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The Three Day Night
Datura (Datura Stramonium)
Citation:   Dgirl. "The Three Day Night: An Experience with Datura (Datura Stramonium) (exp79933)". Feb 20, 2011.

3/4 cups oral Datura (tea)
I had the craziest expierence of my life and to this day I can't figure it out, my friends refuse to talk about it. Until recently I thought the whole trip lasted about 12 hours, from 5pm when I drank the tea to about 5 in the morning but after finally getting my friends to talk a little I was out of it for more than 3 days. It's amazing I wasn't... I wasn't in the hospital. The only way I know I wasn't was in the hospital or police custody was because obviously if that had happened there would have been consequences when I came to.

How did all this start? I was reading about datura more than a year before the actual trip because I was obcessed with the idea of hallucinating but couldn't get anyone to sell me mushrooms, and while on a walk with my dog realised that at the back of someone's driveway, right on a main road I was actually seeing a Datura Stratmonium plant. I kept it in the back of my mind and went back the next year in August to find the plant flowering with spiky seed pods almost ripe. I was wearing cargo pants and had brought sissors so I just carefully trimmed off 5 or 6 2-3ft foot branches, stuck the branches in my pockets and took it all home and clipped it into bits that I left to dry on top of a florescent light. the material included a lot of beautiful flowers about 15 seed pods and probably 2 pounds of stems. It took about 3 weeks for the plant matieral to actually dry all the way through, especially the woody stems.

Then one Friday night after school, I think it was the week before homecoming I had a friend over, a guy I liked and other people kept stopping by, I'd planned in advance to make a little tea to try that night and the friend was just there by coincidence. I remember standing over the stove carefully stirring the liquid, chopping the plant matieral with a stainless steel spoon and giggling maniacly every time someone came in and asked what the heck I was doing. I added about a half a pound of material and an even amount of leaves, stems, and dried flowers to 1 quart of liquid. When I strained it the plant material looked like a washed out spinach and the tea was a dark golden brown with a very warm fruity but bitter smell. I put the used plant matieral in a bowl in the fridge for later and contiued to boil down the liquid, that took about 2 hours. All the while I kept getting chills of anticipation and having a great time talking to my friend. Finally the tea was done, I poured most of it into a thick plastic water bottle which I stowed in the back of the fridge but poured half a coffee cup worth for myself. I was really scared, terrified, but I mastered my fear and I remember saying, 'Cheers, I'm in your hands now universe.'

Looking back, I shouldn't have drank that much. But I did, and the last thing I really remember is drinking the bitter grassy tea them my friend who I'll call M asking if I wanted to go for a ride with him, getting in the car and riding around. Next thing I knew I was in a strange car in the back seat, in the dark, parked in front of someone's house. I thought I was alone at first, then it dawned on me we were dropping M off at his house, though who 'we' were I don't know, then I freaked out because I didn't want him to go and tried to follow him out of the car onto lawn but he dissappeared.

Then my friend who I thought was M but looking back seemed like a stranger told me, 'C'mon, we're walking now, we've got to walk.' as though he'd just magically appeared again and I felt de ja vu and I asked, 'where are we going?' and didn't get an answer and kept on a whole conversation with this person. Everything was so vividly real, and seemed normal, but also not, like the boogie man could jump out at any minute and I'd shake his hand. I remember being cold and hesistant my body was jerky as though my whole being was stuttering and the street light seemed bright and we were walking into the dark and that scared me and my body didn't seem to want to follow my commands, and walking in the dark with this person on my right for what seemed like a really long time but I don't remember going anywhere, just cool darkness and blurs of light.

The next thing I remember is walking up to a house where this one guy lived with my friend B, and her friend Gina and it was night still, I thought the same one. We knocked on the door and apparently this guy was waiting for his parents to get home or someone was sleeping so we had to be really quiet and I remember tiptoeing in and it was the funniest thing on the planet. Then things start to get wierder, I think I was coming down, but I was really freaked out and I was sitting talking to them but it must have been gibberish and I felt really self-conscious but things seemed ok.

