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I Understand
by ActiveA
Citation:   ActiveA. "I Understand: An Experience with 2C-I (exp77575)". Jan 21, 2010.

20 mg insufflated 2C-I (powder / crystals)


This is my first actual trip report so bare with me. I've taken 2C-I twice now, once on NYE orally and a second time at a party in February in which I insufflated 20mg without realizing how strong of a dose it was.

I guess I should include some background information on myself. I'm reasonably young, I won't say how young, but young enough that you wouldn't expect me to be playing with psychedelics. I've experimented with 2C-B, Mushrooms, Cannabis, LSD, GHB and Ecstasy. I found LSD to be enlightening, and thus led me into being in love with all things psychedelic. I have no interest in most stimulants or opiates, just psychedelics and the occasional dose of MDMA a few times a year.

The first time I did 2C-I I had minor visuals, but nothing special, I thought it to be a boring chemical and not worth using, however I still had a single 20mg 2C-I cap left which I wanted to take. A party was coming up and was insured to be a safe environment, with no fights so I thought why not.

Here is a recount of my night from what I rememberÖ


I decided to snort the contents because the effects would be more intense, which was what I was after. I poured the contents of the gel cap onto the screen of my I-phone and snorted it. The pain hit me like a brick wall. I remember looking at my friend, eyes watering and telling him I'd never snorted something so painful in my life. The feeling was almost like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. I had to sit down as my nose felt like it had been ripped apart. This is a warning to anyone who wants to snort any of the 2C family. It hurts, more than any drug I've encountered before.


Nausea hit me, quite strong too, although I felt the nausea coming. I stepped outside the house by myself and started to throw up, until I was dry retching. I kept on thinking to myself 'You've fucked up, 20mg is a huge dose to snort, what were you thinking?Ē I drank water and tried to steady myself through the terrible come up. The water just made me throw up even more.


I then remember I had a joint that I'd rolled earlier. A few of my friends and I went into the backyard to smoke the joint. The Cannabis was fairly high grade quality and calmed me down totally, no nausea, I didn't feel stoned at all but the 2C-I had totally finished the come up. My mind started to warp and change; I understood relationships and emotional problems in the blink of an eye. I understood the wonder of love and the horror of heartbreak. I went inside to sit down. I felt quite hot so I took my shirt off. I sat on a couch listening to the music pump out of speakers next to me. The 2C-I didn't so much give me music appreciation but the best description would be it let me sift through the notes and find music that appalled to me within that song. Just like that guitar solo in a song you like, I picked the notes out I enjoyed.


I realized i needed to go to the bathroom, so I got up and walked over. Everything was quite shiny and glittery. I walked into the bathroom and caught my reflection on a large mirror. Being topless it allowed me to look at my bare chest. I watched patterns that seemed to be lightly glowing blue roll up my arms and chest, writhing around my torso. They were tribal in nature, maybe Aztec. I must have stood there for a good 10 minutes before someone came in and asked what I was doing, I apologized and walked out of the bathroom.


I went down to the backyard, the 2C-I in full effect, everything was glittery and I found everything to be hilarious. I grabbed a seat on a lounge that had been carried outside and was offered a cigarette. Smoking on 2C-I I found to be incredibly enjoyable, although when I tried to roll my second one, I found it to be impossible. The profound feeling of euphoria and understanding of human nature was very strong. It felt amazing.

I went inside and into one of the bedrooms to find a few people on a bed just talking, I sat down on the bed while one of my friends told a joke, I found the joke to be hilarious, although I can't recall what it was. I laughed incredibly hard for over 45 minutes; people came into the bedroom to look at how out of my mind I was and to ask if I was okay. I was great, the Euphoria was strong, I felt great and the visuals were still in full effect. I remember staring at the bed covers and watching patterns morph and distort while the threads that made up the cover seemed to entwine and sway, like seaweed in the water. I spent a long time there; I'm not sure what the times were after this.

I went to sit back down at the smoking area with my friends and had some really in depth conversations about life. I remember most of them left and the few that were went inside, I stayed outside and enjoyed the high. I 'popped the cherry' on the cigarette I had rolled terribly. The hot cherry fell onto the couch I was sitting on, I was transfixed on this hot rock of Tobacco. It looks like a molten sun. I came to my senses and realized I had burnt a massive hole in the cover of the couch without realizing.

The rest of the night passed quickly, the night sky was amazing on 2C-I. I came down at about 12 to 1am, walked home feeling a little drained but nothing bad. I managed to walk 3km home without a worry.

Iíve come to the conclusion that 2C-I is a very interesting chemical for sorting out events in my life, I understood everything to do with social order. It is great for looking into my life and sorting out the important from the unimportant. I guess you could say it puts everything in perspective. Iím grateful to have tried this, and I plan to again in the next few months. I hope this is alright for a first timers report.

Remember, 2C-I is an amazing chemical, but the come up is horrible when you snort it. Have some grass nearby to stop the nausea if you are unlucky enough to get it like myself.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77575
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2010Views: 5,710
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Alone (16)

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