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A Wild, Wild Ride
Unknown (Suspected DOB, sold as LSD)
by Dooblecock
Citation:   Dooblecock. "A Wild, Wild Ride: An Experience with Unknown (Suspected DOB, sold as LSD) (exp79532)". Sep 26, 2009.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral Unknown (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit oral Unknown (blotter / tab)


Foreward: This trip happened roughly one month ago. The extent of my drug use is VERY limited (single digit experiences with weed, 2-3 experiences of actually being drunk.) I did NOT treat these drugs with the respect they deserved, and did not do my homework. I ultimately paid the price for my ignorance.

My best friend and I, B, were becoming increasingly interested in LSD, and to a lesser extent, Shrooms. After doing very brief research, I determined that LSD was a favorable trip, despite the length compared to shrooms. The person who we purchased the tabs from informed us to only drop one tab at a time, as this stuff would knock us on our ass. We figured we were immortal, and scoffed at the notion. We were now ready to experiment. We had purchased two tabs each, the original plan was for him to drop his tabs and I would sit for him. After dropping his first tab and not feeling a thing after 45 mins, he dropped his second.

Seconds after that, I received a phone call from a friend, inviting us to a surprise party for a good friend of ours (lets call him M). I looked at B, he didn't seem up for it, but reluctantly agreed to go. Noticing that B was still perfectly sober, we concluded that the tabs were bunk, and I decided to take one of mine to dispose of it. The second I put the tab in my mouth, I noticed how bitter it tasted, it was almost like hairspray. I wasn't very concerned, and went off to the party.

We had to wait around at a pizza place for everyone to gather before moving to M's house. While we were waiting for everyone, I took my second tab. This was roughly T: 30 mins after my first dose. We arrived at the party around T: 1 hour, and we sat around on M's deck listening to music, talking, and eating. There were about 10 people there, none of them knew B or I were on drugs. About T:1 hour 45 mins after dosing, I began to feel the drugs coming on. I looked over at B and whispered 'It's working.' He replied with 'You're lucky, I'm still not feeling anything.' basically all that changed was things were a lot funnier, and my hand seemed to be more detailed. I was also eating gummy watermelon candies which were orgasmic to chew on.

About T: 3 hours, we moved inside as it was getting cold out. A camera was being passed around and everyone was taking a picture of their face. When the camera got to me, I declined. My hands were shaking far too much, I was convinced I would drop the camera. My body was also feeling very heavy, and my stomach hurt (I attributed this to the gummy worms.) At roughly T: 3 h 30 mins, we decided to watch a movie.

The choices for movies were Crank 2, and some imported kung-fu. The group decided on the kung-fu. As soon as the movie started, I knew I was fucked up. The whole room went dark, and the screen had a navy tint to it. All the sound echoed, as well. Apparently I kept asking 'Is the audio fucked up for anyone else?'. I kept spacing out in the movie, and forgetting what happened. All I remembered was that it felt like it was an eternity long. As soon as the movie ended, everyone went 'What? It's over already?'. Apparently the movie was only 45 mins long, although it felt like 3 hours to me.

By now people began spacing out and doing their own thing. I ventured off into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like a wreck, I was pale, my pupils were really dilated. I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror for about 5 mins, just watching my face contort and change colour. At this point, I remembered the iPod in my pocket, so I put that on. I cranked some Animal Collective and went back to staring at myself. After another 5 mins of this, I figured I would leave the bathroom. I looked down at my hand, and all the flesh melted off of it. i thought this was really cool, and walked out.

I moved into M's brothers room as people were playing video games. I sort of have a reputation for being really good at guitar hero, so I was convinced to play. As soon as I grabbed the guitar, the small room filled with about 6-7 people expanded in size and everyone disappeared. I could still hear everyone, but my field of vision was fixed solely on the TV. I ended up failing the song, but I didn't really care. I was too fucked up and too happy to care. After this, I moved into M's room where I noticed a bunch of people that weren't there before showed up, one of them being a huge part of my trip, D. D has always been there for me, and always helped me in tough situations, so I felt very secure and comfortable around him. After watching M play some crazy game involving micro-management of fish for about 10 mins, I put my iPod back on and put my music all the way up. I spaced out listening to my favorite songs for what felt like hours, but was actually only minutes (I didn't even get through one song). D had pulled one of my earphones out and said 'You're going to damage your hearing man.' I smiled, as this was classic D, and replied with 'I'll be ok.' I went back to my music until M poked me and told me we were going out.

I should go into some background here. My friends are really bored teenagers living in the suburbs. Usually on the weekends we go out at night and do stupid things like swimming in his neighbors pools, climbing buildings, stuff like that. Usually when we go out, I'm extremely passive, watching my friends do these stupid things which provides me with a laugh. I'm generally the responsible one, that says 'enough is enough, you're going to get hurt/arrested.' This night, however, I egged everyone on, and did just as much as anyone else. After wandering around for awhle, we ended up in some random persons backyard jumping on their trampoline (which felt pretty damn amazing). After more debauchery, we ended up in a parking lot and two of my friends were trying to break into a bus that was there. They succeeded. I climbed in and noticed a huge roll of bubble wrap on the bus, which I carried around and popped for the rest of the night. Normally, I was have informed my friends that this was a stupid idea, as the cops would show up. I didn't give a shit today, however.

