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Citation:   PiPPUK. "Elfjousting: An Experience with MDMA, 2C-B & DMT (exp76958)". Oct 7, 2009.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA
  T+ 2:00 15 mg oral 2C-B
I am just piecing together the events witnessed in a rather tasty [DMT] trip now ebbing away from me. The prequel to it should be considered in the overall account.

I had taken one mdma pill at about 7pm. Its imprint on my psyche was buffered by a moderate meal in my tummy, and muted by perhaps the cross tolerance from my occasional other tripping exploits. It had livened me up a little more than usual but frankly I was bored. I dosed about 15mg of 2cb at 9ish hoping for some synergy, interaction or enhancement of any kind. Whilst P watched Capt Correllis Mandolin, I trawled wikepedia. My starting point had been the Fermi paradox about the conspicuous lack of evidence of other intelligent technological civilisations in the Universe. There appears a variety of ways in which the paradox might be countered by the pro E.T. lobby, besides the sentimental old basis of hope and intuition, but it is still a very sobering point. From Fermi's paradox I had trawled on through various topics as Transhumanism and then on to simulated realities and computation. I had considered the various arguments for and against the possibility that we are all inhabitants of a vast computer simulation and tended towards the comforting pressence of Occams Razor, ie that in general, the simplest explanations for things are usually the best. With this in mind, subconsciously my mind began to pluck up its courage for a foray into the [DMT] realm. I built a spliff for afterwards and brewed a nice cuppa tea to go with it.

I let the bulb fill thoroughly with the milky plumes before I began my long slow lungfull. At one point during the intake, the vapour was uncomfortably hot so I distanced the flame and the discomfort ceased. The patterns I knew of began to overlay the room as I saw it. I sensed the rising tension sweep over me and knew that I'd get a more interesting perspective with my eyes shut and the bright light of my lamp backlighting my eyelids. A bright neon yellow plane extended in front of me like a screen, or patterned wallpaper with regularly placed motifs or artifacts animated or rotating about their axis. Some were simple figures like playing card symbols, while others were diagramatical of the atomic structure perhaps, or a solar system depending on scale. I had time to entertain the gist of some of my earlier readings. So this is what a simulated reality might consist of from one point of view, albeit a rather abstract one.

As this dawned on me I found myself navigating a vast empty office floor in some enormous and distinctly bureaucratic institution. It was devoid of the human though, as though it was some unused section of virtual reality, sectioned off from the more emotionally real parts. I flew down this space, accompanied by these thoughts: At first I was kind of cool, thinking OK I recognise the ideas my mind is visualising here, and no it does not intimidate me theoretically, since I know that it is a byproduct of the large [DMT] blast I have just imbibed. Then it worried me that if it was the true nature of things, then what does that mean about human morality, right and wrong and all of those things. The simulated reality I beheld at that point seemed to be bleak in that respect. At that point I think it was that my critical faculties began to return to me perhaps, and some intuitive part of me objected to the conception being layed before me. I was almost certain in my heart that those issues of right and wrong were real and their absence in the vision I was witnessing was the key to its inauthenticity.

As I realised this, the vision snapped away into the gnashing jaws of a somewhat irritated entity focused to the right of my mindspace. To the left, above and below me were other entity like visual complexes, which for the purposes of this scenario then appeared to have been friends or guardian like to me. I sensed approval from them/it that I had not been fooled by this other entity's conjurings, and a warm sense of wellbeing from the knowledge that my mind was strong enough to hold its own in elfspace sometimes. What had started off looking like an existentially problematic issue had been turned into yet another instance of an entity titillating me with tidbits from what my interests and reading had provided me with. As far as I can tell, I feel no adverse effects from encounters like this, and even some sense of satisfaction or self affirmation very often.

One of the first books that gave me any inkling into this kind of stuff was Jim DeKorne's Psychedelic Shamanism. It gave accounts of how to approach some of the realities that might be encountered, and how to deal with the entities one might find there. I little understood what he meant by telling you to watch out for the trickster archetype in that realm, until by magic his words came back to me during my experiences with DMT, after I had got over the initial ontological shock of the stuff. He basically warns you that you can expect entities to play with your desires, fantasies, imaginings and provide you with alluring possibilities for your mental delectation. And that you can whilst being open to that realm, not lose sight of your critical faculties. On the whole I concur with him with regards to this type of experience, but I have had experiences where I have gone beyond even conceptions of entities etc and into something transcendant, pure and beyond conventional kinds of thoughts. Of that which cannot be spoken shall remain unsaid. In other words I lack the language for that level of stuff. But I suppose it must exist.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2009Views: 9,902
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DMT (18), 2C-B (52), MDMA (3) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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