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The Long Trip
DXM & Hydrocodone
by S.N.
Citation:   S.N.. "The Long Trip: An Experience with DXM & Hydrocodone (exp7781)". Jul 1, 2001.

T+ 0:00
390 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 0.5 tablets insufflated Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)


Before the experience, I was feeling pretty excited because I had done plenty of research on the subject and was looking forward to tripping. However, i'm just a naturally nervous/anxious person, so i'm sure this had some effect on my trip, but not all.

9pm - slammed 390 MG of DXM in the form of Robitussin Max. Strength.

I set up my room for the trip: Turning on the lightshow and psychedelic things, I get my pillows situated on the bed so I can watch my computer screen. I lay down and stare at the psychedelic computer images, trying to start my trip asap.

9:30 - feeling lightheaded, and slightly dizzy. Limbs are heavy and writing is getting difficult. Lights and patterns begin to be more vivid.

10:00 - snorted 1/2 Vicodin tab

10:15 - quite stoned and more light headed. Room spins if I turn my head. My eyes are heavy, but something keeps them open without any effort on my part.

11pm - 1am . Peak:

I'm very dizzy and movement is affected. I'm still staring at my computer screen while I listen to Crystal Method. Psychedelic computer images are very 3D but dreamlike. (its synchronized to the music. Great trip toy.) Euphoria occurs but diminishes after about 30 mins. Speech and gravity are affected. Words come out jumbled or I repeat syllables (i.e. I said 'connanomon' when trying to say 'common') When standing up, gravity seemed to shift under my feet. Fear and some paranoia set in at utmost peak. I felt I was dying because I could feel no heartbeat and any attempt to make myself feel any sensation got no results. I tried scratching my arm, but I felt very little. I was obviously unaware of how hard I scratched myself, because I woke up the next morning with deep and prominent scratch marks. My body felt detached or numb, and I felt like I was a part of my mattress. Music started having strange rhythms and lyrics I had never heard before. They soon began to sound as if they were calling my name or talking to me. I had a strong sense that I was going to die and the 'voices' I heard through the music were 'supernatural.' I began to feel fear and wondered if this trip would ever be over. I thought I might be stuck in the trip forever.

The psychedelic images were very real, but still somewhat fuzzy like in a dream. During the images that appeared like a spinning tunnel, I thought it was transporting me somewhere, which made me feel safe for some reason. I began to notice every little movement in my room, which was frightening because I wasnt sure what it was and if it was real. My vision was quite impaired. Fuzzy and double vision lasted throught the whole peak process. I had to touch things to make sure they were real. Time was also moving very slowly. 5 minutes seemed like 30 minutes or more, which contributed to the fear of being stuck there in the trip forever.

1am-2am - Fairly drastic come-down to the first plateau. Slight paranoia is still present. Alertness and music/light euphoria returns. I decide to just watch tv. I can still hear the music, even after turning it off. The people on tv are very strange, and it seems something is wrong with them. Watching a live performance is interesting. He's making strange moves with his body, which really adds to my off balance gravity for some reason.

3am - I try to get my Third Plateau trip back, but it doesnt work. I give up, and decide to just go to sleep. I'm still paranoid, so I wont turn off the light. I go sleep for about 10 minutes, and wake up very alert, looking around my room. I go back to sleep, for maybe 30 mins, and wake up in the same manner, but very disoriented. I look at the clock, not being able to make out what it says, and i'm not sure where i'm at. Its about 4:30am by this time, I assume.

12pm - I wake up, still somewhat disoriented, and events of the previous night are extremely fuzzy. The more I try to remember, the less I actually remember.

4pm - Memory came back to me, and I was able to add some information into my report. Looking at my handwritten report, it is very unorganized (which is very unlike me). My handwriting is almost completely unreadable, and sentences are hard to 'put together' because they're all over the place. My thought process and my reality is still altered. Every once in awhile reality slips away, and i'm usure of whats real again, and thoughts become fuzzy, slipping in and out of focus.

Throughout the rest of the day and several days following that, I would have flashbacks of memories that had been long forgotten. This obviously tapped into or opened something unconscious kinda like an effect of LSD.

I tried DXM again after this experience, except without Vicodin, and that seemed to cure the paranoia, but the trip wasn't as good. Like they say, you don't get somethin for nothin. I do have prescription medication (Depakote, Effexor & Seroquel), but I had ' self-detoxed' for a week or more before the trips.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7781
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 1, 2001Views: 30,942
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