The Poor, Misunderstood Trip
Morning Glory Seeds
by Trots Va
Citation:   Trots Va. "The Poor, Misunderstood Trip: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp7965)". Feb 17, 2002.

30 g oral Morning Glory (tea)


Having read someone's description of a cold water extraction, I decided to try it one day. I've tried this method several times and will describe my best trip to date following these notes.

The first time I procured several packets of Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue seeds (approx. 10 grams) from a local 'Lumber Supermarket,' took them home and ground them in a blender. Incidentally, blenders work quite nicely for this procedure, I dunno why everybody else overlooked this handy appliance. I then soaked them in ice cold water for approx. one hour, strained off the water and drank the offending liquid.....yuuuck. I won't lie to you, the water tastes like ass (or what I would presume ass to taste like) so have something else ready to swig. I've since done this several times, upping the dosage with each trip, and subsequently each trip has been more intense.

I've found that the ideal dose for my body weight (5'9, 200 lb.) is 30 grams of seeds. I TRIPPED HARD AS HELL. You will get SLIGHTLY nauseous with this method for the first 45 mins or so, it helps to smoke some weed to nullify this effect. I HAVE NEVER PUKED to date with this method of extraction.

OK, so here's the trip description.......

I had plans to go see 'YES' at Jones Beach, NY with my sister and brother in law, I told my bro-in-law (hereafter referred to as 'Starman') about the seeds and he decided he wanted to try them for the concert. My sister is an occasional pot smoker at best, and decided to forgo the seeds and stick to just weed. Since they live in NJ, and it was at least an hour's ride to the concert, I prepared the seeds before we left in the manner described above. Me doing my usual 30 grams, and preparing 25 grams for Starman since it was his first trip on the seeds. I should mention that he is part native American Indian and we did a ritual 'Smudging' of the seed water before ingesting. I dunno if it helped the potency at all but it sure made us feel better.

We left for the concert with high hopes (pun intended). We stopped to pick up Starman's brother an hour or so after ingesting the liquid, and we started to feel the effects. We did some ritual bong hits at his brothers place which accelerated the trip considerably. His brother lived about 20 mins from the concert site and by the time we got there it was difficult to walk. It's not like you forget to walk, or simply can't walk, it's more like you float above the ground and your legs take you where you want to go. I would best describe it as an acid trip without the 'speedy' effects, or teeth clenching.

We got in and found our seats (with my sisters help) and settled in for what proved to be a miraculous experience. Kansas opened for Yes, and played for an hour, so by the time Yes came on stage (approx. 2 hours after ingesting) we were tripping balls. If you are a fan of Yes, you know that a Yes concert is a trip when you're straight, but this was incredible. We saw geometric patterns in everything, and the auditory experience was absolutely astonishing. We felt that the sound was coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. We sat about midway back from the stage and at one point Starman had to keep his eyes closed because the lighting effects were too much for him to handle.

It ranked up there with the best trips of my life, and that includes Mescaline, LSD, and Mushrooms. The trip lasted for about 8 hours and seemed to peak at about 3 hours. Unlike an acid trip where I peak rapidly and then come down fast, this is more like I peak slowly, level off, and then come down slow. I am always in control of my faculties, and I could lay down and sleep anytime during the trip, I'm that relaxed.

I wish I could do more to describe the trip itself, but unfortunately, it was over a year ago and I've been procrastinating writing this experience. I have plans to do it again for another concert and at that time I will write a more detailed trip experience. What prompted me to finally sit down and do it, is, I got tired of reading all the sob stories from people who hastily ingested some seeds the wrong way and puked their guts out, or made an extraction with a small amount and wondered why they didn't trip. Check out some seed suppliers on the 'net, you can get a quarter pound from most places for under ten bucks.

I must also warn you that with this method I get a case of the runs at about the 4 hour mark, it's not as unpleasant as you'd think, it takes about 5 mins and I'm over and done with it

----- Happy Trails

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 7965
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 17, 2002Views: 27,232
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