Trying Seed Tea to Combat Withdrawal Symptoms
Poppies - Opium (P. somniferum)
Citation:   Lola Tanqueray. "Trying Seed Tea to Combat Withdrawal Symptoms: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (P. somniferum) (exp79217)". Jan 9, 2020.

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  T+ 0:00 4 oz oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
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I started out my search for bulk quantity of seeds to help alleviate my opiate withdrawal symptoms. I have heard not to use such a heavy amount of seeds before, but I have to give some background on the reason why we did. We - my husband and I - are heavy users of oxycodone and have done almost every other opiates at times when we could not get some. My poison has and always will be oxy, but I also enjoyed oxymorphone very much. I never liked codeine at all and I'm not so hyped up about morphine, to me its something that only produced strong euphoria when injected. We averaged snorting about 80-120mg of IR oxycodone per day each steadily increasing over the past 2 years (7 years total for me). To put it in certain terms, we are junkies. So after reading many trip reports about seed tea, the majority of the people were not opiate tolerant. I also wanted to write this, to give a perspective of an opioid tolerant person. This is also why I decided to make a large quantity using much more than most people did.

After much searching, we found a bulk food store in the next city over that sold poppy seeds. The seeds were mostly black and dark gray with a very strong smell. We never tried to make tea before, so this is an account of our very first attempt. Hopefully if all goes well, we will have something to help with the horrible pain coming off of so much oxy.

I started off adding just over 3 pounds of seeds (1,496g) into a stock pot with just enough water to cover. It was about 64 oz (1.89l) of water and juice from 2 lemons. We put this on our electric stove and let it come to a boil for about 5 minutes while constantly agitating with a wooden spoon, then took it off the heat. We put the pot into the sink filled with ice water to cool it faster. I used a large peanut container (washed out and empty of course) to strain our concoction into. After it cooled enough to where we could use our hands without burning or discomfort, we began. Using a plain t-shirt and a liquid measuring cup taking about 1 cup at a time, I slowly strained the juice and squeezed the seeds into the container. We had to take turns squeezing because of the huge amount of seeds and our hands kept getting tired. What comes off the boiled seeds is a deep yellow cloudy liquid. It reminds me of the color of tobacco stains.

It took about 1 1/2 hrs altogether straining & squeezing out all of the seeds twice and this was done with 2 people taking turns. So, I wouldn't recommend this method if you don't have a lot of spare time. I made a pretty big mess out of my kitchen, but I ended up with almost as much water as I poured in to start with. It filled almost the entire container (which was a 2qt, or 64 oz container - 1.89 litres). I didn't measure what we got exactly but I would say it was probably just a couple ounces lost. At this point we haven't tried it, we put our container in the fridge and waited for it to chill.

6:49 PM - We drank aprox 4 oz tea to 4 oz (236ml total) orange juice on an empty stomach. Taste is not bad, but not good either. Trying to drink the entire glass as fast as possible, but even diluted with orange juice it has a very strong poppy taste.

T - 1:00 hour: Starting to feel slight effects of opiates, withdrawals are alleviated though I can feel some pain in my extremities and still shaky. My husband says he no longer feels in bad opiate withdrawal. I'm starting to feel heat on my skin.

T - 1:30 hour: I'm feeling like a bit of a buzz, not too strong or euphoric, but is definitely better than being in withdrawals. I still feel pain in my legs and my hands are pretty sweaty and jittery (I highly doubt this is from the tea. Its probably the withdrawal and taking 2 excedrin this morning, it tends to have this effect on me.) Pissing is difficult, another affect I get from opiates. So far so good, I almost want to take some more at this point but I don't want to overdo it and end up sicker than before.

T - 2:20 hour: It seemed to peak the most for us around 1:30 hrs and fading off slightly from there. Our WD symptoms have come back, sweating, chills, pain etc. It feels sort of like a mild codeine buzz, a weak opiate compared to my normal intake. We decide to try another 2 oz (59ml) diluted with OJ. I'm not expecting to get much more fucked up then I was at 1:30 hrs. We really would just like to be functional enough to sleep tonight.
We really would just like to be functional enough to sleep tonight.

T - 5:00 hour: The second dose didn't add much but another hour of not having as much pain and sweating. I felt ok, but it was very fleeting. My husband didn't finish all of the second dose because his stomach felt uneasy. All in all it was pretty much what I expected. If I had to equate this to anything it was like taking a few MSContin without stripping out the binder, or taking a couple Tylenol 3s. (I have taken both trying to get high and was pretty disappointed with the buzz - barely feeling MSContin at all when taken orally and intact with its binders. This is something else I have to chalk up to my high tolerance of opiates.)

It does help somewhat with the withdrawal symptom if you absolutely can't get anything else, but even a weak opiate like hydrocodone or even codeine would probably do better. For me, after having known the insane high of oxy, this was like kiddie candy. I'm sure I could have drank the entire bottle and not been at the state I would call high on opiates. Someone with a tolerance like me feeling this in the slightest, leads me to believe it could be possible for someone without a tolerance to get very high or even overdose. I think I could try many different recipes and its never going to be the same because seed quality varies so much. It was helpful for a short period of time alleviating some pain and it got rid of the caffeine & withdrawal-induced jitters I had the entire day. I would do this again made from papaver heads rather than seeds, but I don't think I could even enjoy it as much as I do with oxy. Morphine just isn't my cup of tea.

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Published: Jan 9, 2020Views: 4,510
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