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Strike Day Well Spent
Citation:   PippUK. "Strike Day Well Spent: An Experience with 4HO-DMT, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT & AET (exp80116)". Jul 20, 2009.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Psilocin
  T+ 0:20   smoked DMT
  T+ 0:40   smoked 5-MeO-DMT
  T+ 0:40   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 24:30 180 mg   AET
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis
What with two days off in a row (Tuesdays strike, wednesday rest day) I couldn't resist a bit of a dabble. Yesterday I swallowed 20mgs of 4-HO-DMT. I started at 10am, having got myself a newspaper and lined up some music. About 20 minutes later I felt that treacly feeling filling my mind and body and I figured it was best to go and lie down for a bit. I chilled on my bed, lying still while I got used to the sensations. I wasn't getting major visuals (like stuff that's not there) but the whole scene was positively crawling along all the lines and angles. I had read recently that the trypts lock on to receptors which inhibit the firing of neurons in the visual cortex which are concerned with the perception of edges and depth in the visual field. I decided to up the ante at this point, and drew forth my magic bulb vapouriser, which I had cunningly preloaded with a low/medium dose of DMT. 4-HO-DMT, 4-AcO-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT all have a simi20lar sort of flavour, the differences lying in strength and intensity. Having got nicely out of orbit, a blast of DMT (even a smallish one) would put me further into deepspace. I was lying on my bed. The worst that could happen would be just that I might fall off it.

Here goes. It was a long slow lungful, which was not as much of a shock as I had expected (It being two months since I had last smoked DMT) I put the pipe safely down and shut my eyes. It got silly. The amazing meshing patterns formed in my mind's eye, and I heard the clunky metallic chirps and clicks, perhaps like the sounds a cruise missile might hear as it began its journey from the launch tube. Then the meshing (mostly dark blue and green opaque) began to show red seeds of light in its heaving folds. These quicky grew and blossomed into mechanical shuffling devices roughly ball shaped but formed from aztec stylized surfaces, which rapidly shrunk down again to specks of texture in the mesh. As this took place, a voice was saying somewhere in my mind something along the lines that 'everything has carried on here since you left last time' and flashed in my mind's eye were a series of images reminiscent of the parallel universe type visions I had during a previous adventure.

The low dose I smoked meant that the intense part of the hit was short lived. But it showed how a lower dose could go further when used in this way. I have tried DMT on 2CB and the effect was pleasant but the purity of DMT space was diluted, meaning that the weird cosmic messages stuff didn't seem to come through in quite the same way. I was sort of just left writhing in hedonistic pleasure, rather than intellectual astonishment, with that combination.

The afterglow from the DMT stayed for a good 20 minutes, during which I felt this crazy blissed out feeling, of love for the entire universe. I was faced by the fact that good and evil are two sides of the same coin, and other such truths which seemed profound at the time. I was also thinking about religion and how there are essential agreed common truths between them (summed up by generally trying to be kind) and that these goals were often agreed to by non religious belief systems too. After a bit of that I could see the room more clearly and realised I had remained sat upright throughout.

Well, I also had a joint with a big long roach and some 5MeO mixed with bud on the end. For the sake of western science, I took two big drags and doffed it in the ashtray, just in time for the world to fade to white. A powerful warm body rush spread outward from my solar plexus and I felt somewhat larger then I had usually been accustomed to. Visually it was as though someone had turned the tv contrast into maximum white. I was still conscious of myself and aware of who I was and why I was in this state. Eventually I was back in the room. It was about 12.30 pm and I was still mildy tripping from the 4HO but not in an unmanageable way. I got up, washed up listening to the news on R4 before having a smoke in the shed and mowing the back lawn. Beautiful afternoon. Also varnished the shed (Ronseal via spray unit).

The 4HO peaked and eased away all within about 3 1/2 hours to 4 after ingestion. 4AcO lasts longer in this sense and is gentler in the onset. But it is gone after about 5 hours whereas 4HO seems to leave a residual trippiness, which I would forget pretty much if I was busy doing stuff (like the shed etc), but if I had a smoke then, whoah there we go again ha-ha. The other thing that reminded me of my still slightly sensitised state was the ongoing battle I fought that afternoon with ants. I had two different weapons against them. Powder and a liquid gel. The powder was durris dust. I thought I had defeated the little blighters with the dust, after attacking their nest in a crack in the drive with it. But somehow the occasional ant would appear nonchalantly supping at a sticky patch on the kitchen table. When I put the liquid out on little patches of paper, the little fools would gather round like they couldn't get enough of it. Apparently, drunk on it, they take it back to the nest where they hand it over to their buddies, who all want a piece of the action and follow the pheremonal trail left by the original finder to the source. Well so on until some of them start getting sick and their drunken friends watch them helplessly, unable to fight their own addiction. Before long they're greatly depleted.

