Suggested Preparation
by Reed
Citation:   Reed. "Suggested Preparation: An Experience with MDMA (exp7972)". Jul 10, 2001.

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Other than some pot, I lived a drug free existence. A close friend, over several months, talked me into trying E. The first time was terrifying, mainly because of my own fear. Instead of trying to act tough, I should have had more trust. Upset stomach, confusing visuals, rise in body temperature, etc, scarred the heck out of me. After that I did my research. I would have been more relaxed if I research before I did it.

I now party about once a month, usually taking 2 pills about an hour apart. I have a meal at least two hours before ingesting. That will leave no food in my stomach. I've only gotten sick once since my initial trip. On party day, I take 500 mg of vitamin C in the morning & 500 more with an evening meal. I also load up on Magnessium - that helps reduce jaw clenching. I take one tab of 5HTP in the morning also. I take two more 5HTP capsules about 30 minutes before ingesting E. For me, it makes the trip last longer and is more intense. Oral doses of E are easier to ingest. Snorting ground up tabs is nasty, intense burning. Would never inject anything into my veins. The most intense trip I've had was taking it rectally. A little bit of lube and pushing it in about an inch & a half. The rolls lasted twice as long and it came on really fast. The music pleasantly pounded my chest and the lights were fantastic. Hang out with trusted friends and learn to party responsibly. Know when to say no'. People get hurt mixing a lot of drugs together -avoid that and you'll be OK.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7972
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 10, 2001Views: 60,323
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