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An Unexpected Trip on a Cold Spring Day!
Morning Glory
by francisco
Citation:   francisco. "An Unexpected Trip on a Cold Spring Day!: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp8023)". May 9, 2004.

6.0 g oral Morning Glory (tea)


I will try to keep this brief and only give information that interseted readers will find useful. After reading about many experiences with morning glory seeds from this website and other sources, I decided to take a chance and try them out. A little description of preparations: took Dramamine to help reduce nausea and washed/soaked seeds in detergent for at least five minutes and then dried before grinding in electric coffee grinder till fine powder achieved. I soaked seed powder in cold water in small bowl and after putting cling wrap on top of tiny bowl put seed mixture in fridge for about thirty minutes.

I had eaten some food about thirty minutes before taking Dramamine and it ended up being about another thirty minutes after taking Dramamine that I swallowed unpleasant-tasting seed mixture that I mixed with two or more glasses of extra strong green tea. It was gross but was able to swallow without much difficulty.

I began to feel sick in my stomach almost immediately. I thought about throwing up then but was able to wait almost an hour before vomiting. I had already starting feeling strange dizziness but was not sure if this was from nausea or from seeds taking effect.

After throwing up and washing water on face, I started to feel much better and then decided that I NEEDED to be outside (I remembered feeling too confined inside in past when feelings of acid were starting). Driving was out of the question since I was not sure if I was starting a heavy trip or not. I walked about a mile to a nice woody area after making one detour: going into a video store to rent a movie- an experience that told me YES I was under influence of newly discovered drug and had much difficulty talking with waves of heat (energy?) rushing through body (VERY much like acid trip).

I found a cozy, quiet area and finally realxed getting into mood for what could be a long event like past acid trips that have lasted over twelve hours. I eventually walked around my old neighborhood which was another two miles from where I started and ended up lying down in a small cemetery that I used to visit when stoned with friends. This may sound strange and/or morbid but it is a cool place and I have always felt at peace there. There are only about ten graves in this small place that is within a residential neighborhood. It must be a private cemetery and I noticed a few of the graves are quite old.

I felt GREAT then and sat back staring at some tall trees in the distance. A crow seemed to be communicating with me from high up on a brance and the cold breeze (unusally cold for a late spring day in Georgia) was mesmerizing. At that point I felt like I was in touch with my withheld creative and spriritual thoughts and saw things CLEARLY as I have only experienced from strong psychoactive drugs such as acid and mushrooms. I began to notice that the temperature was dropping now that it was late afternoon and I had been outside now for about two hours. I started wandering home then.

I made one final stop at a store to buy food and again was sure I was tripping because of the difficulty of purchasing beer. I went into the restroom and wrote on the wall 'I'm tripping hard right here, right now. It's groovy!' and then headed to my empty apartment where I had started this fascinating day. I ate some food with much difficulty (swallowing was almost impossible-ANOTHER sign of tripping I experienced under acid trips) and drank beer, which was comforting. I rarely drink beer or anything with alcohol but have found beer is a nice addition during the middle to late stages of an acid trip. My stomach never felt quite right throughout this trip but beer did seem to take away edge.

I played some live Grateful Dead music and stretched out on the floor with a blanket, completely at peace and still tripping strong after three hours. The music sounded heavenly and I sang out loud to familiar verses. This was GREAT to reexperience the awesome effects certain drugs (pot and acid) have on one when hearing music! I listened to long trippy songs like Dark Star and listened deeply to the melodies tapping my feet with my eyes shut. I had a grin on my face that would not go away because a strange, overwhelming bliss! Well, all things have an end and this trip ABRUPTLY ended near the four hour point.

All in all, worth the effort and expense (seeds and electric coffee blender) for this LEGAL high. Acid is superior but lasts sometimes too long and not accessable for me now (neither is pot). Well, I was amazed at the effects of these little seeds and tried the 'experiment' at least five times since last year. Some good results but nothing close to 'magical' effects produced the first time described above. My friend believes I tapped into 'shamanistic' feelings and these metaphysical experience came to me out of pure luck, which means I may NEVER relive similar results.

I read somewhere that the morning glory seeds were used by Indians in ceremonies ad should not be treated as recreational drugs, therefore it does seem likely that my first encounter was unique and I should be thankful for what I experienced. I am hoping that if I wait longer and longer between 'experiments' I can find some of these feeling again (and again). I WISH OTHERS LUCK AND FEELINGS OF INNERPEACE THROUGH MORNING GLORY SEEDS OR OTHER MEANS- IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT TO ACHIEVE SUCH BLISS!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 8023
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 9, 2004Views: 13,099
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Morning Glory (38) : Mystical Experiences (9), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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