So it was, alas, for many of them. But the queen. Somewhere a queen ant was relentlessly dropping egg after egg after egg. Life is cheap for ants. One ant dies, and they are scarcely disturbed. They are not individuals in the normal sense. They are part of a colony, and I had to find the colony. Then I noticed beneath weeds by the doorstep, a seething mass of ants amongst the foliage. This was their lair. There were flying ants (sickening fuckers on a good day) of various sizes and many sizes of worker. I hate killing things at all, but a quick run down on the moral algebra and I reassured myself that there was no choice here. The logistics of a humanitarian rescue were beyond my reckoning at that point. So it was with a solemn face I smote the ants. There was instant chaos in the nexus of the lair, and I had to turn away. All evening after, every itch was a potential revenge attack by a lone ant on one last mission. I cleaned the kitchen pretty thoroughly, and tried not to think about ants too much.

Today, it's wednesday. I popped out for a paper at 10.30, and ate some breakfast. At 11am, I dropped 180mg of AET. This is more than my first trial. I wasn't expecting visuals as such, which I haven't got. But there is a nice body high and I'm feeling mentally rather pleasant and clear. Entheogenic (meaning spiritually affecting) No. Empathogenic (Like empathy) Yes. I'm going to do a few chores now. Bought a rake for the lawn. I'll do that for a bit. I fancy a smoke too. Whether I try a little toke of DMT this afternoon I don't know. Tell you what though. I fancy a nice cup of tea.
* * *
Well, AET is rather good. In fact so much so that I was moved to write. I had eaten breakfast prior to ingestion, imagining that 180mgs of a foul smelling crystaline solid bursting in my gut might make me retch a a little. No deal. A pleasant onset.
I raked the lawn enthusiatically and thought rather pleasant thoughts. My garden is beautiful etc. After half an hour of this I decided to go and toke up on a joint. Rather than look at porn, download music, read trip reports on the net, I decided to make a groove on the computer. I have been listening to these radio shows from Hearts of space radio, featuring what they call 'space music'. A recent show on ambient electronica had got me thinking. I was trying repeated squelchy synth sound with a stereo echo, timed to coincide with the beat. These sounds can be swept up and down by using frequency cut off. Sonic cathedral. I put bass, organ and some sycopated percussion on it and then repeated it several times, modifying parts and chords each time. Well I had spent three hours at this, getting increasingly hot and excitable as time went on.

Here are some of the things that reminded me of mdma. The thought patterns were pretty loved up and positive all the way. But clearer and more rational than with mdma. There was a nice slightly speedy body high that kept me motivated all afternoon. Nystagmus (wobbly eyes to you and me) and some bruxism. Not too unpleasant at all really.
I wound up what I was doing on the computer and had one last listen. These things never come out as well as you think when you are grooving (except on odd occasions). But, yes it was sort of tasty, so I decided to finish off the raking until P came home. It was warm and I took my shirt off in the sun. I saw two dragon flies in the garden. The first was shimmering blue, not that big. It flew to and fro along the long axis of the garden between myself, just watching, and the tall hedge at the bottom of the garden. After a couple of minutes of this he darted up and away above me. Then another larger dragonfly arrived and performed simmilar manouvres. He was of an all black body but when he approached me I could see his iridescent compound eyes. I just felt so chilled and at peace with the world, it was pure honey. And here I am still feeling rather pleasant, so much so that I fear it will be difficult to get to sleep anytime soon.

P. came home and another aspect of mdma presented itself. I just wanted to hold her and pet her. I had this warm feeling of love in my belly and figured if I put my belly next to hers, some of the pleasure might carry through. So here it is. This is Good stuff. It is not like other tryptamines at all. Maybe AMT a bit. It feels somewhat like mdma but slightly more rational. The physical euphoria is different, not quite as enjoyable. And I can do stuff on it with great pleasure. I didn't smoke any DMT. Not sure if there would be much point. But why not sometime. I might. I smoked quite a bit of weed on it which synergised well, bringing me up a bit quite potently. But now I'm hoping the weed will mellow me out for bed later.
Peace - Pipp

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 20, 2009Views: 9,963
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Psilocin (388), 5-MeO-AET (370) : Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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