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Like Being Hit By a Train
Ketamine & Beer
by Jordon (UK)
Citation:   Jordon (UK). "Like Being Hit By a Train: An Experience with Ketamine & Beer (exp78627)". Jun 17, 2011.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


To sum up this account it is an explanation of the first time I ever took ketamine, and my feelings and visual experiences whilst on it. I live in the UK. I would describe myself as a risk taker and am the type of person open to new experiences. I have done many other drugs before deciding to use ketamine, and had only positive and enjoyable times on them.

I was a Friday night a had spent the day at college in the daytime and then working afterwards, finishing at around 9pm. I had decided earlier in the week that I would be spending the night after first going to the pub with a mate of mine called Tom, a close mate known him since I've been in primary school, then going back to another mates house when the pub closed to try out ketamine.

We arrived at the pub about 9:30 on the out skirts of the town centre; it was busy when we arrived as usual. This was one of my local pubs so I knew a lot of people in there that were drinking, and always felt comfortable and welcome there. Me Tom and my other mate James had about five or six pints before closing. Then we decided to move on back to Jamesís house to get the k sesh underway, the three of us and around 5 or 6 others a few I knew a few I didnít arrived back about midnight.

Having a few beers I felt pretty confident and was not at all nervous about taking ketamine I was chatting to everyone laughing and joking. We had about 4 grams of it for about 80 pounds bought earlier in the week, but we didnít divide it up equally because everyone was a bit drunk and didnít care that much, it was shared between around 5 of us. We were sitting in the front room of James houses quite a big room mainly blue colour scheme in the room everyone gathered round chatting and listening to trance, in my experience good vibe music to listen to while on drugs especially ecstasy. The next thing I knew there was a mirror on the floor with a lot of ketamine cut up on it. Tom advised me to have I line so I knelt down and used a card to scrap it up. I made one big line and asked James if I was an okay amount he said it was too much at once and to split it up. But I though fuck it I've done a gram of cocaine in one line before and felt on top of the world. I didnít take his advice and rolled up my note snorted it in one.

Bang about a five minutes later it was like being hit by a train, I was sent straight into the k-hole hallucinating I could barely talk or communicate with anyone in the room I felt isolated and alone I tried to get up, but fell straight on my ass. I ended up slumped against a wall hallucinating, I looked forward and it was like a pattern was being funnelled into mind all colours spiralling into nothingness. I was lost and felt that there was no going back for me. I had no concept of time a minute could have been an hour and an hour could have been a minute. All the items in the room were twisted and it was like my imagination was real, I looked at the TV set it looked like it was twisting into the floor, I looked a my friend Tom he appeared normal at first but then he faded into black and white like an old fashioned film.

Iím not usually an emotional person but I was now scared and thought I would never snap out of it, the evening felt endless. It feels upsetting just writing this to be honest with whoever is reading, it felt like my body was asleep but I was awake trapped inside my own mind, my body felt cold and skin looked an odd colour. It gradually started to wear off I was able to stand up in the living room when I did I noticed everyone else was on the floor tripping, I felt about 9 foot tall and looking around everything still looked blurred I climbed the stairs to go upstairs to the toilet it felt as if I was climbing Everest!! I could have took an hour to get upstairs for all I know, but managed it then got back down to the living room because I didnít want to be alone. I could just about tell the evening was ending fell on the floor and must of passed out.

All I know is I woke up around 8 am looked around people were watching TV chatting quietly a down beat vibe could be felt, but I felt a little confused and struggled to string my sentences together but apart from that felt I was back to normal, I was so relived and grateful tears were coming to my eyes, I left the room and went to kitchen to be alone because I didnít want people to know. I got a taxi home with Tom in the end and though about my experience the whole day after.

I have done speed, coke, weed, mdma, and drink most weekends. Without a second thought ketamine is the most powerful drug I've ever done, and have never done it since and never will, I did far too much and abused it because of alcohol influencing my decision but even so, anyone trying be careful I did not enjoy it. After that experience I try to look after my friends a lot more and inform people about drugs, I've probably learn a lot and become wiser from this.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78627
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 17, 2011Views: 13,050
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