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The Seller of Religions, and Hell
Spice Product ('Genie')
by Modern Famicom
Citation:   Modern Famicom. "The Seller of Religions, and Hell: An Experience with Spice Product ('Genie') (exp80051)". Aug 22, 2009.

10 hits smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (dried)


Modern Famicom: Spice 1&2

I'm writing a post trip bioassay on a variety of spice known as Genie. I apologize, but I can't give any specific doses, basically because I was being thoughtless, and didn't plan to write a bioassay.

Some peripheral information:

Weight: 344 lbs
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Spice Brand: Genie

Locations and the currency have been changed to protect the writer, names changed to random letters to protect the writer's friends.


Myself, X, D, N, K and G departed from Edinburgh and took the train to Newark, we stopped there briefly for X, N, and G to find a good spot to have their joints. Upon locating such a spot, we went back on the trains, and continued on to Moscow. Once arriving at Moscow, N lead us to a Headshop, where I procured 20g of dried San Pedro cuttings, and we split cash to buy a 3g pack of spice, which was only 1/2 the price. I also brought a cheapo hookah (It was a bottle with a rubber cork, a bowl on a metal tube jammed through said cork, and a hose on the cork. Looks cheap as hell, but works, so I ain't complaining). All in all, cost Y12,600 JPY, after converting from Rubles. Or dollars. We wandered aimlessly for about two hours, then took the train back to Newark. Once there, X, N, and G rolled a joint, and had a smoke. Only N had any idea how to smoke Marijuana/Spice, and consequently, only he got high. It was damn funny though, watching X and G exhale SHITLOADS of smoke. I kept trying to tell them how to do it, but they were having too much fun fucking about. Ah well. Anyway, we began to make our way back to the train station, during which N forgot all of our names for about two minutes. He also remarked that it felt like he had pincers squeezing his irises. Upon examination, they had almost contracted to points. Ten minutes later, they had almost completley dilated. We stopped at a convenience store before boarding the train, and I brought some unsweetened green tea. No further events took place that are worth reporting.

Experience 1:

I was at my home, which was not in Edinburgh, but Montreal. I filled my hookah with water, then took some spice, and placed it in the bowl. This was not even remotely a full bowl, just 1/3rd. I lit up, picked up the tube, put it to my lips and inhaled to get some smoke in. Quickly after seeing the first smoke, I exhaled from my nose to lung emptiness, then inhaled a hit, drawing the smoke but leaving enough room in my lungs to clear my throat of any smoke, thus handily supressing the urge to cough that I've head so much of. I held for 25 seconds, then exhaled. Nothing yet, so I did this again and in doing so finished off the bowl. By the time I reached 18, I was EXTREMELY high. In fact, 1 hit is probably the 'recreational use' dose for me. But I had done two.

The first thing I noticed is that holding my breath had become utterly pleasant. It was no longer a chore! I made it all the way to 35 but stopped, because oxygen was better than the alternative. Around that point, the second hit got me. First effect I noticed was that my awareness had shrunk. Not in the sense I was becoming stupid or more limited. My body just seemed to be as large as an entire mountain. Everything took on a new aspect as well. The underlying cause of this, and I perceived it, was that my perception, previously a square, was now a hexagonal, and WORSE, imeasurably WORSE, irregular polygon. Now, this isn't to say I wasn't enjoying the effects considerably, the impression of wrongness is just what I got whenever I analyzed my conscious state. During this peak, I was able to passively merge with scenery. Not specific objects, but my entire conscious experience. For that short while, life ceased to be about doing, and began to be about simply being. Didn't last long. The rest of it was pleasant. Slowly, my consciousness became square again, and as it did so, the experiences became less powerful, and more pleasant. Then, I was back at baseline. This took 4-6 hours.

Oh, also at some point, I had this mental scenario where I sold and brought religions.

Experience 2:

Same day. I followed the same formula as last time. But I used a little moreish. 10/25's, maybe. Well, I went up, and enjoyed the state for a bit, then remembered something.

'Hey,' I thought to myself, 'haven't I read over and over again that cannabis users self regulate?' And then, due to my decision-making impairment, I thought: 'LET'S FIND OUT WHY!!!!!!!'

And that was the worst fucking mistake I've made in a long, LONG time.

I filled an entire bowl. I smoked an entire bowl.

Hell on earth began.

Imagine your conscious and unconscious mind as a sheet of cloth. normally, it lays flat on the surface of our brains. This giant dose, TEN hits in all, took that cloth, and started to pull. At first, I could take it. But it kept pulling, harder and harder. To the breaking point. I wasn't in any kind of physical pain. Physically, I was OK. But mentally, it broke me. I begged and pleaded for it to stop: it wouldn't. I bargained, offering everything, just please make it stop: sorry not interested. I collapsed on my bed in tears, and whimpering. I don't know how long I was like that.

If that cloth had ripped, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be here to be telling you about this. I have nothing to base that on, but that's why I was so frantic and disturbed: at the time, I was utterly certain (and still am) that behind that cloth lay insanity.

Eventually, it lessened enough for me to get up, annnnd that's when the nausea hit. I almost threw up six times on the ten foot journey to the bathroom, and it took me more than two minutes to get there because I had to stop the room from moving. When I vomited, it was a green color, and incoherently, I thought that I was vomiting up Spice, that somehow, it had returned to its original green color. I thought something along the lines of Thank God, which is weird, because I'm an Atheist. But falls into line with my first experience. After this, I drank some water from the tap, and it was the best thing EVER. I also brushed my teeth, and for some reason, this hurt a hell of a lot, but it let me distract myself from the still horrible experience I was having, so it was welcome. The next day, I checked, and my mouth looked fine, so I think my subconscious mind might have hyper-emphasized the usual pain of Listerine (which is in the toothpaste) to help me out.

After brushing my teeth, I went to my room and had a brief audio hallucination of the police banging on my door, telling me they know what I've done. I just wanted to sleep at that point, so I gave the front door the finger went into my bedroom, and did so. The next day, no trace of any police, and I've furthermore never done anything illegal, with the possible exception of this Spice, it being somewhat grey, so I'm certain it was a hallucination.

In conclusion:

That was a horrible experience, but it was my fault entirely. And so I plan on doing spice again, but at a maximum of two hits. Two worked great the first and second times, it was only after I took eight more that the horror began. I knew my source, but I only had the barest of casual acquaintances with my substance.

Modern Famicom

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80051
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 22, 2009Views: 12,353
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