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Its Nothing like a Speed High
Dextroamphetamine (smoked)
by Pariah
Citation:   Pariah. "Its Nothing like a Speed High: An Experience with Dextroamphetamine (smoked) (exp7808)". Jul 2, 2001.

T+ 0:00
2.1 mg smoked Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:11 0.6 mg insufflated Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:12 2.3 mg smoked Amphetamines (powder / crystals)


I've had my share of speed. Every kid today has in this epidemic mess of mixed amphetamine salts, a.k.a Adderral, methylphenidate, a.k.a Ritalin and Concerta, and diet pills with the likes of phentermine brands like Fastin and Adipex taking ahold of the even educated, private school families i've grown to loathe.

If this was to be so, why not have my hayday with crank? Well, my education came a little late to tell the truth. My first speed experience came at the abnormally old age of 17, years after i'd tried phencyclidine(PCP) and even mother-fLuckin heroin. Adderral took hold of me the first day I tried it, and now I have forever respected amphetamines in a whole new light.

Now here I sit, almost a year later, but well immersed in a new world of drug knowledge having become a pseudo-moderator of 2 drug and lab related forums on a good message board. True impact was made when I successfully managed to finally get prescribed something for my ADD that had plagued my adolescence since -teen became a subfix to my age. Of course I worked up a tolerance to my first perscription, Adderral (Mixed amphetamine salts; DL), so I switched to Concerta (Methylphenidate hcl extended release capsules) to hopefully avoid a cross-tolerance which unfortuneately did not happen. Next, it was onto Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine sulfate sustained release capsules) which for some reason was being metabolized or digested strangely which only left one more d-amph option; DextroStat tablets (Dextroamphetamine sulfate tablets).

Today's experiment:
I decided to see if smoking the d-amph in DextroStat tabs after I filtered the binders out of it would provide sufficient effects similar to an oral dose, potentially stronger in theory as to preserve my d-amph supply by using smaller amounts.

Time+ 0:00 = Binders successfully remove through a careful filteration leaving 5 mg of dextroamphetamine sulfate behind. The powder is dried, ground with a mortar and pestol, and poured onto a flat surface and further chopped with a razor.

Time+ 0:05 = First approximate 2 mg (2.1 mg) is smoked through a glass vaporizing pipe (tilt-pipe, chillum, crack-pipe, meth-pipe) that has been fitted with a small mesh screen to prevent draw-through. The smoke is rather harsh, typical of a sulfate salt but smells and tastes sweet yet artificial- as if a burning PLASTIC candle was nearby.

Time+ 0:07 = A cigarette and water break is taken and I feel a high dissimilar to the normal speed high yet closer to a marijuana or opium high. This is very euphoric, but i'm thinking too fast to enjoy it. My emotion-concious mind does not seem to adjust right in syncronization with the part of my mind getting the more sub/un-concious body-type high.

Time+ 0:11 = The second load is packed leaving some behind that is re-chopped and set into one line which is immedietly insufflated by means of a half of a hollowed-out ballpoint pen.

Time+ 0:12 = The second load, though larger, produces less hits. The sulfate smoke is really getting to me, yet I have an urge to screw up this experiment by smoking a bowl which I will not, because I want to keep my system uninhibited for this as much as possible.

Time+ 0:13 = This is nothing like a crank high. Nothing like a speed high. Nothing like anything speedy. I'd rather eat a ton of ephedrine than see my dextroamphetamine go to waste like this again. I know this high won't last long.

Time+ 0:20 = The high is very similar to marijuana with opium for some reason, but that shouldn't be so. It's strange but i'm being active with my hands, yet I lack vigilance. This is a common problem i'm noticing with ALL dosing forms of taking d-amph. The high is nice, but a bit ACTUALLY incapacitating. Suprisingly this is mellowing me out a bit mentally but my typing skills are wide awake and on cue, perhaps a bit before cue if that were possible.

Time+ 0:40 = Music sounds better, with more depth, but doesn't give me the drive that it would if I were to be on a different amphetamine, amphetamine analogue, or isomer/isomer combo of plain amph other than plain Dextro. Damn this mental shit; i'm begging to believe this is a ploy from the pharmaceutical developers who market brands of dextroamphetamine to make it more desirable and then not actually as worth while as a DL combination of levo and dextro.

Time+ 1:20-1:40 = Visual distortion shifting to sleepy eyes. The crash of smoking was not worth the high, at least not at this dose. Smoking 5 mg was a large dose to literally smoke in terms of the damage to my lungs and time taken to hit the pipe and physical size of the powder even after the binders were remove and it was chopped up. I would imagine that a large dose that will make me tweak on d-amph, though it is harder for me to feel anything on just one isomer than a combo of both dextro and levo (and I don't know about plain levo, because I have never had the pleasure to try it yet :(.), such as 15 mg and upwards would be more than enough when smoked. Then again, that might be completely disgusting so I think, the highest dose I would ever try smoking of d-amphetamine in one sitting would be 10 mg and definately no more.

That, I will have to try tomorrow night because this crash is terrible and I should probably have a nice bowl of Northern Lights now and a snack and then off to bed I am...

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7808
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 2, 2001Views: 128,532
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