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by iodei
Citation:   iodei. "Reliving: An Experience with DPT (exp80126)". Jul 25, 2009.

150 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


WARNING: Everything I will write happened for real. I think that every person should experience this once in their life... I think anything after that they're suicidal...



Quick edit: I got four lines down and realized I didn't even know when we started nor when my friends came over... There's so much that I want to say right now but I won't. Cause I can't put it in words.

Dose: 150mg dpt

Method: Snorted

Time Frame starts at... 11:00am... (drifts off)

Friends got here at 11:30am

11:30am, Ate some, prepped them (or so I thought)... I was my friend (t) his girlfriend (e) and yours truly!!! Thankfully the girlfriend decided not to do it... Thank god...

11:40am, lined up 2 150mg lines and up the nose they went.

11:45am, waiting... Starting to feel it. (later I realized this is where my mind jumped into another realm.) Everything was sorta pulsing and had a warm feeling to it.

11:50am, went on the porch to wait for full blown effects to kick in. (Little did we know we were already tripping...) What I saw: the ground began to roll... Like a prairie grass to the wind. The porch deck (a dull gray) became rainbow colored and tribal symbols glowing in the liking colors began to appear on everything that had anything that vaguely resembled a pattern. The sky, the clouds specifically, began to glow a fierce color array. Then I realized I had to go inside.

12:00pm, I'm inside with my buddies. E was not a very good sitter >.> she told us we looked sick and bad... Ya, that tripped me out hardcore... REGARDLESS (in the full sense of that word) I felt like I was dying... I felt like nothing, just dead weight. I began to be just my spirit, just my mind. The thoughts began to run through my mind...
'What if I get stuck here'
'What if I die'
'How is all this happening'
'I shouldn't have done this.'
'I'm never doing this again'
'I just wanna get outa here'

And many more...

12:03pm, just to make a point, this all happened in like three minutes.

12:04pm, I began to wanna lie down or just relax, I felt like I just couldn't handle it. So when I lay down and closed my eyes instead of fighting that rushing feeling, I let it in. The most ecstasy I have ever felt in my life... Imagine your most intimate pleasure and you're darkest fear mixed in together and then imploding on each other an infinite amount of times. I liked that... In my mind everything dark swirled in correspondance to those feelings... Into a black hole... Then I fell into that hole and just swirled for a bit. Suddenly I opened my eyes realizing how trippy it got. I stood up and looked at T and E. He was curled up next to her, she was holding him.(I will refer to time as moments because I don't think I knew what time was at that point) Some moments later she began to cry and he was sitting next to her. Only I didn't know if she was crying or not. I looked but couldn't tell! Lol... I'm laughing, but that scared me. I, looking directly at her, couldn't even know if what I was looking at was real. My friend said 'I can't handle this.' Then went to the bathroom and locked the door. I FREAKED. I thought he was gonna kill himself. He just had to throw up. Came back to the room with him. Sipped some milk. Then I put my head down again and went through another mind warp/fuck then embrace and ecstasy. I got up again and I checked the time.

12:30pm, holy fuck... I tried to convince myself that it was wearing off. So I told him that it was. And in fact it was. Since that point I was actually able to mentally grasp the thought that I'm in a room, or the sheer fact that reason was in my control... I tripped hard. We began to talk about this. How this is what every band sings about. How this is the psychedelic trip. It is a journey. This is what all the posters and everything tried to tell us. But it wasn't even close to what could ever have imagined. T is going on about how this is the ultimate mind fuck and (his girlfriend is very anti drug) how he doesn't want to do anything again and stressing that he isn't going to do this or any drugs again. So ya...

12:45pm, God damt, it has to come down soon. I'm gonna get stuck here.... Colors are still warping... Everything is like I described at the start. Rainbows and patterns around everything. At this point I realized that the music had a strong effect and almost dictated the high. I walk around, clean up a bit. Still on the border of another dimension. Ok. So now we just talk and trip for a while.

1:00pm, we decide to go downstairs where we started and we remember that 'this is how we felt when we started' So we linger a moment on thoughts. Laugh and connect, then we go outside to finish the trip... Everything is trippy but I see it start to fade to normal. And the deck that only moments ago was a bundle of colors was a dull gray... Everything dulled out =\ boo. Trip was coming down.

1:15pm, I say goodbye to friends and get online.

It is currently 2:13pm and I am still seeing my keyboard phase every once in a while. It took me 45 minutes to write this holy shit. I drift off into incoherency and tangent thoughts. What a journey. Not recreational... Spiritual.

Some of the things I thought while on/after/ or about this trip. Is this constant mind transition and implosion what god thinks like except like 1000x less? Now I know why we weren't meant to understand things like God.

Crazy things the mind is capable of. Warping what we see, what we think. Reality fades and a door to a new dimension appears. I remember sometime around 12:37-12:45 ish floating back into my body and finally knowing that this will end and I won't be stuck here.

A word of caution. Get a good sitter and listen to beatles music. Just trust me. It changes everything.

I will never look at the world the same way.


Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80126
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 25, 2009Views: 5,536
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DPT (21) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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