After about 45 mins of wandering around, cops did indeed show up, and pulled over near us. I was informed by a friend to run. I had so much energy that I just didn't stop. I kept running and jumping fences. All of us ended up safe in a neighborhood, minus D, he went in a different direction, and we had no idea where he was. I called him on his cell after about 10 mins of waiting to make sure no cops were around, and set out to meet him. Roughly 15 mins after leaving the backyard and going to meet D (he was about a 20 min walk away) a cop pulled up next to B and I (everyone else went home, we had called it a night.) I was 100% sure I would be arrested, as I was wearing a purple shirt and B was wearing a green shirt, there's no way the cop didn't notice us running when everyone else was wearing navy or black. I also figured I was way too fucked up speak to this cop, but as soon as I walked over to the car I instantly became sober. The cop asked standard questions, where are you going, how many friends were you with, etc. She obviously suspected us, but drove away anyways. This was the most nerve racking experience of my life. We eventually met up with D, and began walking home. On the walk, I put my iPod on, and just followed them.

Everything looked so amazing on the way home. Trees had vibrant colours, the sun was starting to rise and the sky was a light purple and yellow. We had to go through a somewhat poor neighborhood to get home, and all the houses and buildings in it were black and dark purple. They also all looked like they were shaded, almost like Gotham City in Batman comics, but harder to describe. We made it through the neighborhood, and I saw the most beautiful thing on my trip. There's a main street separating my neighborhood with the poorer looking one. My side was all vibrant colours, while the poor side was still black and eggplant purple. The trees on my side of the rode were almost over twice the size of the trees on the opposite side. All the houses and buildings on my side of the rode looked like they were out of cartoons, aswell.

By now I was roughly T: 12 hours into my trip, which is when I began to freak out. From my research, I should be almost baseline right now. I was still completely fucked up. I thought that I had perma-fried my brain by taking double what I was informed to take. I lied on my bed, desperate to sleep. For the next 4 hours or so I moved between the computer and my bed, depending on how I was feeling. I sent a few msgs to my girlfriend that she would read when she logged in, mainly about how I wanted to see her and how I hadn't slept all weekend. I didn't tell her I was on any sort of drug at this point. She eventually logged into MSN, and talked to me for a few hours. She said she would meet up with me for a about an hour, but she had a family dinner afterwards so that's all she could see me for. I attempted to get changed (I ended up wearing wool socks and jeans with a t-shirt in 30 degree celsius weather.) At this point, I was dehydrated and confused, but I just wanted to see her.

As soon as I left my house, I panicked. I called her on my cell telling her that I had no idea where I was going (I've walked to her house many times before, it was never a problem). Everything outside bothered me. It was far too hot, the sun was too bright, there was a constant loud buzzing noise, and I figured everyone was yelling at me from their cars (for good reason, I looked like hell.) I eventually met up with my GF. As soon as I saw her, I felt so much better. We lied in the grass in the shade for about an hour and she played with my hair. She decided that I was in no shape to walk home by myself, so she walked me about 4/5th's of the way home. I got home, and lied in my bed for a few hours crying. Everything I hated about myself, every insecurity I had, was amplified by 1000x. I also believed there was a panther in my room as I kept hearing a loud, well, panther like noise, and I kept seeing it in my peripheral. the only positive here was that when ever I looked at my floor, and giant garden of flowers would appear. I used this to gauge how high I was. They started to become less vibrant and large, so at least I knew I was coming down.

Around T:24, my girlfriend called me and asked me how I was doing. At this point I told her what I was on and what happened the night before. She was really worried, and started to cry on the phone, which caused me to feel like an awful, awful person. At this point, I broke down as well. We talked on the phone for the rest of the night. I kept trying to bring my thoughts to something positive, but I was stuck in an endless loop of depressing topics. She tried her best to help me out, but I really ambushed her with the whole topic so she really didn't know how to handle it. She stayed on the phone with me until around 4 am, or T: 36 hours. We both had school the next day, so we both had to be up at 7 am. Around this time, I told her I could go to sleep, and that I loved her (this was the first time I had told her this before. It was the first time I truly believed it.) I fell asleep and woke up at 7 by my mom. I told her there was no way I was going to school, so I went back to sleep until 3 in the afternoon.

This was roughly a month ago today, and I still have some lingering effects (my visions goes blurry when I focus on something when lighting is poor, I see lights flicker in the corner of my eye when nothing is there). I had no idea what I was given was DOB until about a week ago when I researched it up a bit more.

I made many key mistakes with this trip, but it's something I'm glad I did. I learned a lot about my friends and myself in those 36 hours. I don't think I'd ever do DOB again just due to the length of the trip. Acid and Shrooms still interest me, but I'll do the proper research this time and not jump into something I'm clearly not ready for.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 26, 2009Views: 12,242
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DOB (19), Unknown (120) : HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Multi-Day Experience (13), Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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