I had a big shock, I remember a dark shape passing in front of me across the house and for some reason all the lights were out, I got scared and started to stand and a hand, my friend B's hand I think goes over my mouth because I was about to call out and a loud, 'Shhh!' and her pushing me down to sit on the floor and just holding her hand over my mouth and holding me down. I felt there was a good reason for her doing that so I gave in and did as she directed. Then she released me and that seemed really funny, then we moved into a bedroom with the hugest bed and a TV playing and a fishtank. I layed on the bed and watched the fishtank and the next thing I know I realise I'm trying to convince everyone in the room (4 people) to save the rats that are drowning in the fishtank and I shut my mouth because I realised there were no rats.

I remember asking what time it was, and apparently I'd asked that many times and my friends got angry with me and I started crying and I said I was sorry. I lost a cigarret and I don't even smoke, I remember asking them to help me find it because I was panicked it would burn the place down. My friends then passed me a bowl of weed and my friend B held the pipe and my head because apparently I'd already burnt myself twice on the pipe and just told me to inhale.

I kept going in and out of some strange state, finally it was time to go I think we'd been at that house till about 5 in the morning and I got into a car, whose I'm not sure, after climbing out the guy's bedroom window with my friends and getting home. I was really tired, I went to bed with the worst dry throat after peeing what seemed a flood and finally felt a bit better. I saw my room, my whole room, and kept startling awake realising I was looking around and seeing things with my eyes closed. I'd open them and not be able to focus on anything. My room is lit with a blacklight, it's my nightlight so everything was purple but dim enough not to hurt my eyes and my sight with my eyes closed was crystal clear but I couldn't she anything with my eyes open, it was dark and blurry.

I slept most of the day, which for a weekend wasn't unusual and then I woke up to my mom home about 9pm (what the clock said, it was hard to read but I made it out) and she asked me if I'd done my homework. She worked most of the weekend and was gone a lot, I have no idea if I was home or not, but apparently it was already Monday and the 3 day weekend was over I had to be at school in the morning. That was the first real thing that happened I think.

I reeked, there was dirt under my fingernails, I was greasy and needed a shower, my head hurt from my eyes still being so dialated and I felt very twitchy, my favorite jacket that I'd worn had a pocket torn off, somehow I smelled like beer, and my shoes were really muddy. The only thing that I actually found out was that the guy whose house me and my friend B and her friend Gina were at actually happened and he came up to me and asked, 'Are you ok now?' to which I answered, 'Yes.' and he said, 'Good, don't ever do that again, I was about ready to kick you out of my house.' He just walked away when I asked what happened.

So that scared me, I was ashamed I was a burden to my friends. Looking back years later I don't know what I was thinking but I believed all that had happened in one day for months and then finally started to figure out some bits and pieces. I don't know what happened, probably don't want to, everything was so real I never had a single hallucination it was like I was taken to a whole different world where everything could happen. All my feelings were fleeting, transient, so at least my fear was intense but not overwhelming.

An interesting note, apparently I was home at some point, and I made myself a datura omlett with the leftover plant I'd boiled to make tea which I puked all over my bedroom floor, but my friend B cleaned it up, she hinted about that for years and finally told me. Something that really scared me was a girl I'll call T who hinted I'd stopped by school during the weekend while she was having band practice in the gym, but if that were true...nah. There have also been hints that I started a fire somewhere but I don't have any memory though I did have burns on my hands I think from a weed pipe.

I may do this again, if I can find another Datura plant and some sober people to keep me inside my house safe and sound for as long as it takes. The Datura plant I used before was gone within a few months I think the people who owned the property caught on to what it was or they were just tired of it blocking the front of their car.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 79933
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 20, 2011Views: 10,282
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Datura (15) : First Times (2), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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