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Jesus has a Gap Between His Teeth
by SunKing
Citation:   SunKing. "Jesus has a Gap Between His Teeth: An Experience with LSD (exp8012)". May 21, 2004.

12 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


Ozzfest 97

First before i go to the expierience at hand i should give you some background of my use of LSD at that time. I took LSD practically every day at school for about 100 days straight. i would not be suprised if the following trip's frightful nature had something to do with this. I had also never had any visuals outside of small outlines on objects and minor trails. I had taken 10 hits of acid before but obvously it very weak in comparison to this stuff

And now onto the story of....

The worst trip ever (the best thing that has ever happened to me)

I was in the best mood of my life on this day. I had never been to a huge festival like Ozzfest. I was in the mindset that i would be going down in history like the people at Woodstock. I went down in history all right, but it was in my own book with a horrific chapter. As soon as my friend and I (we will call him C ) arrived on the lawn at Ozzfest we found our group of friends and started to search for our friend M, who was supposed to be bringing enough trip for the whole bunch. We found him but he could not obtain any before the show. We all (9 or 10 of us) were bitching about it when suddenly out of nowhere this hippie that looked like jesus with a gap between his teeth jumped down in front of us and said in a very Chong-like manner 'You guys wanna buy some L-S-D? Of course we were all like 'sure'! Each of my friends except for C bought 2 hits. But me and C each bought what appeared to be about a 12 strip. While Jesus was showing everybody his silvery nugs, C and I dropped the entire strip.

At that moment Jesus turned around and said 'Hey can you sell this guy ( my friend J)a couple of hits, i wanna hold on to this half sheet for that bunch over there' I told him i couldn't and he asked why.
'Cause i just took it all' i said
'You ate that whole strip?' (the whole group looked at me like i was crazy.

And with that Jesus was out of there like a lightening bolt. Within about 5-10 minutes i heard everyone else exclaiming about how they had never had acid come on so quickly and how beautiful everything looked. That's the last coherent thought I had that day.

Incubus had just come onto the stage and they started in on some odd brazilian-type bongo epic. I looked around me and noticed every blade of grass was individually colored. I felt a wave of anxiety come over me like i had never expirienced. I quickly lit up a cigarette to calm myself but it only made things worse. Every motion i made with my hands just created a wall of trails behind it that took aproximately 10-20 seconds to start to fade. C grabbed on to my shulder and stated that he wasn't feeling so good either. I forgot to mention it was about 90 degrees out with a heat index of like 110.

We both removed our shirts and proceeded to hold on for our dear souls. I looked at the guy in front me's back. He had a 'shroom tatoo and it appeared that the many freckles on his back were running away from the fungi, which symbolized a very powerful message to myself. Also above me I noticed a very pronounced Aztec meets tribal pattern rotating and flashing in the sky. At this point i could still see what was reality with what looked like a lysergic transperency superimposed over it. My friend R noticed the scared look on my face and asked what was happening i cant remember if i answered or not but he left to get us some whater. About 20 minutes later (40 minutes into the trip) I forgot he left to get water and C and myself decided to search for some liquid on our own. As soon as we got on the walkway down the lawn we both tumbled down like bails of hay, head over foot over arm over arm. We landed next to a couple who both had blue hair and they offered us their beverage which was also blue ( i found this extremeley confusing). They tried to ask us what was wrong. We mistakenely told them we took 10 gels. They offered to take us to the trip tent but we stupidly decided we could find it ourselves.

By this time none of the music made sense it was just a collage of whirs and spliced audio resting on individual notes just to be spat forth (or backward) into the oblivion of my head space. It was at this moment we determined we were having a 'bad trip' (biggest understatement of my life. I told C it would be a good idea to make ourselves vomit in hopes of getting what hadn't absorbed into our stomachs out. When i walked into the bathroom it seemed like everyone was groaning and staring at me like they knew what was up. This only increased my paranoia.

