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Insanity and a Floating Brain
Morning Glory Seeds
by Trypsie
Citation:   Trypsie. "Insanity and a Floating Brain: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp7756)". Feb 17, 2002.

31.5 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I'd heard that eating Morning Glory Seeds would produce effects similar to those of LSD, and having a very strong desire to trip, as we hadn't in awhile, my best friend an I headed off to a store that sells the seeds. We went into the store, and headed immediately for the seed racks, where he proceeded to steal 21 bags of seeds (Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates, and Flying Saucer varieties).

We had heard that making a tea out of the seeds would produce mild effects, but that eating them was better. (NOTE: on a previous occation, we had tried eating a bag each, but the taste was extremely terrible, so we gave up) I decided to try cooking the seeds, to mask the flavor. So I boiled some water in a small pot, and put the seeds in for about 2 minutes before removing them from the heat, I now realize that it was a mistake to take them off so soon, as some of them were still quite uncooked. (I'm working on a recipe.) The seeds that were cooked, however, tasted quite alright with butter and salt, but the uncooked ones tasted bad, and took awhile to chew.

After taking one small bite, my friend decided that he couldn't eat them. Oh well, I thought, more for me! I proceeded to eat the rest of the seeds, and in a little over an hour I had managed to consume them. He still wanted to do _something_, so we smoked a bit of pot, and sat down to watch a movie, and wait for the seeds to kick in.

After about an hour and a half, I began to notice that my body was beginning to be very heavy. I started moving my hands around, and started noticing enormous tracers, and a slight 'film', which is what we call the overlay of images when we trip. About this time, I also started to feel slightly nausous in waves, but nothing too bad. The high from smoking pot was completely gone, now, although it could have made the trip harder, as is the way of pot.

About an hour later, my friend had to leave, so I tried to drive him home. After running over 3 or 4 curbs, everything kept moving around on me, we decided that this was a bad idea, so I drove back down the street (I'd made it less than a block), and he walked home.

I went back into my house, feeling uneasy, and alone. I got online, to check this site for usual doses, and started panicing, because they were all much lower than what I had taken. I tried to talk to someone online, but I couldn't think of anything to say, so got back off, and went to lay down in my bed and listen to music. This was about three hours into the trip, and in the next 20 minutes or so, I looked at the clock no less than one hundred times.

Finally, I decided to close my eyes, and try to sleep off the effects. The next 15 minutes felt like about 3 days. As soon as I closed my eyes, I realized that it had been a mistake. I couldn't open them again, as my brain had left my body, which was trying to make itself one with my bed. I was very aware of every aspect of my body, and could see all of it, inside and out at the same time. I was having very violent fits of insanity, and the waves of nausia were becoming frighteningly strong. I thought I'd lost my mind forever.

I knew everything, my brain had been to the ends of the universe (which I could see very clearly as some sort of twisting, gyrating mass of color, that was at the same time completely black) and back. All I wanted now was for this nightmare to end. Finally, I managed to roll over, and open my eyes. It had been two minutes, and had felt like hours. I was going insane by this point, walking around, crying, and telling myself that I was going to be OK.

I kept getting the idea in my head that all I had to do was call my parents, or 911 and tell them what was going on. I didn't care what happened to me, as long as I had someone to take care of me. After talking myself out of this idea about 40 times, I started feeling a little better. (The trip came in very strong waves, the low parts were actually quite pleasant, but the hard parts were unbearable.)

I wrapped myself in my blankets and sat on my bed, rocking back and forth. I thought about calling my best friend to tell him how I was, but didn't want to worry him. Finally I talked myself into it. On one of the really bad waves of insanity, I picked up the phone, and was instantly glad that I had his number on speed dial. If I looked at the phone, the buttons moved around all over the room and I had to try and catch them to push them, and if I didn't look at it, it was no longer real. I pushed the two buttons by feel, almost forgot to put the reciever to my head, and talked to him. I don't really remember what was said, but it was somehow decided that he would come over.

I had to vomit, so I dropped the phone on the floor, and ran. I didn't make it, and for the next day, I couldn't get the taste of it out of my mouth, or the smell out of my nose. When I was done cleaning up, I looked in the mirror, and noticed that my eyes were almost entirely pupil. I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror, as I thought I looked like some evil little pixie.

About this time, everything got a little better (about five hours into the trip, i'd spent a long time in the bathroom), but that may have just been because I started to watch a movie. The movie helped me get a grip on 'time' again, which I had completely forgotten existed. Lights looked way too bright, and I remember the movie seeming extremely fake, and staged. I could even see the lights and camera on TV, as it they were filming themselves making the movie.

About 2 hours later, my friend came over, and we watched a movie, while I kept noticing that everything in the room seemed to flit about, as if where it really was had no meaning at all, just where it wanted to be. About four hours after he came over, I was able to drive him home, but couldn't use the headlights on my car, and had to wear sunglasses to drive at about 11pm.

I'm not recommending not to try MGS, but I would be extremely careful about it. If you have any doubts at all, do not try it!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7756
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 17, 2002Views: 22,339
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Morning Glory (38) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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