little like liquorice.

I started this 14 days ago. The largest twigs are gone now, so now I use several smaller once each time. So far the effects are hardly noticeable. I always used to have strange dreams, that got somewhat stranger since I quit smoking one month ago and use nicotine patches instead.

A few nights ago I had a dream where I got into a car and drove off. That's actually all that happened, but it stands out because the feeling of actually being there was so intense. There seemed to be some sort of time lapse and a sound to go with that lapse similar to a low toned spacecraft descending with matching lapses of muted sound. That is quite strange, I know, but it is so distinct I can effortlessly recall that sound during the day.

The other strange part is that I got into the car while I was standing next to the passenger side, but I got in quickly and smoothly and was looking at the steering wheel. So I got in the drivers seat seamlessly. Again I just started driving without putting the key in the contact, without putting the manual brake off and without putting it into first gear seamlessly.

This dream occurred right before I fell into a deep sleep. I'd say this was during my REM-sleep.

Another dream I had was last night. Again during REM-sleep I think. This dream was longer. I was in some sort of real life game that would take multiple days or even weeks.

I was in a building that looked like an old school. I was standing with about five other people in front of a door in West direction. We had to answer a question to be able to enter that room. There was a guard in front of the door but we were so anxious to get in, that the two people in front were pressing against him. Next to the door in front of us was another door in the North direction, about 1 meter away. There were some people waiting in front of that door, too. I don't remember if it had a guard in front of it. The people in front of that door could have been in our line, but they were facing North. Our guard was reading the question from a card. In my dream I understood the rules. We had to answer the question. If the answer was correct you were allowed to enter a door. But now I don't remember what would happen if you answered it wrong. Or if you could enter both doors if you answered correctly. In my dream I think you were allowed in on a person by person basis, but now that I'm awake it seemed hard for the guard to tell who exactly answered the question. If you were allowed in the room to the West, you'd find a dish of cookies. You could eat as much as you want.

If you were allowed in the room to the North, you'd find a short hallway with another door to the West and another to the North. Possibly other doors and hallways as well, but I couldn't see further. I answered the question. I remember we were never told if the answer was correct or not. That's why I don't understand the rules now. I was allowed in the cookie room. Inside it was very dark and a little dusty. There was a window with a black, torn curtain in front of it, leaving a beam of light into the room. In the room was a table with a plate of cookies on it. The cookies had sprinkles on them. There were cookies on the floor and next to the plate on the table as if people were there before and had eaten as many as they could in a hurry. There were other people in the room as well. For some reason they were not next to me eating cookies. Possibly there were other tables but I didn't notice.

Later I walked outside. It was sunny and warm. I was walking on a grass bank next to a ditch on the right side. In the ditch was a boat. It was a motor boat with a small cabine on it. On the left side were short trees and bushes. Behind us was a several story high building, a factory or school no longer in use. I think it was the building where the game took place. I was walking with a woman dressed in a red dress that looked a little romantic but outdated. Apparently she was in the game as well and we were discussing the game.

There was a tone of fear in the dream. I had the distinct feeling that there was a risk of being killed in this game, but I seemed to be performing well enough for that risk to be small for me.

I woke up with the twigs still in my mouth.

Especially that first dream I know must have been the effect of the dream root, because the sensations were so different. The second dream was quite intense, but I didn't have this distinct sound that I still remember. This dream could have been caused by the nicotine patch. Or just my own imagination...

I will keep using this substance to see if the effects increase until it wears off.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80373
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 7, 2009Views: 25,453
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Silene capensis (386), Dreams (85) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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