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Chilling Transcendently on the Dangling Fence
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue), Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Cannabis & Alcohol
by RonPaul4prez
Citation:   RonPaul4prez. "Chilling Transcendently on the Dangling Fence: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue), Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp77231)". Erowid.org. Oct 23, 2009. erowid.org/exp/77231

T+ 0:00
450 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 1:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:10 2.3 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
  T+ 2:10 24 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 3:45 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This all took place a few days ago so it is still fresh in my mind.

Around noon my favorite social offender was dropped off at my place by his girlfriend. I had just finished a cold water extraction of LSA from heavenly blue morning glory seeds and was waiting the determined half hour for it to do its thing in the fridge. I did a separate extract for each dose. A dose being 450 organic & untreated coffee grinder powdered heavenly blues, 300ml cold distilled water, 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Doses were periodically shaken then ran through a reusable coffee filter. This being my first time with Morning Glory, I did my usual few hours of web based research beforehand, and knew about the nausea, how long it took to peak, and possible vasoconstriction.

In preparation: I fasted for 18 hours and kept running positive thoughts from past trips through my mind to prepare mentally. Was in a very good and excited mood with no drama or worries on my mind.

Past experiences: I have smoked a lot of pot. Done salvia, shrooms and acid all a hand full of times and all my trips have been a positive experience with no regrets. This would be my first experience with combined hallucinogens. Although I have smoked pot with everything else.

12:30pm Drinking down the goop.
It was a yellowish brown color, thick and creamy, and the taste was bad, but not unbearable. I drank gradually over 5 minutes. Taking a few gulps every half minute or so. My friend on the other hand chugged his in 30 seconds. He vomited within 10 minutes, probably because he drank it so fast. I soldiered it out for a good hour, feeling sedated and nauseated, then threw it up. Immediately after I felt better, had way more energy and no more nausea.

1:30pm 1 hour in.
The good effects were barely noticeable, we both got bummed and thought maybe not enough LSA extracted out of the seeds. Before dosing again I remembered it takes a long time to peak so we held off. Instead we walked to the bus stop thinking that moving will help get things going. Seeing as our friend was arriving shortly by bus we would meet her there. The walk seemed to increase the narcotic floaty happy like effects but nothing trippy or mental. My friend claimed to feel the same way even though he had vomited much quicker. I brought with me in my backpack, her dose of the LSA, 2 grams of cannabis (really good cush, medicinal from a clinic), my pipe, a bottle of water, my I-pod, and three 24 ounce tall cans of Mickies fine malt liquor. She gets off the bus, pleasantly says “hello” takes a quick look around then wantonly flashes a baggie with a ¼ ounce of shrooms in it and says “fuck yeah I know you want to do this.” These shrooms were a surprise but we both happily obliged. At this point I thought the morning glory was bunk so why not, I really wanted to trip.

2:00pm Shady spotting
We quickly found a “shady spot” (secluded place to smoke pot etc) and she drank her dose of LSA. It took her considerably longer to manage it down so my friend and I smoked a small bowl and took a look at the shrooms. They were definitely P. cubensis. It may of been the weed and LSA but these shrooms were the best looking shrooms I have seen. We admired them like some would an apparition of the Virgin Mary. We both had a maniacal smile on our faces knowing what was to come. She laughed at us for acting so weird. The stems had a dark tinge of blue and the caps were huge. Laying them on top of the baggie in the grass we just stared at them and encouraged her to drink on until she was finished. We decide it best to wait on the shrooms because she might vomit from the LSA, and we wanted to eat them all together.

2:40pm Chilling well on This Hill
By now we had made it to the top of This Hill where we were to shroom. This Hill is a classic spot for us. It consists of tagged up water towers, a helicopter landing pad for fighting wildfires, dirt bike trails, and unfortunately serves as an unofficial dump. It overlooks most of the city were I live and is a very nice view. On the way there she laid in a random front yard to nauseated to walk. I told her she should vomit, and she did, right there in this guys front yard. I had the strange feeling of being a nurturing mother burping its baby while watching. Feeling something from the LSA but it wasn’t getting any stronger and I thought this was all I was going to get from it.

The shrooms were all that was on my mind. We split the quarter equally 3 ways. I chewed each piece as much as possible before swallowing. After we were done I got out the tall cans of Mickies fine malt liquor to wash down the shrooms. This being the first time any of us had done a morning glory and shroom combo, we all hugged and each gave cheers along with random interjections. Like, “Cheers! lets defeat our fears with beers cause we are the keepers of light!” Definitely drug induced, things are starting to take off.

3:15pm Coming up and the tall can conspiracies
During the come up and time drinking we had a conspiratorial discussion about chem-trails, which we thought were in the sky over our Los Angeles county suburb in the Santa Clarita Valley. We theorized maybe the chem-trails are a spray of government engineered parasites that cause people to grow microscopic parasitic hair like filaments over their bodies that make them lethargic and mentally drained and so on. We talked about the disappearance of Steve Faucet and how maybe it was connected to the missing nuclear missile from Barksdale air force base, since they happened around the same time I think. We talked about our love of the internet and how it was the last bastion of free speech and how long it would be before it was taken away. These discussions got me very riled up and mentally stimulated and continued with much psychobabble debate.

