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Seven Months Later
Amphetamines (Adderall)
by Adderaid
Citation:   Adderaid. "Seven Months Later: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp79775)". Jul 7, 2009.

20 mg oral Amphetamines


We've all heard horror stories about amphetamines, speed, whatever you want to call it. Anyone who's ever gone to public school or watched TV for more than twenty minutes at a time has seen some form of propaganda. Amphetamines are terrible for you, take them once and you'll become addicted, ect ect. Up until I was seventeen I pretty much believed all of it.

Up until then I'd been a screw up, but not because of drugs. Oh no, in fact I'm willing to bet I'd been the most sober screw up in the history of the world. 250 pounds, failing all classes, kicked out of school, and I'd never even smoked pot! Kind of funny really, we've all seen the 'this is your brain on drugs' commercial, wonder what happened to the 'get off your lazy ass and do something' commercial.

Anyway, I'm really only trying to set back story for my experiences on Adderall. All of that was in late 2007, early 2008. I'd been kicked out of school in my Junior year, and if I wanted to return, I would have to go to the public 'Alternative Center for Education'. Basically the school the district tossed the biggest screw ups in, then told the small staff to make it work.

So, I rejoined the school population for my senior year, after six months of doing nothing but playing video games and gathering fat. I had about 4 total credits, I should have had fifteen. At first things seemed to be alright, my grades were fairly decent, and I was keeping up with my required online courses to graduate. Then, slowly but surely, my resolve died down. I started failing again, sleeping through classes, skipping class, the usual.

It was at the end of first semester that I was first offered Adderall. At the time I wasn't interested, I didn't have the money, and was too scared to try it. However the crowd I was running with slowly started to wear me down, not with peer pressure, just general attitude. I decided to try it, and bought five 20mg instant release Adderall pills from a friend.

That night I went home and took one as soon as I got in the door. Within ten minutes I could feel it going to work. I felt strong, I felt fast, I could take on the world! I started working on my online classes, finishing one within four hours. Then I started going down, not a crash per say, but I could feel the energy leaving me. I made the decision to stay up all night and do more work. I took another pill, and finished two more classes that night. These things normally took me an average of 15 hours each, were suddenly child's play.

The next day I went to school and realized two things, one -- I was down to two pills already, and two -- I wanted more. (Keep in mind that word, 'wanted'. It's quite important.) However my friend couldn't get anymore, and I decided to let it go at first. I didn't have the money to support buying more at the time, and I did not want to become addicted to amphetamines.

As luck would have it though, I was offered a new supply. Instead of IR, I could get 20mg extended release (XR) for half the price I was paying earlier, and have them last twice as long. It was a great deal, and soon I was buying 10 at a time, every couple weeks or so. Whenever I needed some, he could get them.

It was during this period that my life started taking drastic changes, for the better. Due to the almost daily dosage of Adderall, I was suddenly motivated to do things I'd never done before. I was hitting the gym on a daily basis. Being social, making more friends in a month then I'd made in the past 4 years. I dropped forty pounds within three months, my grades shot up, and my online classes were being finished ahead of time.

I never built up a tolerance, and soon found that as long as I ate something on the Adderall (hard to remember to eat. I just don't need to), I didn't have any crash. Every time I took one of my little pills, I got everything done, no matter what. The only issues I ever suffered was a small amount of increased aggression. I learned to control it, however it took me some time.

It's been seven months since I first started taking Adderall, I'm now out of school, and my supply was cut off. I decided to get a prescription for Adderall, my family has great health insurance. I'm now paying a tiny amount a month, and have cut my dose down. I've found that I don't need the Adderall anymore, as soon as I got used to my new life, I've been able to function on my own. Now I save those little pills for days when I simply can't afford to sleep for whatever reason, and need to get work done while staying alert.

I believe Adderall can be a great tool if used correctly, look at me. Lost over 70 pounds, graduated high school by making up nearly 18 credits in a single year, create a whole new group of friends. I attribute it all to the Adderall. Yes, it can create addiction, hell, I might be a little addicted right now for all I know. However I believe when managed correctly, it has the potential to make a huge positive impact.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79775
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 7, 2009Views: 8,451
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Amphetamines (6) : School (35), Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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