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A Synergistic Effect
Lisdexamfetamine & Oxiracetam
by nootropicexplorer
Citation:   nootropicexplorer. "A Synergistic Effect: An Experience with Lisdexamfetamine & Oxiracetam (exp80242)". Oct 18, 2015.

60 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine
  800 mg oral Smarts - Oxiracetam


I have taken stimulants when I was in high school to help me study.

My second semester in college I decided that I would give Vyvanse a try. I went to my local doc and told him that I wanted to try Vyvanse, very easily he handed me a months supply. He prescribed me a really large first dose, in fact my sister has been taken this stuff for 2 years and has just now gotten to the same dose.

I thought what the hell I'll try it. Let me just say WOW. I got all my studying done, but this stuff just lasted way too long. I think it lasted about 18hrs. I didnít get much sleep and what I did get wasnít good quality. What I donít like about stimulants is that they make me speedy and that I feel drained after about four hours and I feel irritable and kind of like Iím on the edge.

After giving my brain a 2-day break I took another dose of vyvanse. This time I took 800mg of oxiracetam. This created a synergistic effect. The vyvanse wasnít as threatening to me anymore. I had smooth focused energy with a calming effect. I could lie down and calm my mind without the racing thoughts.

I have also taken Oxiracetam by itself and it works well, reading is easier and writing is effortless. I take a choline source when using oxiracetam such as Alpha-GPC.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80242
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 18, 2015Views: 5,285
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Lisdexamfetamine (589) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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