I found a stall as quickly as i could and proceeded to stick my finger in my throught. there was piss and hair all over the floor (or was there?) but i didn't care. I could only dry-heave, and every time i looked in the water i could swear i saw a reflection of my group of friends standing behind me trying to pick me up. I could hear the 'music' from the stage in the background, but it sounded more like a spaceship whirring through the bathroom. Suddenly the ship took hold over the stall i was in and proceeded to flash a bright light down. when the flash dissaipated so did all the crazy sounds and visuals and it was actually silent except for the buzzing of the flourescents above me. Then i remembered C was in there too in the moment of silence i called out his name several times, but the only response i got was the ever steady echo of my voice in time-space.

I left the stall to look for him, but as soon as i stepped out of the restroom i say an official looking figure so i went up to him and asked 'have you seen my friend C' he looked at me like i was an idiot (and i was). He said ' you don't look so good, are you okay?'

I figured this was my chance to get some help. I relized i was never gonna find C among the thousands of people there, so i said 'no idon't feel so good, i think i got too hot'

(2 hrs later)

As soon as I said that i blacked out. The next thing i remember i woke up laying on a pile of ice bags hearing someguy in the distance say 'this boy ain't suffering from no heatstroke, get him to a hospital.' 'Oh fuck!' I thought to myself and blacked out again.

I awoke to an interally dimensional dream of lucidy without so much reality though. I thought i was being pushed through a hospital on a gurney at about 90 miles an hour. Hands were shooting out of the rooms trying to grab me, and i could hear people moaning.

Slowly the moaning turned to reality into the wailing of the siren of vanbulance that was taking me to the hospital. Across from me was a guy with his leg tucked behind the other. At first it appeared to me that he was floating in the air in front of an out of broadcast (snowy) television picure, and that his leg had been cut off and the blood was floating around the back of the vehicle in amazing aztec like shapes. (i ask the reader to keep in mind i had never seen anything outside of a tracer on acid before so this was all very........well...something.) Then the nurse in vanbulance started asking me questions:

'Whats your name?' (her)
'I don't know' (me)
'C'mon you know your name, don't fuck with me!' (her)
'No I don't' (me)
'Whats your social security number' (her)
'xxx-10-9874' (me) (thats not my real # but i did remeber my real one at the time)
'Phone number' (her)
'xxx-8714' (me)
'Name of the person that is there' (her)
'I don't know' (me)
And then i blacked out again.

(4 hours later)

I woke up in a hospital bed with some device around my dick an I.V. in my arm and my mom's finger in my mouth, chewing on it. I suddenly became aware of where i was. the noises had stopped but there were still multicolored blobs sliming up and down the walls. I decided i could handle that. I asked my mom what happened. She said she didn't know. (they didn't know drugs were involved yet). But right at that moment the doctor came in and said 'We found over 10,000 micrograms of LSD in his system. '10,000' i thought to myself 'thats how much Jim Morrison took when he jumped off that speaker landed flat on his face, jumped right back up and started dancing with the 'indian tribe' on stage. My mom looked at me with greatest dissapointment i've ever seen in anyones eyes. I collapsed inside and began to cry.

To make the rest of this long story short: I was taken back home, grounded for 6 months ( and i mean grounded, my only sense of freedom was when i 'got' to mow the grass. I vowed to never trip on acid again. I have since then, but it has never been as good as it was before Ozzfest.

Now whenever i trip i get a fear in me and i have to take it with valium or Xanax handy, and almost always end up needing it. The main thing i learned from this situation was that if you do not respect a drug it will happily show you its power. I used to take tripping for granted doing it to deal with life on an everyday basis.

Now I take it about every 6 months and i make the perfect setting with only one other person, soft lights, and plenty of Beatles vinyls. My advice to the person who reads this wonder what acid is like is: don't let this scare you, if you go in with fear your ego takes over and it is not a good idea to bring your ego into the garden. Acid can be very beautful, and enlightening. If you take more than you can handle, then you will be shown more about your world than you are ready to handle. Thank you for your time. Happy Tripping

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 8012
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 21, 2004Views: 26,294
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LSD (2) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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