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Where's Alan?
by Alan
Citation:   Alan. "Where's Alan?: An Experience with DXM (exp8030)". Erowid.org. Oct 11, 2020. erowid.org/exp/8030

350 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  32 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)
Hello, there... I have had a lot of experience with DXM. I first used it as a substitute for weed (ugh everyone here is DRY, dammit..), and got into higher doses, getting unbelievable lovey-dovey things (kinda like x...sorta..). But it totally screwed stuff up. I got caught twice, ruined my life. It was then that I got really interested in psychedelics..

I remember on a couple of my trips I got some major spatial distortions. I wanted more. I wanted LSD. LSD is nowhere to be found here. So I go on the internet, research, find out DXM is more powerful than LSD on a 4th plateau dose. WOW! I go out and get a bunch of cold medicine and a bottle of cough syrup (mixing to cut down on CPM levels). I drank down the bottle, washed it down, waited out the nausea, and popped 32 of the pills. The pills were actually harder to get down, since I had such bad times with it in the past. The time that I was done was about 12:30.

I was talkin to my friend on the phone, who I really wanted to share my trip with. Unfortunatetly, his friend has to use the phone all night. I figure I'll save it till I'm tripping. What follows was truly horrifying.

I layed in bed for an hour (till 1:30), starting to get the usual buzz. Everything got brighter, and the music was much better. I went pee, a whole buncha times. At about 2:15, the clock became completely unreadable. I shut off the light and hit redial to call my friend. He was in the phone, I saw, when I called him. I was then transported to his house, and he answered.

'Hello?' he asked. 'Star!' I said, as I watched a white star swirl about on the completely dark ceiling. 'you trippin?' he asked. 'oh shit..' I said, and he hung up.

I was instantly depressed, and I tossed the phone to the best of my ability. I watched the white on my ceiling flow in and out like a lava lamp. I closed my eyes, and saw black... which quickly formed into my room. I couldn't tell the difference if my eyes were open or closed. I looked at my door and watched it warp... until it was on the other side of the room!! I then got this weird feeling... like I was outside my room, looking at my hallway... everything was so different, and it was as if my whole 15 years of my life had been compacted into one ball of time, and it was right there, sitting in my living room. I was a soldier, but on the outside... guarding... this scared the piss out of me. I opened my eyes, wanting to scream, but I realized I couldn't. I tried looking at the clock... nothing but a blob of red. I looked up... I was under the cash register at tom thumb, where I lived all of a sudden. Everything was there... I was in the world... Exactly like tom thumb! It was just like a dream, but I was awake... and I could control almost every aspect of it.

I was shot between separate universes, always showing up in the sky and flying at intense speed into my body. I felt as if I was nothing, and I was dead
I was shot between separate universes, always showing up in the sky and flying at intense speed into my body. I felt as if I was nothing, and I was dead
, as was my family... but they were so insignificant, it didn't matter. I swirled my head around, and wanted to go pee... I realized that I could finally move, but I had no idea how long time went by. I looked at the weird green tips on these icicles hanging from my ceiling (how the hell did they get there?), and decided to go to the bathroom.

I got up, and walked to my door. I had to open 10 other doors on the way. (I didn't know that they weren't there!!) I got into the bathroom, and the ceiling seemed to be miles away. I looked at the mirror to see an image that still haunts me to this day...

I saw myself, but it wasn't me. I could hear them laughing, then asking..'Where's Alan? Where is he??' I said I didn't know him, cause he took drugs. The real me would never take drugs. I had no clue who I was, since the person I had assumed the form of over the past 15 years wasn't me, as I didn't know him. I had no eyes....instead, I saw rows of binary code shooting across my eyesockets. Everything else was a blur, and I flew back to my room, crying uncontrollably (or so I thought.)

The ball of 15 year-time was approaching, and I actually got into it, and saw my life....it was as if it REALLY WAS flashing before my eyes in this ball of time. I was dying... or my soul was... because another one had already taken over my body... I didn't know who Alan was, I was starting to forget who the new me was... And I felt myself rip away from the old, discarded, dead body, to resume my soldier position, guarding the room from the evil of the living room... scared the SHIT out of me.

I woke up at about 10:00 am, not knowing when I went to sleep. I stumbled to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. The face was unfamiliar, but that was because my eyes had so dramatically changed shape (they were red, and very psychotic-looking, but hanging from a line that went straight across... they had no shape...) and my skin was pale, with very bright red splotches. I couldn't comprehend anything, and was still getting major spatial distortions.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8030
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Oct 11, 2020Views: 1,804
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DXM (22) : Alone (16), Hangover / Days After (46), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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