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2C-hristmas-E-ve & DX-Mas
DXM, 2C-E & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   Excido. "2C-hristmas-E-ve & DX-Mas: An Experience with DXM, 2C-E & Nitrous Oxide (exp77702)". Sep 29, 2010.

500 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  10 mg IM 2C-E  
  1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Well the stage was set and all that was needed now was the band. The house was empty bar 3 of us. C a good friend of mine has always been reluctant to jump into things; he’s a very cautious type. But with enough divine intervention he swallowed the capsule containing roughly 10mg or so of 2C-E. The gears were set in motion, nothing could stop it now. I knew it had to be done but oh the deed was a hard one. 450-500mg of DXM situated in the thick red liquid of death. That cherry scented goo that contained the substance I sought. I drank it in gulps as I like to do; I find it easier that way but I digress.

And then came the familiar waiting game. I prepared my 2c-e, around 10-15mg or so. And went home to burn my musical ensemble, a necessity for a truly epic journey, which over many a time has been tailored for the perfect dissociative adventure. When I returned to the house C had said that the 2c-e was kicking in and was started to experience the standard visuals. I was also starting to feel the signature DXM effects, slight ataxia (loss of co-ordination), slight drunken feeling and increased music appreciation. So I decided it was time enough to take the 2c-e. I got M the other friend at the house to IM in the top of my butt as I find this causes no after soreness or noticeable soreness at least.

Within a few minutes I was feeling the 2c-e, so we set up. Turned off the lights, put on the playlist I burnt, put some nice visualisations on the 22” widescreen monitor on the table and sat down on a VERY comfortably couch in view of the monitor.

And then C brought it out.

‘It’s the last one’ he explained and handed it to me. I gave him a nod of appreciation.

The ear piercing sound rang through the room as the balloon was filled with Nitrous Oxide…or Nos as we so nonchalantly call it. I decided a good song would have to be playing before I inhaled the gaseous catapult that would undoubtedly ravage the reality that was slowly dissipating. I put on “Anywhere” by The Presets, a very good song for any form of tripping. I sat back down on the couch and emptied my lungs. I inhaled…Wahahahahaha…everything around me began to blur and delay. The sound echoed and flanged viscously. Time almost appeared to slow to a stop.

Moments later I came to. Where I went I cannot remember, but definitely did I go. I could still feel the heavy nitrous distortions for a long while. The screen’s visualisations were nothing but a stream of pixels emanating from the screen and flooding the room. The pixelated waves rippled outwards through the house. C was tripping relatively nicely at this point; he also saw the pixels emanating from the screen. C however said that he had to go (It being Christmas morning and all), I hugged him and he left. He later explained to me as he walked home through the dark he said it felt as though everything were alive which I completely understand having experienced something very similar before. Anyway the DXM continued to increase in strength and I was getting intense CEVs (Closed Eyes Visuals). I would close my eyes and I would be flying through a vibrantly rainbow coloured framed tunnel (like when you see a mirror facing a mirror and they reflect into each other and it keeps going forever) and I would open my eyes and see the same thing.

At one point in the night I decided I would go toilet, so I told M. I walked into the toilet only a couple rooms away but the trek felt monumental. But I robo walked my way there successfully. I sat down on the toilet as one does and looked at the floor. The marble like white tiles with black streaks in them was like a cacophony of patterns and movements. And then the thinking began. The contemplation of the universe. DXM gives me a huge sense of epic ness, like the universe was in my grasp of understanding. I would ponder many a theorem of life and the like. Time would creep by slowly, for what felt like an hour or more I sat on that toilet. Time would play tricks on me. I would enter a endless train of thought and then would snap back and remember what my original though was and it would feel as though I had jumped backwards in time. This happened a few times until one point I felt as though I was literally going backwards through time, I would watch my actions and they were in complete reverse, my body almost moved fluently in reverse. It is probably wholly impossible to convey in words the surrealism of the experience.

Then I hear a loud rapping at the door, I snapped out of my trance. It was M asking if I was alright. I explained I was. I left the bathroom with him and he said I was in there for about 20 minutes and he was wondering what happened. I told him it had felt like much more of an eternity for me than merely 20 minutes. More like 2-3 hours. For the record M was on probably a 2nd plateau dose of DXM. M sat back on the couch and I decided I would sit right in front of the computer. I somehow managed to traverse the playlist discerning songs not by their name but blurred outlines and put on a very powerful and beautiful song. “Aren’t we all running?” by 65daysofstatic. And I could already feel the world I knew as reality melting around me. I looked at M on the couch and watched as he fizzled away like a liquid spilt into the ocean, merging with the great sea of space and time. I felt as though I was suspended in a body of water, my arms would move with slowness. The waves would flow through me influencing my movement, like I was being pulled along a current. “Aren’t we all running?” built up to a climax and I closed my eyes, reality fell away. A strong sensation of fast movement came over me, as though I was soaring through the air. My body felt as though it was moving up, down, left, right, like a rollercoaster of epic proportions. The closed eye visuals producing surrealistic yet realistic looking tunnels that I would fly through, like being pulled through a wormhole through space.

If I would look at the roof I would see waves of star fields. Like a thick line moving along the roof almost like it was a long rectangular sheet/wave of matter that allowed you to see right through the roof and into the deepest star fields of the galaxy. All too many times I would forget that I was in fact sitting on a chair, the chair leans back more somewhat than most computer chairs, allowing an almost 45 degree angle. And when I would come out of said mini-journey would almost get shocked thinking I was about to topple over.

At times I would look through the playlist to change song but I would be unable too, no longer were the letters on the screen English. They transformed into a completely alien language, and they would move and scroll across the monitor, like an extra terrestrial computer. I explained this too M and he kind of just gawked and said that would be cool. However M was only really feeling extreme relaxation and an increased imagination and deeper thinking. He was not experiencing the innocuously mutilated reality like I was.

I have no sense of when in a standard timeline these events occurred; time was strongly distorted almost wholly throughout the experience. And at about 4am I heard a car and saw light shine choppily through the blinds on the window. It was the house sitter B. He entered the house and I hopped of the computer and returned back to the couch. Where I continued to enjoy the strong dissociation and deep thinking. This was about 6 or 7 hours into the trip and the effects of both were beginning to taper off. M said he was practically back to baseline and proceeded to go to sleep. I rode out the remainder of the trip and was left with the traditional DXM ‘Mindfuck’ for lack of a better word.

For the rest of the morning I just laid there and listened to music playing on the computer, music continued to sound incredibly awesome for the remainder of the day. I spent the morning talking to a couple friends who came over to the house and just bided my time until I returned home to enjoy Christmas.

I would have to say slangily that I have never tripped so much balls in my life. This was perhaps one of my strongest and most intense trips; my report does not even come close to describing the true scale of what I experienced. I also did not feel any urge to trip again for some time afterwards, which is uncommon for me as my tastes usually aren’t satisfied with enough intensity.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 77702
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2010Views: 16,756
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2C-E (137), DXM (22) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22)

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