It Got Me Surprisingly Stoned!
Citation:   Psychonaut. "It Got Me Surprisingly Stoned!: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp7905)". Oct 4, 2003.

15 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
The following is an account of my first and, to-date, only experiment with Nutmeg. It was an overall quite an experience and something I would likely try again.

First off, although I have been interested in, and receptive to the idea of taking hallucinigenics such as mushrooms and mescaline, my drug experience only ran as deep as alchohol and pot. I've been getting stoned for a little over a year, and had been smoking pretty regularly the week prior to taking nutmeg. I didn't do nutmeg out of desperation for a buzz, but out of a curiosity for a potentially new, and maybe even 'trip-like' experience, which was piqued by the many conflicting experience reports one may find on the internet.

I know alot of people say 'your mindset makes a big difference' and 'different people have totally different reactions,' but I'm almost tempted to think that if everyone took a logical dosage they would have as pleasant an experience as I did.

Here it is:

My preperation consisted of little more than the actual logistics of buying a few ounces of fresh ground nutmeg at the local 'whole foods' store the day before and weighing it out. I carefully measured 15 grams, figuring a little less than 1.25 grams of nutmeg for every 10 lbs of body weight. The overall plan was to take the stuff in the late afternoon, synchronized with my friend who was at work, then meet up with him and some non-nutmeged buddies for a low-key 4th of July shindig.

The next day, starting at about 3:00pm, I drank the nutmeg with a can of Dr. Pepper and a bottle of sparkling water, chasing each gulp with tap water. It took me those two beverages and over an hour to get it all down; the taste is bearable, but the texture get's rather nasty after awhile. For a solid hour I felt significantly nauseous and had to lie down.

In retrospect, this could have been avoided. it probably had more to do with the consumption of carbonated beverages and sugar (I have a pretty weak stomach ON TOP of the nutmeg. I was also a little nervous (living with my parents at the time and having to 'watch my back' as I drank this nasty looking concoction). I was worried that the nerves and queasy feeling would taint the trip, but I maintained calmness and optimism.

T+ 2:00, I meet my friend. At this point I've gotten some fresh air and while my whole body seems to smell like nutmeg, the nausea has gone.

I can tell *something* feels diferent, but it's very very subtle. Over the next hour or so, I realize my speech is flowing much more fluidly: jokes come quicker, and general communication is more articulate. Having other people around definitley helped to make me aware of this. Physically I feel very at ease as well. I'm actually starting to get an appetite, not something I expected. Although we just purchased copious amount of booze, I have no desire to drink anything but water.

T+ 4:00 From this point on, my perspective of time started getting way off. Basically the next 4 hours seemed endless, yet each moment seemed perfectly enjoyable, and I never really felt 'anxious'
to 'get moving', which is how pot sometimes effects me. As I was talking with my group of friends, this 'stoned' perspective started taking over, so slowly and subtle that it was almost hard to notice. Things started getting funnier and funnier, I was laughing a lot more, and to an extent the things I said seemed detached. My surroundings seemed a little hazy, but the individual colors, especially the ones outdoors, were slightly more intense. At some point prior to feeling completely fucked, a sense of pure giddiness came about me, and I felt very confident.

T+ 5:00 Soon I realize that I'm pretty stoned. We had all been watching random TV and music videos for awhile (something I usually HATE doing for a long period of time) and when I suddenly couldn't stop laughing at the closing scenes of Lethal Weapon, I knew the nutmeg had kicked in. I was perfectly complacent sitting in front of the TV for over two hours (believe me, I am NOT a tv person) laughing at everything and cracking jokes. The violence seemed more intense, the women more attractive. A very pleasant, controllable high.

T+ 7:00 As we're heading out of the apartment to see fireworks I'm informed that my eyes are 'SOO RED!'. I feel considerably baked. We headed to this big park by the lake where a bunch of other college kids were hanging out, along with your basic drunk lowlifes and drug dealers. The sun had *almost* set, and the color of the sky against the rippling water was the trippiest thing I saw all night. This was also my only bout of paranoia with nutmeg; there were a few fights brewing and some drunk guy bothering us for bottle rockets and it made me a little on edge. But if it hadn't been for a stiff wind, we would have stayed longer.

T+ 8:00 We're back at the apt, and I'm getting my first chance to actively listen to some music. It was more enjoyable, and I was appreciating styles of music I normally wouldn't, but not to the point that I have during smoking. This was the one aspect of the 'nutmeg high' that wasn't as impressive as the 'pot high'. But then again, the absence of 'super hearing' made other parts of the high more enjoyable. At this point my speech has taken on a slightly drunken character; it's somewhat slurred, and I'm a lot more talkative than I normally would be stoned. My mind still feels stoned though.

T+ 8:30 It's only 10:30 and it feels SUPER late. I'm ready to go home. I'm now entering the more hazy, unfocused part of the high. My mind is racing, and I have to watch several hours of movies to knock myself out.

T+ 14:00 I finally hit the pillow, still very stoned, but too tired to enjoy it.

T+ 18:00 I wake up, feeling moderatley disorientated but content. I have a hard time falling back to sleep and get up for a few hours.

T+ 21:00 I go back to sleep for two hours. I find myself getting very involved in every dream I have. Dreams are colliding with reality more often than usual, and when I wake up, I remember my dreams more vividly.

T+ 23:00 I wake up, feeling pleasantly high, like I had just smoked an hour ago or so. My body is obiviously very tired, but numbed by the buzz. I spend the whole day recording a drum track in my basement and find my creativity and ambition twoards creative projects is above average.

T+ 31:00 pm After feeling stoned most of the day, it's started to wear off. Coming down over a longer period of time is kind of depressing and very tiring. I have somewhat of a hard time falling asleep, but I wake up the next day (over 36 hours after taking the nutmeg) feeeling 97% normal.

Overall, I found nutmeg to be a very positive experience and I would probably do it again.

For me, the 'high' was very similar to how I would feel if I drank a beer or two and then smoked a powerful joint. But imagine that feeling spread out over a 24 hour period. This has it's major advantages. As the high comes on very slowly, you're able to appreciate and fully understand the effects in much greater detail. Before slipping into 'being totally out of it' I was able to enjoy several hours of enlightened clarity, followed by several hours of being pleasantly stoned. Of course the downside is coming down.

Usually if you go to bed stoned, you wake up feeling basically normal; in the case of nutmeg, my mind and body started trying to repair themselves during my waking hours, which is kind of a shitty feeling. Additionally, my throat and nose were very dry for a good 24 hours.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7905
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 4, 2003Views: 120,729
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