Light-headed and Shaky
by lucy
Citation:   lucy. "Light-headed and Shaky: An Experience with DHEA (exp78268)". Apr 20, 2009.

5.0 mg oral DHEA (capsule)
I am a 43 year old female and generally in good health; I go to the gym and have a very good diet to which I add supplements. Unfortunately I have been experiencing a great decline in my libido, something that is having an emotional toll on my life and although having consulted a doctor on my hormone levels to see if I was producing enough testosterone I was dismissed by him because I wasn’t trying to have a child and evidently women don’t need a robust libido (very old-fashioned indeed!). Consequently I stopped talking about it but I did continue to research over the internet and that is how I discovered DHEA.

There was so much written pro and con that it took some time to make a decision but it seemed many people were taking it with positive results so I purchased low dose capsules (5 mg) and tried it. After my first dose I felt strange, I felt overheated but my skin was cold and clammy, I began to sweat. I took my blood-pressure and it was normal but my resting heart rate was 104. After some time it went away and then I began to feel cold but much better so I went for my daily gym routine and had an enormous amount of energy. Later when I tried to get to sleep I noticed that I was feeling light-headed and shaky even though I was laying down to sleep and I was awake as if I had taken some speed. I called my mother who is a registered nurse and she informed me that I shouldn’t be taking DHEA at all because I smoke and taking DHEA as a smoker can cause blood clots in women. This was a piece of information I had not read in my research, I immediately took two aspirins and then vowed never to take the drug again unless recommended and monitored by a medical physician. DHEA may indeed yield positive results but its not a harmless over-the-counter supplement as its being advertised, there can be dire outcomes even at low doses!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78268
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 20, 2009Views: 20,057
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