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Unbelievably, Unexpectedly, Beautiful
by DocApos
Citation:   DocApos. "Unbelievably, Unexpectedly, Beautiful: An Experience with Methylone (exp79767)". Jan 16, 2010.

T+ 0:00
4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 0:00 200 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 1:30 150 mg oral Methylone (capsule)


This was only my second experience with methylone, but it was so personally remarkable that I felt it worth documenting.

My first experience had been with a single 200mg dose, oral, a week prior to this one, and had been thoroughly pleasant, but I felt it could have been improved.

On the night of this experience a friend and I were going to a club night that we both enjoy a great deal anyway, and it seemed like a good time to split the last of the caps I had. We had expected another friend, but in her absence we were left with an additional smaller cap (150mg), and as there was nothing else to use it for in the near future I let my curiosity get the better of me and decided to take it too, mainly to see what effect it had on duration. What follows is a report of the effects, to the best of my recollection, covering both the initial effects at the 200mg dose and the additional character of the experience following the boost.

Setting is initially the dubstep room of a large club night, somewhat busy. I buy myself a bottle of water and nip to the bathroom.

T+0:00 Ė Take the 200mg cap. I am slightly tipsy, but barely noticeably, from pre club drinks. No food in about 6 hours. I know what to expect from the initial comeup, so Iím currently quite excited, as well as being stoked about the quality of the night anyway.

T+0:30 Ė First feelings start to come on, quite identical to those I had with my first experience. The first effect is a marked release of bodily fatigue- movement becomes easier, tiredness seems to dissipate. Thereís no feeling of urgency to the stimulation, itís just comfortable.

T+0:45 Ė The stimulation persists, but now the sense of wellbeing is coming on too. Significant eye dilation. This is my favourite part of the 200mg experience- itís a feeling of rightness and calm. I feel unshakable, but not overly self assured or arrogant. Thereís a tingling sensation that moves up the spine in waves and seems to roll off of the top of the head, and my scalp has become extremely sensitive to touch. Iím also more talkative, more alert, and am losing my awareness of personal space and boundaries, as expected, but Iím very cogent still, and am not rabbiting.

T+1:15 Ė The physical experience has held steady for about 15 minutes at this point. Weíve moved to the psytrance room, and the music is intense and amazing. At this point the mental experience seems to become slightly more introspective than a typical club drug experience- thoughts turn inward while dancing, and experiences are examined and accepted. This is therapeutic in a way, but I decide to boost soon to get into more of a party mood, in theory.

T+1:30 Ė I slip into the bathroom to drop the second 150mg cap. I feel slightly apprehensive at this point, as I realise 350mg is quite a large dose, even considering my size, so my friend has been asked to keep an eye on me. Down it goes.

T+2:00 Ė Feels like the first come up is coming on again. The introspection has faded, and I feel a little more stimulated. Where the physical sensation, the tingling, was in waves on 200mg, it is now quite constant but mild. Otherwise no further effect yet.

T+2:15 Ė This is when the real difference occurs. I am dancing quite happily when a sudden warm wave of sensation rips up my body and through my scalp, leaving me feeling like Iím glowing with energy. My vision blurs slightly and I have to stop dancing, physically shocked by the intensity and suddenness of this effect. Within a few seconds the intensity fades enough for me to move over to where my friend is dancing, just in time to be hit by the sensation again- this time it feels like I physically canít move for a moment. Expletives are uttered, and I have to wait about a minute for these pulses to tick over before I can do anything. This is a very, very different experience to the lower dose.

T+2:30 Ė There is a more typically stimulant like effect now, I feel thereís a sense of urgency to my thought processes and actions. Iím dancing harder, and feel physically amazing. I certainly feel more loved up at this level too- I am approaching people randomly and making connections with them, and itís beautiful. I am still occasionally caught off guard by a wave of physical sensation, and literally am left gasping with my hands over my mouth. Thereís some severe drymouth kicking in that nothing seems to alleviate, which I never had on 200mg.

T+3:00 Ė Effects persist much as before, but Iím gurning like a champion now too. Do manage to bite my tongue (which is more irritating now than it was at the time). Music is divine, though, and the lightshow looks amazing. When I occasionally break from the floor I do end up rabbiting, but no-one seems to mind.

T+3:30 Ė Physical effects start to roll off. Iím still quite tactile, but Iím starting to feel fatigued from the dancing. Thereís still mental stimulation- Iím very awake. Some introspection begins again now. Dry mouth and gurning persist.

T+4:00 - Notice quite suddenly that the mood elevation has completely dropped, leaving me feeling quite anxious, and meaning the duration has been the same as for the 200mg dose. The comedown is quite unpleasant by comparison, and I head for the smoking area to sit down and calm down. Gurning and dry mouth quickly leave once the mood elevation drops. I sit around for an hour and a half chatting to friends and strangers while the worst of the mood change dissipates, before heading back for a nice cup of tea and a chill out in the sun.

After Effects:

There were some after effects that persisted at this larger dose that were completely absent with 200mg. Iím not sure how much of itís actually the drug and not just me, so Iíll just list what Iíve experienced to be thorough:

- Fitful sleep in spite of feelings of tiredness. No surprise really, but I actually found that on 200mg after coming down sleep was easy and very good, so it is a difference.

- Lack of appetite even 24 hours after come down, but incredible thirst even beyond that explainable by normal clubbing dehydration. Iíd made sure to keep well watered all night, and still I was drinking taps dry today.

- A lack of motivation / energy for a day or so after the experience. Again no real surprise, but this wasnít experienced on the 200mg dose.

- Some nasal congestion, which may or may not have anything to do with the chemical.

Overall Iím glad I tried the bigger dose, but I couldnít manage this sort of experience with the chemical every time. I doubt that even with my quite slow metabolism I could extend duration of the experience, but the intensification was something I will pursue again, albeit sparingly.

I am very, very pleased to have found a chemical so enjoyable that is easily and legally available, and would certainly recommend it. My only caveat would be that dosage seems very variable between people, and I definitely wouldnít advise going straight to 350mg.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79767
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 16, 2010Views: 15,026
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