3:45ish Delving into the muddle
Starting to feel weird, arms are heavy, concept of time is gone, not paying much attention to my friends, responsive but unable to focus, lucid but letting the combo take over. I realize at this point, with delight and a little anxiety that the timing was perfect. I had taken the LSA about 2&1/2 hours before eating the shrooms. So a little over 3 hours into the experience I was peaking on the LSA and the shrooms were kicking in hard! I put on my headphones and listened to one of my favorite bands, The Mars Volta. Laying down against a cement slab I put on my aviator sunglasses and closed my eyes. My mind became one with my ears. As if that was all I was, a mind and ears, everything else about me seemed not there. No desire at all to move. When I focused on my breathing my lungs became apart of the mind and ear mix. The air felt like a cool liquid in my lungs and I felt my blood cells become oxygenated with each slow inhalation.

I became mesmerized by the music, hearing each instrument as if it was the only one playing but still hearing them all at once. It seemed to slow down at some points. Closed eye visuals were intense and seemed to go along with the lyrics at times. For example the lyrics “don’t you ever, ever trust my mercy when will you flirt with all that’s burning,” were accompanied by a visual of a hand grasping and crushing another hand, but then the crushed hand burst into flames. I shed a tear, just one, out of shear bliss. This went on for sometime then my friend wanted to check out a spot just a little further up the hill were a mudslide had taken place days or weeks before. I reluctantly followed.

We get to the mudslide area and found a row of chain link fencing had been taken out by the disaster and hung completely side ways over the edge of the hill. that’s the best I can explain it without going into petty details. Anyway, we laid on this mangled fencing that bounced a little but held our weight. Here we decided to pack a few bowls of the cannabis. It took considerably longer to pack the bowls and even longer to manage the 3 hits we each took but the slow process seemed to compliment our state of mind perfectly. The LSA enhanced the taste amazingly, and the cannabis took the trip to its peak level.

I laid on the dangling fence looking toward the horizon focusing on the mountains in the distance when everything below me flattened into a flat landscape. Everything seemed 2-dimensional like on Google earth. The houses down below flattened into the ground and trees were all falling away from me. The mountains in the distance appeared level with the houses in the valley. I felt like I was falling backwards for some reason and I thought out loud in between gasps, “wow… oh my god… no way… is this happening… you guys? Perplexed and tripping they agreed although I didn’t believe them. Then everything turned to a sepia like black and white, I had no color vision. I looked around a lot and in an attempt to bring back color I began flicking the lighter on and off. I stared at the flame and this seemed to work as long as the flame was on. I thought what if I never saw color again? I maintained my composure and just thought about how much I took color for granted and how color is what makes the world beautiful.

This lead to thoughts that my mind was a white void, imagining it vividly as a big blank white screen. I thought once I saw color again I would spend my life filling this white screen with colors. I then thought the absence of color was telling me something about life. Concluding that color was experience, I realized we all have big blank white screens in our minds and we spend our lives filling these screens with colors, based on our experiences and emotions. These experiences and emotions determine how beautifully the blank white screen fills with colors. Good ones lead to more color and beauty while bad ones did the opposite. Like a painting of our lives.

Color came back as if it had never left and I felt ecstatic. I then started feeling I was lifting upward out of my body. Like my soul was trying to bring on an out of body experience but couldn’t. I didn’t fight this feeling nor was I scared but it was intense. It went on for a few minutes or so then intriguingly, I looked straight up and immediately felt like I was floating toward the sky. I didn’t feel out of my body, more like I was still tethered to myself on the ground. The clouds shimmered beautifully and seemed so close that I could touch them. This lifting sensation had to be the LSA because shrooms have never done anything like that to me before. I let this go on for a few seconds then closed my eyes because it was just to much to handle. I rested my head against my knees with my eyes closed. More closed eye visuals occurred of beautiful rotating Spiro graph patterns. Some spun slowly while others spun fast and there size was constantly shifting. I thought once I come down from the weed this wont be so intense.

5:00pm Pot has worn off. Coming down a little.
My friends could tell I was tripping harder than they were and seemed somewhat jealous but wanted to know what was going on in my mind. I was amazingly coherent at this point, usually when I am shrooming really hard I find it hard to form sentences and carry on conversation. I had taken considerably less shrooms than usual for me and maybe this is why. Minus the mental fogginess I get from a heavy shroom dose, I explained perfectly what was going on to them while enjoying the aura of light that was surrounding their bodies.

6:00pm Returned home to the Labyrinth
The trip is calming down a bit but still feeling very different. Feeling euphoric and very loving. Physically I am more uncoordinated than usual but nothing bad. Finally we headed back to my place and watched The Labyrinth, the puppet one by Jim Henson. I laughed hysterically every time David Bowie appeared on screen.

The next day: My body felt totally fine. Felt mentally expanded and spent a lot of time drawing and writing poetry inspired by the trip.

Final thoughts: This combo was the best trip ever. The dosing was perfect. No vasoconstriction from to much LSA, and no confusion or discomfort I normally get from a high shroom dose. I have never felt so happy and comfortable while tripping so hard mentally and visually. Usually when I am on a high enough dose of shrooms or acid to trip like this I am agitated, physically uncomfortable and feel awkward and slightly confused. I had none of those negative affects, only the nausea and vomiting during the first hour after the LSA ingestion. One of the most intense mind blowing experiences mentally. Visually, acid is better but this was still amazing, especially the absence of color part. I figure the flattening out visual was more a dissociation than a hallucination, especially since I felt like I was falling backwards during the time, it reminded me of salvia. Definitely looking forward to trying morning glory again and tinkering with further combinations.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 77231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 23, 2009Views: 16,819
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Morning Glory (38), Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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