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Quite Enjoyable, But Be Careful
Betel Nut
Citation:   Nighthawk. "Quite Enjoyable, But Be Careful: An Experience with Betel Nut (exp77776)". Mar 27, 2009.

0.5 buccal Betel Nut (dried)
So I go to a college where I get drug tested, so naturally I can't smoke weed. So I've been looking into alternatives. Some of them hard illegals that leave your system fast (kind of the irony of drug tests). I have also been looking into legal 'buzzes' not really 'highs'. I found Yerba Mate to be much better than Coffee. And as for legal intoxicants Kava Kava, and Kratom are excellent.

I got some baked and sliced betel nuts in the mail today with some edible lime (NOT the fruit, but the mineral).

Put in the nuts in my mouth, let them sit there and soak up some moisture and then chewed them to a pulp. Wasnt the most amazing thing I've tasted, oddly bitter and dried up my mouth. But I got used to it fast.

Once the nut was good soft and pulpy I licked the end of my little finger and dipped it into the lime, then tried to place it into the pulp. Kinda worked but I put in too much lime and some spread around my mouth. The lime stung but it wasnt horrid. Once it was all mixed I stuffed it between my jaw and my cheek, like dip. I kept it in for the next 4 hours. I found it gave me a great little buzz. Slightly giddy and talkative. Similar to coffee only smoother. When I found the buzz was going down I would chew on it some more then put it back into the dip position.

4 hours later when I took it out (it had lost all its flavor). I noticed that the lime had eaten away at my gums and cheek. It hurt a bit. I have a feeling it may take sometime to heal. However, shortly after I had spat out my first 'lip' I put in another, only this time after I chewed up the betel nut into a pulp I squeezed the juice out of it in my mouth and then took it out, mixed in some lime while it was *outside* of my mouth. Then I put it back in, I hardly had any lime burn... a little but much better than before.

OVERALL. I found Betel nut to be very nice. They were quite nice, but watch out for the lime burn! It's a bugger! I plan to do it again (seeing as I still have a rather large bag of it) but not anytime soon. Maybe on special occasions but I definitely have to wait for my mouth to heal some first.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 77776
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 27, 2009Views: 76,344
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